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Upper Sixth 1974 - 75 - What are they doing now?

Nicola Acton - Beauty Therapy, Chichester Polytechnic.

Bernadette Barry - English and Media, Trinity and All Saints College of Education, Leeds.

Mary Bartlett - Bi-lingual Secretary, Bournemouth Technical College.

Therese Cook - Art, Digby - Stuart College of Ed.

Lorraine Cope - Further `A' levels, Poole Technical College.

Imelda Dunne - Personal Assistants Course, Bournemouth Technical College.

Madeleine Fox - English, Durham University.

Margaret Galvin - Geography, Newcastle University.

Angela Gillic - Geography, Durham University.

Patricia Hutchinson - Nursing.

Janine Lowe - Dorset Police Force.

Clare McMahon - Nursing, Guy's Hospital.

Jayne McNamara - Biology, Digby - Stuart College of Ed.

Anne Matthews - Psychology, Goldsmiths College of Ed.

Hilary Monk - Sports Science, P.E. and Recreation Management, Loughborough College of Ed.

Sharon Murphy - Bi-lingual Secretary, Bournemouth Technical College.

Tina Nanson - Abroad.

Diane Parkes - French and German, Reading University.

Catherine Phillips - Personal Assistants Course, Bournemouth Technical College.

Felicity Rees - French and Latin, St. Hilda's Oxford.

Barbara Rhodes - Art Foundation Course, Bournemouth Technical College.

Deborah Sharples - Further `A' levels, Bournemouth Technical College.

Happy Memories

"Keep happy memories of your School days Sandra". These beautiful words written to me by Sister Muriel in my autograph book, make me reflect on the five very happy years spent at our School. I say `our' School because I shall always think of it as that, and in fact I have no other memories except happy ones.

It is impossible for me to mention all the events that have passed in the five years, but I feel that the most exhilarating moment occurred when I received the form prize in forms 3 and 4.

I feel that the School has helped me so much, and perhaps that the best way of my repaying the Sisters and Staff, is for me to work hard at College and to make a success of my chosen career.

To all those in the lower forms who may feel that the time to leave School will never come, let me assure you that it comes all too quickly, and instead of thinking of leaving, more positive happy thoughts of striving hard to make not only a successful but also a very happy School, would, I know, be much appreciated by the Staff.

Sandra Thwaites
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