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Games Notes - 1975 - 76, page one

Our photo shows Angela Wright, playing for Dorset, tackles a Devon player at the Western Counties Tournament, after which she was selected to play for the West of England A' Team



Boscombe Convent had a very good match against Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne, and after a close battle throughout the meeting, eventually came out the winners. The overall result was: Boscombe Convent 144 points Queen Elizabeth 130 points.

Teams from the 2nd; 3rd; and 4th took part in this meeting, and some excellent individual performances contributed to the fine team effort.


This year the `Town Sports' were held all on one day - July 1st - as against the usual three day `affair'. Boscombe Convent acquitted themselves well in both field and track events, and achieved some notable results. Lynette Arblaster came first in the U/17 100 metres sprint, running against girls two years older than herself.

This was the 2nd time running, that Lynette has won this event. Wendy Dade came second in the U/15 long jump; she too was jumping against girls much older than herself, for in fact she was eligible for the younger age group.

We gained two third places with Elizabeth Dry; U/15 High Jump; and Caroline Broughton U/15 Discus.


Owing to the re-surfacing of our tennis courts at school, the teams were unable to have as much practice as they would have liked. Nevertheless the seniors won all their matches and the juniors (U/14) lost only one to Avonborne school.

Unfortunately the inter-house tennis and the school tournaments had to be cancelled because of the absence of the courts.


Senior Vl. H. Monk and D. Parkes; A. Wright and S. Tolhurst; L. Crossland and J. Prentice .

U/14 Vl. L. Dry and L. Sheehan; P. Hill and W. Dade; C. McAuley and S. Davy.


As usual, Boscombe Convent continued with a high standard in this sport, and the seniors won all their matches. 1st and 3rd years lost only one match and 2nd years lost two.


For the first time the Convent branched out into a new sport, due to the keen interest of the first, second and third years, and swam against Talbot Heath in May. The team (U/15) competed well against girls several years their elders, with good performances from Tara Forrow and Joanne Pantlin.

WINTER TERM 1975 - 76


All the team have competed well this season, particularly the first and third years who were struck with 'flu victims during the Dorset schools Tournament held at B.S.G. The third years (with 2nd years filling places in this team) came second overall and were very unlucky not to win. They beat B.S.G; Fernhill Manor; Talbot Heath; and drew with Parkstone, Avonbourne and Dorchester.

The latter team eventually came out the winners, with 13 points, and Boscombe Convent second with 11 points. The first year team, made up with four reserves came third overall. They beat Queensmount; Highcliffe and Fernhill Manor, losing two matches to B.S.G. and Talbot Heath.


In the first round - the 1st years lost to The Grange school 7-5. The third years won 20-16 against Kingsleigh; and the Senior A team, playing with four reserve players (including 2nd former A. Onuorah) won 21-6 against Twynham.

The 3rd years also won their second round against St. Thomas More 7-5, and go on to meet Twynham in the third round. The Seniors go forward to meet Kingsleigh in the 2nd round.


Boscombe Convent v Parkstone Grammar
2nd years won 7-5; third years won 13-4. In the return match in March, both team lost 12-6 and 18-11 respectively.

Boscombe Convent v Grange School:
Sen. A won 29-4; 3rd years won 18-6; 2nd years lost 12-5; 1st years lost 9-6; and senior B lost 10-8.

Boscombe Convent v Avonbourne:
Sen. A lost 13-8; 3rd years won 10-8; 1st years lost 7-5.

Let us hope that the teams are successful in their future matches, and especially in the tournaments which are just a few weeks away.


Senior A: T. De Souza; J. Gazzi; A. Tickel; J. Cavanagh; A. Wright (Capt.) L. Arblaster; C. Callaghan; J. Faulkner; K. O'Neill; M. Huggins.

Senior B: O. McKinney; L. Sheehan; E. Dry (Capt.); C. McGargle; K. Doolan; A. Gillings; S. Medley; L. Kerr.

3rd Years: W. Dade; J. Allen; C. Hughes; G. Tickel (Capt); M. Cochrane; C. Broughton; Y. O'Neill.

2nd Years: F. McNeil; N. Cruells; S. Allen; A. Onuorah (Capt.); A. Dry; C. Price; E. Bedding; M. Faulkner.

1st Years: S. Hayes; J. Kemp (Capt.); K. Johnstone; S. Luke; H. Raven; K. Allen; D. Mulrennen; L. Tollis.

Reserve Members: who have often stepped in at the last moment to help out

3rd Years: P. Hill; L. Bradshaw; J. O'Neill; F. Sharples; S. O'Regan.

2nd Years: A. Hammersley; J. Pantlin.

1st Years: S. Evans; S. Sonkoly; C. Downes; L. McKinney.
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