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Convent of the Cross - 1976

Foreword by the Headmistress

Last year, I was very happy to welcome 75 BC, and hoped that it would be the first of a series of Boscombe Convent School magazines. And here is 76 BC, its first successor.

A school magazine is an act of faith, both in the school, and in the young people who form the greater part of it. May I share with you some words on this idea from a rather unexpected source.

In their latest report on the English Language Examinations at Ordinary Level, the examiners write: "We should like to record the encouragement and pleasure we get year after year from abundant evidence of the goodness and good sense of the great majority of young people.

Whether they are writing on marriage, strikes, education, family relationships, or money and careers, they exhibit a wholesomeness that would confound and delight their critics." They do, indeed, as I am sure you will find amply illustrated in the following pages.

Again, I must thank our editor, Miss Attfield, all those who have offered their literary and artistic contributions, and also those who badgered them into doing so. We have a record of another year's activities, at the same time as a record of our faith in the future.

The response to the first of Boscombe Convent School Magazines `75 BC', was extremely encouraging and gratifying, and I would like to say thank you for all the appreciative comments that have been made. I am very pleased that this year, in addition to contributions from every year in the Senior School, we also have a section devoted to activities in the junior Department.

As usual, it has been a very full year. In fact, when all the articles for the magazine have been gathered in, it seems quite impossible that so much could have been fitted into such a short space of time - I suppose this is why time passes so horrifyingly quickly at school! We were very pleased to welcome Sister Margaret back as Deputy Head after her year away, and, since last. Easter, Mrs. Scott, Miss Winstanley and Mrs. Savory have joined the Staff.

We hope that they have settled in now and are happily established. Although it was with regret that we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Taylor in February, we are delighted to offer her our congratulations on the birth of her baby girl, Katie Louise, a short time afterwards. We know how busy she will be, but hope that she will be able to look in and see us now and again.

Nearly all last year's Upper Sixth are pursuing courses of study or special training at University or College, and we hear news of them from time to time. I am particularly pleased that three of them have submitted contributions for the magazine, for we do like to feel that our past pupils are still a part of the school.

I hope that some of the present Upper Sixth will feel similarly inspired next year, and would like to take this opportunity of wishing them all the very best in their future careers.

I would like to express my thanks to my committee for all their hard work during the preparatory stages of `76 BC', to all those who contributed in any way and also to Hobbs the Printers who have managed, miraculously, to transform our bits of paper into a magazine!
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