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Memories from Jo Rolfe

Hi Mary,

Thank you for responding to my email. You have brought a flood of memories back for my whole family. Even my 81 year old father went online to track old pupils of his school in the 1930s,- Sir Walter St. Johns in Battersea.

He found someone he was at school with who is also now living in Southern California.

Your website is an inspiration. Seeing photos of the Convent made me and my sister quite nostalgic. She lives around the corner and we had a lively dinner last night talking about the school and the experience. Mandy Furlong (nee Rolfe) now has 5 kids and married a Deputy Sheriff.

She noticed several names of old friends on the reunion page including Lindsey Martin who was her best friend at school.

I noticed that you have a photo of me aged 15 on your site. The history page, number 26 "Extracts from the school magazine 1976 - Drama & Speech" I am sitting second from the left. Quite a thrill to see the picture as I still have the original cutting in a scrapbook from when it appeared in the evening Echo.

I was unable to find the "Where are they now" link you mentioned. Could you please direct me to it? I am sure I remember Hillery Smith and Jayne Miller. I wonder if anyone would like to make contact? Can I register my email address anywhere on your site.

If not perhaps you could consider setting this up. There is a system on my fathers old school site to leave messages and submit email addresses. I would love to find out what ever happened to Jane Grindall and Yvonne Peace, and anyone that appeared in "They came to a city with me".

I was thrilled to hear your news of Sister Bernadine, and sad to hear of Sister Muriel's death. Miss Johns was the most wonderful Art teacher and it is probably because of her that I now teach art history at community college level here in Ventura California.

Mrs May was my last year Geography teacher when Sister Muriel retired. I would love to know where she is now. I am woefully struggling to remember names and faces right now. Is Jean Walsh the same as the Mrs. Walsh that attempted to teach me the intricasies of Cookery and Needlework? I feel sure she would be horrified to know that most of my cooking is now done in the microwave!

I did not go to St. Peters. When I left I went to Poole & Bournemouth College of Further Education and started working in the theatre at Poole Arts Centre.

I got my Equity card and went touring with a theatre company for a year before going on to Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. After spending 14 years in theatre I married and returned to University in Manchester where I got my BA and MA degrees in Art History.

After 9 years my marriage sadly ended and then I emmigrated to California to be closer to my parents and sister's family. I have recently been Cultural Affairs Supervisor for the City of Ventura, but left to return to full time student teaching to get my Elementary teaching credential which I will have by Christmas this year.

Mandy, my sister is saying that maybe she would like to go over to England for the reunion next year. She is actually taking 3 of her kids in 2 weeks time, and will be staying with friends in Poole. I think it would be marvellous if Lindsey and Lesley Martin (now married and with different names) could meet with her.

Thank you again for all the time and trouble you have put into the website. It was a joy to see our school again.

Jo Rolfe

Art History Faculty
Moorpark College

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