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Memories from Linda Bull (nee Freeman)

Dear Mary

I have read this site with interest. I was a boarder from the Summer of 1966 to Summer of 1968.

My father was in the Royal Navy and one of my older brothers was already at St Johns in Southsea. My parents and I and my younger brothers returned from Singapore to England at about Eastertime in 1966 and I joined the Convent of the Cross as a boarder in Year 1 for the summer term (I was 11 years old).

I remember Ruth Cozgrove, Adelina Forte, Susan Watham and many others, Geraldine Zupan. I also remember "Carrots", and Christina Brystronowski (?).

I was a pupil with of Katie Board, Nicky Fletcher, Karen MacNamara, Michaela, Catrona. I left at the end of the summer term 1968 and went to Merrow Grange in Guildford Surrey.

I remember those schooldays with affection. To begin with I was rather overwhelmed with being a catholic boarder. It was very different from being a day pupil in Singapore where we started school a little earlier and finished earlier and went swimming every day.

he Convent and grounds were so beautiful. I remember going to early mass, beautiful benediction, playing tennis after breakfast, going for walks in 'crocodile formation' along the cliffs, and our Sunday uniform.

I also remember the wonderful Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

I remember Mother Keyes. Possibly she would have wished for a student who was not quite so in awe and who was more studious at that time. Mother Greenan (have I remembered the name correctly) would bring hot milk and veginin if we had any aches and pains.

A few years ago on our way back to Cambridge from holidaying in the West we made a detour and stopped outside the Convent. My husband and children stayed in the car while I nipped out and had a look at the building.

I was surprised to see that it was a college of Chiropractic (?). I explained my situation to someone in the office and they let me have a look around.

I have been happy looking at this site and remembering those schooldays.

With kind regards

Linda Bull (nee Freeman)