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VOL: 3. No. 10.

The Official Newsletter of the Association of the
Past Pupils of The Convent of The Cross,
- now the Boscombe Convent
Dear Readers,

Despite postal problems, it is hoped that this issue will reach you in time.

Well, 1971 has certainly started with it's share of problems. However, for the Concrozians it is going to be a very good year, and an active one at that, so do not forget to support the activities, as there is quite an eventful programme.

Any news, views or points for publication, do please let the editor have them, write when you can,
c/o The Chairman, 105,Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset,
or just telephone, she would love to hear from you.




2.30.p.m. At the Convent.
Look forward to seeing all mums and children.

JUNE 5th
Remember June the 5th, Why! .....
Read on to see Why.

Your 1971 Committee.

Chairman. Miss Margaret Habgood. 105.Parkstone Road, Poole, Dorset Tel' Parkstone 3790
Secretary. Mrs. D. Rogers. 8a, Glenferness Ave. Bournemouth.
Ass. Sec. Mrs. J. Moore.
Tress. Mrs. J, McKinney. 51, Hambledon Rd.
Bournemouth. Members. Mrs. D. de Souza, Mrs. M. Lynk, Miss C. Place, Mrs. V.Bailey, Mrs. M. Barton, Miss L. Johns, Miss S. Fendley.


Mrs, D.J. Foster. 57, Kitchener Road. Amesbury, Wilts
Miss C. Browning. 6, Rotherwood Road, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, S.W.15.


Alas, with rising prices we likewise have been forced to increase our subscriptions, very much against our wishes, but the accounts have to be paid.

It was voted at the A.G.M. to increase our subscription to 50p, please do not blame decimalisation, we would have had to increase regardless.

The usual cry - PLEASE do not forget to pay your subscription, we can not survive without them.

A very happy afternoon was spent at the A.G.M. talking with Sister Bernadene and members of the Community, who are "The Hand Maids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus".

The Order was established as long ago as 1877 in Spain, under the guidance of their Foundress "Blessed Raphaela Mary", and has gradually developed into a universal community, with Houses in many parts of the world.

The present and recent past pupils will know that Sister Bernardene is the Headmistress of the Senior School, and Sister Rosa is the Head of the Junior School, with Sister Carmen, Sister Muriel and Sister Anne Mortheran, teaching.

The Convent last term said goodbye to several members of the lay staff, Mrs. K. Perkins, who is awaiting the birth of her baby, Mrs. Slade - games mistress, who has gone to the summer lands of South Africa, and Mrs. Finlayson, who is now teaching in Highcliff.

"GET WELL" messages, we knoll are still being sent to Miss Gobel, who we hope has a speedy recovery.

I'm sure also that the Junior school is pleased to have Susan Fendley back after her illness,"

I remember saying very clearly in the last edition, that a Chairman's lot is not always a happy one, well despondency will soon set in, unless you really do write to me with news and views, and suggestions for events that you would like organised - The Concrozier, I hope is an important link between past pupils, so do please use it as such, I look forward to hearing from you.


A very delightful evening was spent with Valerie Bailey at her home, unfortunately because of the postal strike, we were unable to publish this but we hope to have a further coffee evening during April/May - so keep your eyes open for the date.

Many Thanks to Valerie.


Congratulations to:

Veronica Skerman (Burton) a daughter, Catherine in December.
Margaret Worth (Fannington) a son Christopher Peter, born in Ontario in October.

To the proud mums:
Rita John (Goode) a son Stephen in December,
Janet Michelmore (Fitzgerald) a son, a brother for Gregory.


Margot Pope of Southbourne married on the 21st Oct at Our Lady Queen of Peace, to Michael Purkiss, on Old boy from St. Peters.

Margot's sister Lesley, who is at University was married on the 9th Jan. to Jonathon Coupland, also at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Christine Raven became Mrs. Michael MacEnemy in December.
Patricia Barr (Browning) married on the 10th December in Perth Australia.

Are you. getting. married or engaged, then let us know. Congratulations to those new brides that we have not heard about.

SADLY we have no news from abroad due to the POST - however the next issue should be extra newsy.

We do however have news of past pupils. via: Mary Brooks (Browning), home from Rhodesia.

Mary has been home for over a month, and we were pleased to see her at the A.G.M. She will no doubt have returned by the time this issue is published. We are very grateful to her for all the news she has supplied, so read on, in "HAVE YOU HEARD".


Mary's address is, Belingwe School, P.O. Bo 19, Belingwe, Rhodesia.

Pat Constandinos (Kitchen) now lives in Bulawayo, Rhodesia,with her three daughters, Nicola 15, Andrea 14, and Lisa 5. Her Husband Michael works with the Prudential, Pat on the other hand, has her own Insurance Brokerage Business. Her sister Elizabeth is married, and lives in Salisbury Rhodesia, - she has two children.

Gillian Kaufman (Rowbotham) lives also in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Gillian still sculpts, and has several of her works adorning various buildings in the city. She has also received a commission for her work from South Africa.

Doroth Sawtell (Brooks) lives in Sydney Australia, she has five children.
Mary Budden (Brooks) lives in Parkstone, (England) she has two children, and recently met Ann Sheriff.
Theresa Nichol (Brooks) lives in Church Crookham, Hants, with her two daughters.
Molly Irven (Kelly) is married to a Major stationed with the Army on Salisbury Plain. They are living with their six children in Netheravon, 12 miles from Salisbury, and very near Stonehenge.

It was good to see Janet Smith (Tipson) home for a month from Germany with her two children. Janet's husband is stationed in Sennelarger.

Inez Conrad (Lucantoni) has been home with her husband and three daughters, staying with her Mother in Christchurch. Inez has been lecturing on music in South Africa. She has also written several books which are being serialised on South Africa" Radio. The books may be publisbed in England later this year. Her Husband, James, is administrator of the Opera and Ballet Company of Natal, South Africa. He was over here looking for Ballerinas to take back with him.

Christine Browning is now working in London as Personal Assistant to the Director of the National Children's Bureau, in Fitzroy Square, she has a flat in Putney, three minutes from the Bridge - and the Star & Garter!

Angla Malfatti (Rickard) is living in Wallington, Surrey, and teaching there. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend the A.G.M , although she had hoped to.

Mary Hypher (Caldon) was in Bournemouth for Christmas, with her husband and children. They are now living in Italy. Peter, her husband, is in research and was sent to Italy by the Canadian Government for three years.

The Hyphers have been living in Canada for some years now, and Christine Browning spent many happy weekends with them, when she was over there. They had a house on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Marion Spencer (Baum) is living in Woking, Surry, she has three sons, and sometimes comes to Swanage to visit her mother. Her sister Jean Blakesby lives in Broadstone.

Pauline Hallington (Joy) lives in Chelmsford. Pauline has two daughters.

Large families - not so large as Mary McGinn (Drew) who has eleven children and who has also just become a grandmother - Congratulations.

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