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Convent of the Cross - 1976

The Staff

Headmistress: Sister Bernardine Callaghan A.C.I.

Deputy Headmistress: Sister Margaret Scott A.C.I.

Senior Mistress: Mrs. R. Walsh

Mrs. G. Archer, Miss P. M. Attfield, Mrs. I. Beasant, Mr. E. G. Bennett, Mrs. B. Bernardino, Mrs. T. Connolly, Miss C. Cummings, Mr. J. Dietrich, Mr. E. Edwards, Mrs. D. Evans, Mrs. N. Gardiner, Miss S. George, Mrs. R. Hadley, Mrs. V. Hanssens, Mr. A. Hicks, Mrs. A. Hicks, Miss L. Johns, Mrs. J. Johnson, Mrs. S. May, Sister Muriel Dyer A.C.I., Mrs. A. O'Brien, Mrs. S. O'Donnell, Mr. R. Robertson, Mrs. D. Roper, Mrs. B. J. Savory, Mrs. L. Scott, Mrs. T. Slater, Mrs. V. Taylor, Mrs. M. J. Walsh, Mrs. S. M. Wiatr, Miss A. M. Winstanley.

Secretary: Miss S. Wood.

Head of Junior Dept: Mrs. P. Menegatti.
Sister Ann Motteram A.C.1., Miss. M. Battle, Mrs. R. Blake, Mrs. C. Gale, Mrs. J. Henwood, Mrs. G. James, Mrs. I. Marks, Mrs. T. Mauger, Mrs. A. Taylor, Mrs. S. Tillotson.

Our photo shows the Upper VI

Prefects - 1975 - 76

Head Girl: K. Baxter
Deputies: J. Faulkner, S. Brodie

House Captains
Plessington - C. Meek, Vice Captain M. Huggins

Grove - J. Prentice, Vice Captain S. Curran

Exmew - B. Wolff, Vice Captain L. Martin

Ingram - F. Collie, Vice Captain M. Menegatti

Form Prefects
I A. Tickel, IA B. Wolff, la I. Chamberlain, II C. Gibbs, IIA J. Prentice, IIcx M. Menagatti, III (A. Wright) / S. Curran, IIIA D. Thornton, IIIcx F. Collie, IV (T. McGargle)/L. Martin, IVA B. Jenkins, V M. Huggins, VA C. Meek.

Sports Captain: A. Wright

Librarians: J. Keddle, T. McGargle

Headgirl's Report 1975 - 76

As is customary our main task during the Summer term was to help with the collecting of ideas and items for the annual garden fete, an event which is looked forward to each year with much enthusiasm, and which always seems to mark the end of another school year. However this year work did not stop at the end of the summer term.

Our first `great' contribution to the school was the redecoration of the Sixth Form Common Room which we did during the summer holidays. Although the actual work involved was not anticipated beforehand, the final result has certainly proved the effort extremely worthwhile.

I would like at this point to mention Jane, Deputy Head girl, who without doubt deserves a special thank you for the tremendous amount of time and energy she devoted to the painting of the common room.

Without her valuable help we would scarcely have completed our task by the beginning of the Autumn term. We are also very grateful to all those who so kindly donated furniture and kitchen utensils.

Our return to school in September was made an even happier occasion than usual as we were able to welcome back Sister Margaret after her long absence. Off to a good start, we directed our energies towards the interests of the Charity Committee which has again proved a great success. Due to the enthusiastic efforts of every form we have in a single term managed to raise four hundred pounds.

This was achieved by again setting 10.00 target for each form, and particular congratulations should go to Forms 1, IA and Upper V1, all of whom more than doubled their targets. Our total was added to by the 180.00 we made from the three very successful school dances. I am pleased to say that the Halloween Dance was again greatly enjoyed by the younger girls and our decision to hire a children's discotheque for the occasion did indeed prove worthwhile, as we raised more for this event than we did for our two main discos.

New ideas on money raising are increasing, the latest brainwave coming from Form 111 who intend to hold a generation game with the staff during the course of this term.

We have also been collecting Green Shield stamps, our ultimate aim being to collect one hundred and twenty books which will enable a handicapped child to go to Lourdes for a holiday. Considering we have only been collecting these for a term, I think we have done very well in managing to collect seventy books and I hope that by the end of this, the spring term, we will have reached our target.

Towards Christmas we also collected clothes for needy children and donated several Christmas hampers to those less fortunate than ourselves.

This has been an especially busy year for our four House Captains, Bernadette, Christine, Jenny and Fiona, who set about reorganising the House Point System, including staff in houses and are also working hard to produce 'Oliver' later on in the term.

After a Christmas holiday of solid study in preparation for the forthcoming mock exams, term began with a grand start. Prize giving was arranged for the first Friday of term and as usual this was appreciated by all who attended. Bringing us up to date, I must mention Mrs. Roper's skilful production of `They Came To A City' by J. B. Priestley. The message of the play was brilliantly portrayed, resulting in a beneficial evening's entertainment.

I feel I can justifiably say that altogether this has for me, been a rewarding and enjoyable year, and I would like to thank all those who helped to make this possible, both teachers and fellow pupils.

K. Baxter

House Report

This is the fifth year of our present house system. This year, however, the present House-captains have introduced a new system for the allotment of house points. Under the new system, credit slips are given by the staff and collected by the house captains. The result of the Autumn Term 1975 was victory for Grove House with 65 points altogether, and Ingram came second.

The netball cup was won after a very close match, by Plessington, at the end of December 1975. Last summer's Rounders' Cup was won by Exmew.

At the end of the Easter Term, the first production of the house play, 'Oliver Twist' will be held, in which members of the four houses, from the first, second and third years have joined together to take part. We hope that the play will be well supported and a great success.

During the present school year the House captains have prepared assemblies about their respective patrons, namely Blessed John Grove, Saint John Plessington, Blessed John Ingram and Blessed William Exmew. House members throughout the school took part, and we hope that the assemblies provided a source of information and interest for the school.

Everyone has been greatly encouraged by the evident enthusiasm and the active participation of the whole school in House affairs.

Bernadette Wolff (E)
Jenny Prentice (G)
Fiona Collie (I)
Christine Meek (P)
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