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Upper Sixth 1975 - 76 - What are they doing now?

S. Barton - Catering at Bournemouth.

K. Baxter - English at Exeter University.

S. Brodie - Accounting at Portsmouth Polytechnic.

I. Chamberlain - French at Southampton University.

F. Collie - Nursing at St. Thomas, London.

S. Curran - Humanities at a London Polytechnic.

J. Faulkner - Geography at Digby Stuart College of Education.

C. Gibbs - Post 'A' level secretarial course at Bournemouth.

A. Hewkin - History at St. Mary's College, Cheltenham.

A. Hollande - Accounting at a London Polytechnic.

M. Huggins - Law at Leicester University.

B. Jenkins - Environmental Studies at Weymouth Technical College.

J. Keddle - Applying to Sussex University Sept. 1977 to read English.

A. Kurzyca - Maths at Portsmouth Polytechnic.

M. Lavell - Nursing.

C. Mauger - Catering at Bournemouth College.

M. Menegatti - Social work and studying for Diploma for teaching Mentally Handicapped Children at Birmingham University.

T. McGargle - English at Royal Holloway, London University.

J. Prentice - Spanish and French at Wolverhampton Polytechnic.

D. Thornton - Digby Stuart College of Education.

A. Tickel - Digby Stuart College of Education.

T. Way - Digby Stuart College of Education.

B. Wolff - English next year.

A. Wright - St. Mary's Twickenham. Physical Education and English.

L. Martin - Digby Stuart College of Education.

Parent Teacher Association

Once again the P.T.A. scored a success with their production last November of "Waters of the Moon" by N. C. Hunter.

This interesting play which is set in an Hotel on the edge of Dartmoor in the early 1950's, was well produced by Priscilla Sorapure who was most ably supported by a cast of excellent ability. Pat Menegatti brought to Helen Lancaster all the lovable yet selfish characteristics which this leading part requires; and she dominated the stage from her moment of entry. A lovely clear-cut performance.

She was beautifully supported by Sheila O'Donnell, as Mrs. Whyte - a quiet lady, yet with a force both determined and restrained, and this characterisation did much to sustain the play throughout.

Joanne Chapman as Mrs. Ashworth was quite delightful. Her uninhibited outlook on life in general, and people closely associated with her in particular, was a joy to watch.

I was most impressed by Pauline von Hoff as Evelyn Daly, whose frustrated love for the foreign Julius Winterhalter was acted with sincerity and beauty of purpose; and Dennis Underwood as Julius Winterhalter maintained his difficult character throughout with much feeling.

Ted Doleman, as ever, gave an able performance as the sleepy Colonel Selby, and other parts were well played by Bob Haynes as Helen's long-suffering husband, and Anne-Marie Winstanley as her daughter. Dorothy Haynes played Mrs. Daly, and Adrian Butement her ailing son.

The most charming set was built by Michael Prince who excels at such back stage work (as I have very good reason to know!) A memorable performance, and congratulations to all concerned.

Daphne Roper

P.T.A. News

In October the new P.T.A. committee was elected. The new officers are as follows.

Chairman; Mr. B. O'Hare
Vice Chairman; Mr. Donlon
Treasurer; Mrs. Donlon
Secretary; Mrs. Connolly

Our thanks must be offered to Mr. K. Thresher who finished his term of office as chairman in October. His enthusiasm and energy was contagious. The outgoing committee wish to show their appreciation.

We welcomed Mr. O'Hare for the current year. He has considerable experience and is proving a worthy successor.

In the past year many varied activities have taken place:

Mention must be made of the very successful P.T.A. Drama Group, the well attended socials, the introduction of a tennis club and the Quiz competition for P.T.A. and sixth form at St. Peters.

We rejoiced with the sisters when their foundress St. Raphaela Mary was canonised in Rome. The P.T.A. donated 200 towards the travelling expenses of the sisters,

Four committee members with their families joined the pilgrimage.

This year the constitution was changed to allow all parents to become members of the P.T.A. automatically. No subscription is necessary. There has been an excellent response to this. Coffee mornings have been very successful and all functions well attended.

Over 5000 has been raised for the school since the beginning of the organisation. Keep on supporting your association.

T. Connolly

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