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Convent of the Cross - 1977

The Staff

Headmistress: Sister Bernardine Callaghan A.C.I.

Deputy Headmistress: Sister Margaret Scott A.C.I.

Senior Mistress: Mrs. R. Walsh

Mrs. G. Archer, Miss P. M. Attfield, Mrs. I. Beasant, Mr. E. G. Bennett, Mrs. T. Connolly, Sister Mary Corr, A.C.I., Miss C. Cummings, Mrs. M. Davies, Sister Muriel Dyer, A.C.I., Mr. E. Edwards, Mrs. R. Edwards, Mrs. D. Evans Sister Carmen Garcia, A.C.I.,

Mrs. N. Gardiner, Miss S. George, Mrs, R. Hadley, Mrs. V. Hanssens, Mr. A. Hicks, Mrs. A. Hicks, Miss L. Johns, Mrs. J. Johnson, Mrs. S. May, Mrs. S. O'Donnell, Mr. H. R. Pooley, Mr. R. Robertson, Mrs. D. Roper, Mrs. B. J. Savory, Mrs. L. Scott, Mrs. T. Slater, Mrs. V. Taylor, Sister Joanne Wess, A.C.I., Mrs. S. M. Wiatr, Mrs. A. Widdows, Miss A. M. Winstanley, Mrs. S. M. Woodsford.

Secretary: Mrs. P. L. Carnie

Head of Junior Department: Mrs. P. Menegatti

Mrs. R. Blake, Mrs. C. Gale, Mrs. J. Henwood, Mrs. G. James, Mrs. T. Mauger, Sister Ann Motteram, A.C.I., Mrs. R. O'Hare, Mrs. A. Taylor, Mrs. S. Tillotson.

Secretary: Mrs. Y. Marks

Prefects - 1976 - 77

Head Girl: Sarah Tolhurst
Deputies: Anne Baugh

Plessington - Anthea Leigh-Smith; Vice- Rosemary Haasmann

Grove - Karen O'Neill; Vice- Catherine Lucas

Exmew - Rita Wilson; Vice- Lesley Martin

Ingram - Jane Phillips; Vice- Theresa Sharples

Form Prefects:

la - Catherine Lucas; lx - Elizabeth Canning; 1 - Mary Batten

2a - Theresa Barry; 2x - Rosemary Haasmann; 2 - Jane Gazzi

3a - Karen O'Neill; 3x- Gay Rees; 3 - Lesley Martin

4a - Jane Phillips; 4x - Rita Wilson; 4 - Christa Kernick

5a - Theresa Sharples; 5 - Anthea Leigh-Smith

Sports Captain: Clare Callaghan

Librarian: Gay Rees

Head of charity committee: Mary Batten

It has been a busy year. I suppose every successive sixth form thinks the same way, yet, to be quite honest, our year has been no more hectic than previous ones. I only hope that we have managed to carry out our duties to the satisfaction of everyone in school, both teachers and pupils. Our first task was the annual garden fete.

This involved a lot of preparation deciding upon stalls and the various displays and attractions. We eventually felt ready for the occasion, but there was one slight problem, a noticeable lack of items to sell! Thus began the frantic task of collecting enough goods to fill the stalls. I must admit that for the two weeks leading up to the fete the whole sixth form was in a state of utter panic.

However, all our fears were washed away with the school's response and the final haul was way beyond our expectations. On the long awaited day the sun shone and there was an excellent turnout considering that the fete clashed with the Wimbledon finals!

Our nerves just recovered from the fete, we then plunged into organizing the sixth form summer dance. Each year we hold three dances; two for the seniors and a special Hallowe'en one for the younger disco-goers. Both the senior discos went very well even though there was a total blackout during the summer one. One of the plugs fused and everything came to a halt with our dancers leaving the hall!

Fortunately, the disco soon started up again and everyone piled back to enjoy the rest of the evening. Profit-wise the Hallowe'en dance was the most successful. The amount of crisps and soft drinks sold was phenomenal as was the energy of the youngsters! Nearly every prefect was slumped in a chair while their forms insisted upon dragging them off their feet to dance; a totally exhausting but enjoyable evening!

The winter term was rounded off with the school carol service held in Corpus Christi church. The programme differed from previous years in that the majority of the carols were sung by the whole congregation as opposed to individual forms. I think that this gave the whole service more power and created an atmosphere of real thanksgiving and joy.

In contrast to this the choir sang haunting melodious tunes which echoed around the church and balanced perfectly with the volume of the congregational carols. It was a fitting end to the Christmas term.

In February, prize giving was staged in the town hall. A week beforehand all prize-winners and certificate holders were put through their paces under the scrutinizing eyes of the staff in a practice for the great day. Prize-giving is a vital part of every school's curriculum, and I think that the Convent can boast of a better one than most.

I feel I must say a few words about the forthcoming staff-pupils play, "Frost on the Rose" by T. B. Morris. The teachers are joining with members of the sixth form in presenting this play about the last two years in the life of Lady Jane Grey. Our annual performance is always awaited with eager anticipation; this year it is looked forward to more avidly as a result of the teacher participation.

Finally, I would like to thank the prefects for all their support and backing this last year and I only hope that my successor has the same amount of encouragement that I have had. Special thanks must go to my deputy, Anne, her sensible and reliable nature has saved me on numerous occasions and her help has been greatly appreciated. Also thank you to the girls and staff who voted for all of us; I hope they have not been disappointed.

Sarah Tolhurst

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