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White Snow
White and soft
Falling softly
Softly falling.
The wind howls
White flakes pelting
Feathery piles
Of Snow drifting.
Children's laughter,
Toboggans Swishing,
Happy feet
Sliding, gliding.
Snowballs thrown,
Snow is sticking
Night has come,
Snow is creaking,
All is quiet
With children Sleeping.

Susan Bultz, 1 alpha

The Snowdrop

In the winter garden
All drab and bare
With dead leaves remaining on the ground
From the autumn fall last year,
A small white flower will appear -
Quite suddenly,
In clusters.
How pretty they make the garden look -
It has come to life once more,
Spring is surely on its way!

Deborah Broadfield, Form 1.


Snow, snow everywhere,
Crystal bright in the cool, silent air.
Twirling and whirling round about,
Clouds are forming,
Snowflakes are falling,
The grass is white
Like the crisp, silent night.

A. Shelley.

The Snowflake

Snowflakes swirling round and round,
Falling softly to the ground
Covering everything with white,
Giving them a special light.
Each one has a special pattern,
Each one has a special shape,
Diamonds, circles, spheres and prisms,
Joined to form a snowy cape.

Melanie Paulo, Form 1.

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