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Dear All,

This is a very important newsletter as it carries news of our future; please, read all of it and then you will know the full situation. It includes an article by Sister Bernardine giving you an account of the merger between Boscombe Convent and St. Peters.

You will also read a proposal which is being put to the A.G.M of St. Peter's Old boys Association to see if we as Past Pupils can merge with them. As our girls have been joining St. Peter's V1th Form for some years now, they already have some Ladies in the Association.

Your subscription to the P.P.A. was due on Jan. Ist. 1978, but we normally collect it at the Easter Meeting.

Only those members who have paid their subscription before or at the Easter Meeting will be eligible for membership of St. Peter's / Boscombe Convent Association - if indeed this Proposal is accepted at their A.G.M.

Anyone applying after that date may be refused on the grounds that a big increase in numbers could be a worry to St. Peter's.

If you agree with the proposed merger of Past pupils of both schools and your husband, your son or your brother is a full member with voting rights please try to see that he is at the A.G.M. to vote in favour of it or in fact if you are already an 'Old Girl' of St. Peters yourself and therefore have full voting rights.

The Easter Meeting is planned for Sunday April 2nd. 1978 2.30p.m. at the Convent. The usual arrangements, - bring food, enough for your party - and we will provide tea orangeade and ice cream for the children.

This time we have included a reply slip for one important reason. Some members ask for a Convent Mass and this we hope to arrange if numbers warrant it but we cannot ask for a special mass for a small number when there is a Parish Mass at 4p.m, and at 6p.m. which members could attend.

If you are not able to return the reply slip, do not let this stop you from coming along on April 2nd - we will be there with the kettle boiling!

Thanks to all those who have sent letters and most sincere apologies for no replies. The truth is that we are so desperately short of committee members that is only just possible to keep going, but we do like hearing from you.

Copy of the Proposal submitted to St, Peter's Old Boys Association.

As the amalgamation of the two Schools St. Peter's and Boscombe Convent is now in progress, I propose that the Past Pupils Association of the Convent amalgamates with the St. Peter's Old Boys Association forthwith.

Proposed by:- Peter Walsh.
seconded by:- Paul Gillings

Dates for your Diary...

St. Peter's Old Boys Association A.G.M March - 11th at Boscombe Convent,

Easter Meeting - April 2nd.

For some years Boscombe Convent School has been involved in discussions about comprehensive reorganisation, and has repeatedly stated its wish to continue its work in Catholic education in the area, by being included in whatever form of secondary reorganisation is finally decided for Catholic schools.

There is no decision as yet, but it is now clear that this school site will not be needed. It is equally clear, however, that the school has a part to play and the diocesan authorities suggested that the whole Catholic position would be considerably strengthened, particularly in regard to Catholic Sixth Form education, if the Convent and St. Peter's School, Southbourne, were to merge as soon as possible, with a view to the joint school's becoming a Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School.

This merger, therefore, started from September last when the Lower Sixth teaching was based on St. Peter's, the Convent will phase out, losing as a separate entity in July 1980.

This decision was not arrived at lightly. Various factors had to be considered, but in all our plans,the over-riding one was to safeguardy as far as possible the continuity of schooling for the individual children.

With this in view, the following arrangements were adopted:

September 1977: The Lower Sixth Form teaching based at St. Peter's.
September I978: Joint first year at St. Peter's.
September 1979: Joint first, second. and fourth years at St. Peter's.
September 1980: Whole school at St. Peter's.

This means that:

Girls in classes from the present third year upwards will be able to complete their education up to Ordinary level at the Convent.

Girls in the present second year classes will be able to transfer to St. Peter's in September 1979, that is, at the end of their third year, so as not to have any interruption in their fourth and fifth years.

Girls entering the senior school this year will be able to transfer in three years time, at the end of their third year.

Some of the Convent staff are now teaching at St. Peter's, either full or part-time, including Sister Margaret, who has special responsibility for the girls, Mrs. May who is full-time, Miss Attfleld and Mrs hicks who are both part-time. As the younger girls transfer to St. Peter's, similar arrangements will be made.

It was announced that the Junior Department would also close in 1980, but a committee of parents has been working hard, looking for possible ways of preserving it. There is no definite news yet, but we very much hope that the plan whereby the junior departments of St. Peter's and the Convent are combined in the present senior school building, will be realised.

If it is at all possible for the Sisters to continue their work in the area once this school is closed, we should wish to move to a smaller house, and set up a Convent there. In this way, we should hope to go on with our community work as well as our teaching.

Today we the Sisters thank you for all the support you have given us during the eight years we have been at Boscombe Convent.

Yours sincerely in Our Lord.

Sister Bernardine Callaghan A.C.I.


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