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Grand Re-Union - 6th July 1980

(The following is copied from the Newsletter of the event).

"Please register your name and address and years at school, collect your name label, fill it in - with your married and maiden name and wear it please. Please see that your children have labels too. There is a team of Senior Girls who will look after your children whilst you have your coffee and meet your friends.

Please collect your own children for Mass and for Lunch. After lunch the girls will look after them again until lat for Benediction.

10.30-11.30 a.m. Coffee is being served in the Dining Room.

12,00 noon Mass - on the Tennis Courts if fine, in the Hall if wet. Mass booklets will be distributed before Mass. Immediately after Mass the Parent-Teacher Association Chairman, Mr. Niall McKinney, will introduce Mother Provincial of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart (the present order at the Convent) and the Mayor and Mayoress,

There will be a retiring collection in aid of two missions ~ one a Special School for Mentally Handicapped Children in Kerala., Cochin, India, belonging to the Handmaids and the ether the TIEO Mission in Cameroon, East Africa served by the Religious of the Cross (Mother Keyes, Mother Loft us.)

1.00 pm Picnic lunch on the Hockey Pitch, any part of the grounds or in the dining room. Chairs for the garden are available from the Hall. Please return chairs to the Hall, If wet, lunches in the Dining Room, the Gym and the Hall, please collect all year litter and use the litter bins. During the lunch period Coffee, Tea and Squash will be on sale in the Dining Room.

2.30 pm There is a Gymnastic Display on the Hockey Pitch.

3.00 pm A gathering of Past Pupils in the Hall.

3.45 pm Benediction in the Chapel,

4.00 pm Tea and Farewell in the Hall.

General Information

There is an exhibition of the History of the Convent in the Senior School Library (Liesse), A souvenir booklet is on sale at the Exhibition price 10p.

Souvenir badges are being sold by Susan Beard (Fendley) and Margaret Simpson (Atkins) 6Op each, When you wear this badge, anywhere, in her future, you will be recognised as a convent girl by former colleagues.

Photographs ~ there are six views of the Convent in colour on display in the corridor near the Geography Room/Boarders' Study/Boys' playroom. Orders are being taken - 50p each - cash with order. Postage 15p extra or collect from '!Rushbrook Studies', 729 Christchurch Road, Boscombe",

Among those present will be the Mayor and Mayoress of Bournemouth, some of the School Governors and members of the Parent-Teacher Association, Mother Provincial of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart and some of the Sisters together with some of the Sisters of the Religious of the Cross and some Brothers from St. Peter's, with some of the local clergy.

Father Robinson who will be celebrating Mass was Chaplain to the Past Pupils".

There follows an alphabetical list of past pupils which includes the above.
Mrs. A. R. Heard (Abbott)
Mrs. Caroline Heath (Adams)
Anne-Marie Allum
Mrs. G. Archer (staff)
Mrs. Josephine Arnold
Father Vincent Arnold
Mrs. W. Ashley
Mrs. Margaret Simpson (Atkins)
Father Aylward
Miss Jennifer Baggott
Mrs. Linda Newell (Barclay)
Mary Bartlett
Kevin Batten
Balina Baxter
Brady Baxter
Mr. & Mrs. P. Beard (Susan Pendley)
Mrs. I. Beasant (staff)
Mrs. Karen Beach (Bedwell)
Mrs. Eileen Bendall (Collins)
Br. Bernard Hayward (St. Peter's)
Sr. Bernardine Callaghan
Mrs. R. Blake (staff)
Mrs. Norma Fuller (Blakeman)

Clare Blanshard
Betty Bleeck
Mrs. Gabrielle Hall (Bradley)
Mrs. Jennifer Payne (Brennan)
Mrs. Jacqueline Eid (Brewer)
Mrs. Mary Brooks (Browning)
Mrs. J. H. Brown
Mrs. M. Browning (de Souza)
Miss Pauline Browning
Mrs. Rita Browning (Walker)
Thomas Browning
Mrs. Susan Wilkinson (Burgess)
Mrs. B. A. Burrows
Eugenie E. Burrows
Lisa Callow
Elizabeth Canning
Miss Winnie Cartwright
Sister Catherine (Morton)
Kerry Chappell
Mrs. Hazel Poil (Cherrett)
Mrs. Sandra Hookey (Child)
Mrs. Betty Trotter (Clarke)
Sarah Clarkson

Joanna Dowd (Collis)
Mr. & Mrs. M. Cooper (St. T. Garnet)
Brother Cuthman (St. Peter's)
Deirdre Poster (Crick)
Mr. & Mrs. Cullen (St. T. Garnet)
Miss C. Cummings (staff)
Sheila Cunliffe
Mrs. Nicolette Carpenter (Daly)
Josephine Daly
Mrs. Valerie Kenyon (Daniells)
Mrs. Rosemary Birch (Darley)
Margaret Davis
Mrs. M. J. Davis
Mrs. Olive Sant (Davis)
Mrs. Heather Stone (Day)
Miss E. Dearlove
Amanda Denton
Mrs. Diana Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Donlon (P.T.A.)
Mr. P. P. Dudley (staff)
Rachel Dunk
Mrs. R. E. Dunster

Mrs. R. Edwards (Staff)
Madeleine Eid
Sheila Elliott
Tina-Maria Evans
Mr, Vincent Evans
Freda Falconer
Mrs. W. Murphy (Farmer)
Jane Fearn
Mrs. Patricia Phillips (Fisher)
Sheila Fitzpatrick (Fisher)
Mrs. Christine Southgate (Fox)
Melanie Fulford
Mrs. Pamela Loftus (Garbett)
Mrs. Sandra Eastwood (Geal)
Rachel Gee
Christine Gerveshi
Mrs. Rosamund Gibbs
Penny Goff
Miss Anne Goodenough
P. Gordon
Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Grant (P.T.A.)
Margaret Habgood
Mrs. R. A. Hadley (Staff)
Mrs. Evelyn Burne (Hall)
Mrs. Allison Drew (Hancock)
Mrs. Sandy Kendall (Hancock)
P. M. Thornbill (Hand)
Debbie Harrington
J. Harris
Mrs. Joan Harrison (Hackett)
Mrs. Shirley Smith (Hawking)
Sr. Helen (Bedhampton)

Mrs. Miriam Withers (Henry)
Mrs. Linda Hooper (Herbert)
Dorothy Herbert (staff)
Angela Hewkin
Jane Hewkin
Mrs. Margaret Stead (Hitchcock)
Mrs. Mona Gardner (Hitchcock)
Mrs. Teresa Nicol (Hitchcott)
Felicity Hopkins
Mrs. Thea Turner (Horsley)
Miss Ann Hesp
Carol Holman
Angela Hollande
Mrs. Daphne Tavender (Hopgood)
Lesley Horsley
Hilary Hudson
Mrs. Huggins
Marie Huggins
Eileen Hughes
Mrs. Jeannette Walsh (Hughes)(Staff)
Mrs. Elaine Waite (Hunter)
Miss C. Ingrem (Staff)
Mother Isobel
Mrs. B. Jaokman (Staff)
Mrs. S. James
Mrs. Mary Argent (Jennings)
Miss L. Johns (staff)
Mrs. J. Johnson (staff)
Mrs. Mary Smith (Jones)
Mrs. Ann Pearce (Keates)
Mrs. Pamela Lynk (Kennard)
Teresa Kennedy
Mrs, Benita Marshall (Kent)
Mrs. Wendy Garratt (Kent)
Mr. & Mrs, Keogh
Jane Kerr
Mrs. Ursula Poyle (Knauerhase)
Angela Kurzyca
Mrs. Tess Mason (Lamb)
Mrs. Gabriel Lawless (Maud)
Margaret Mary Lea
Mrs. Rhona Lord (Leech)
Mrs. Marguerite Dell (Leroy)
Mrs. Lorna Weeks (Logan)
Mrs. Theresa Slater (Lord) (staff)
Miss Angela McCabe
Mrs. Suzanne Jenkins (McCabe)
Mrs. Jackie Hook (McCormack)
Mrs. Barbara McKay
Mr. & Mrs. N. McKinney (P.T.A.)
Miss D. Magee (staff)
Mrs. J. I. Rogers (Maher)
Mrs. Sally A* Bullock (Maher)
Mrs. Geraldine Mary Nicholls (Mahy)
Mrs. Moya Northcote (Maidment)
Miss Patricia Maidment
Angela Malfatti (Rickard)
Mrs. S. James (Manning)
Sr. Maria
Sr. Margaret (I.O.W.)
Sr. Marguerite (I.O.W.)
Mrs. Gladys Maclucas (Mason)
Mrs. Anne Monkcom (Matthews)
Mrs. Teresa Mauger (staff)
Mrs. L. J. Meade
Mr. David Meade

Wendy Meaning
Lt. Col. M. B. Menage (Governor)
Mrs. Heather Robinson (Mills)
Mrs. D. Bunce (Milton)
Mrs. Pamela Morris (Butler)
Sr, Muriel
Father Murphy
Christine Cooney (O'Donnell)
Mrs. S. O'Donnell (Staff)
Mr. & Mrs. O'Hare
Mrs. Molly Dedman (Orpin)
Mrs. S. Oxford (staff)
Sr. Mary John (Mother Pannell)
Daryl Payne
Mrs. Joy Eveleigh (Peek)
Mrs. J. Tryska (Pelosi)
Mrs. Maureen Patrick (Perriam)
Christine Place
Mrs. Anne Rice (Plumer)
Sharon Porter
Carol Thompson (Rees)
Elizabeth Rees
Felicity Rees
Gabrielle Rees
Meryl Higgins (Rhodes)
Mr. & Mrs. R. Robertson
Mrs. Geraldine Kurzyca (Robey-White)
Father Robinson
Mrs. Margaret Miller (Robinson)
Clare Rogers
Mrs. Sylvia King (Rooke)
Mrs. D. Roper (staff)

Sr. Rosa
Mr. & Mrs. M. Rowe (P.T.A.)
Barbara Rust
Sr. Ruth Mary Brown
Mrs. Caroline Robertson (Sadler)
Melanie Salford
Mrs. B. Savory (staff)
Miss Deborah Sharpies
Mrs. Ann Parnaby (Sherriff)
Christine St. Pierre
Mrs. Catherine Salomons-Bobbett
Mrs. L. Scott (Staff)
Mrs. Mildred Latheron (Scott)
Mrs. Jennifer Danvers (Shaw)
Mrs. Gillian Simpkins (Sheffield)
Mrs. Elizabeth Jupp (Singleton)
Mrs. Pauline Mumford (Singleton)
Julie Size
Alison Skinner
Mrs. D. Smith (staff)
Mary Smith (Jones)
Christine Southgate (Cox)
Juliette de Souza
Amanda Starbuck
Anne Starbuck
Christine Stone Mrs. Christine Riisager (Stones)
Mrs. V. Sutherland (staff)
Elis e Swansborough
Mrs. M. Sweet
Miss Swetenham (Governor)
Ann Taylor
Susan Taylor (Douglas)
Jean Tettiatt (Hillier)
Mrs. Linda Baker (Thornback)
Mr. & Mrs. K. Thresher (P.T.A.)
Mrs. Jane 0TBrien (Thurgood)
Dorothy Tucker
Mrs. Jane Lane (Tucker)
Nina Turnbull
Sally Turnbull
Mary Lesley Turner
Mrs. Christine Kerr (Wajdeczko)
Mr. & Mrs. P. J. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Walsh
Mrs. Therese Kennard (Watter)
Mrs. Pauline Watts
Kathleen Watson
Maxine Weston
Mrs. A. Wellman
Mrs. A. Widdows (staff)
Susan A. Wilkinson
Mr. & Mrs. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. J. Wilson
Shann Coupe (Wilson)
Miss Marjorie Wood (staff)
Mrs. Gislaine Woods (staff)
Mrs. S. Woodsford (staff)
Mrs. Pat Brown (Worster)
Driana Wybourne
Jane Wybourne

Giselle Almack
Julie Bagnall
Lynne Bailey
Denise Barlow
Naiada Blunden
Dale Baxter
Debbie Bradley
Elizabeth Campbell
Claire Chazot
Louise Clarkson
Susan Colville
Maria Costello
Helen Costello
Karin Crema
Nieves Cruells
Lisa Daly
Lorna Deem
Anne Dry
Elizabeth Dry
Lisa Dunesby
Michelle Eid
Jacqueline Parr
Jaqueline Poulds
Gay Francis
Pauline Gordon
Lisa Grant
Kathryn-Jane Griffiths
Anne Hansom

Sarah Hayes
Sharon Hyder
Brenda Henegan
Karen Jackson
Maria Jones
Susan Judd
Julia King
Catharine Kingston
Fiona Kingston
Pauline Kilburn
Clare Lohf
Dawn Luther
Kerry MacDonald
Fiona McNeil
Marina Marshall
Satoah Mayes
Marisa Monti
Sarah Moroney
Alison Nash
Helen O'Brien
Julle O'Sullivan
Jennifer Osbourne
Joanne Pantlin
Sara Perks
Nathalie Perry
Jacqueline Phillipson
Karen Prince
Debra Reid
Andrew Ridout
Clare Ridout
Julia Ridout
Sarah Ridout
Simon Ridout
Kim Rice
Jacqueline Rowe
Mary Savory
Jennifer Scammell
Judith Smith
Hilary Smith
Tracey Spencer
Marcia Stedmon
Jocelyn Stevens
Jane Stickland
Georgina Sydenham
Johanna Sydenham
Natividad Suarez
Felicity Taylor
Clare Troman
Amanda Tullett
Frances Walsh
Martha Watts
Tina Whittet
Emily-Jane Wilson
Joanna Wilson
Kellie Woodifield
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