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Junior School - 1967


After a month's holiday spent enjoying Christmas festivities, we were quite eager to return to school and to meet some new children.

Those of us who are in junior II visited Telephone House, where we were shown all the intricacies of the Exchange. Some of us were allowed to use the 'phones. Later in the term we were also invited to the Potteries at Dorset where drain-pipes are made.

This was very interesting and we would like to thank Mr. Smith for so kindly giving up his time to explain everything so clearly to us.

On the Feast of the Purification we all went to Mass at Corpus Christi and received a blessed candle. We were also able to make our annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11th, when we prayed for the sick of the parish.

This term is always full of activities, but our studies were not neglected. Twelve of us gained Grammar School places. This was 55% of those eligible. This year Junior III and II went to Windsor for their annual excursion. We all thought that it was one of the most enjoyable days we had spent, and you will find an account of the visit on another page.

On the Feast of the Queenship of Our Lady we had our procession on the lawn. We sang hymns and placed our flowers at the foot of the altar. Barbara Day was chosen to crown the statue of Our Lady.

The sun favoured us on our Sports Day and most of our parents and friends were able to be present. This year, instead of the usual prizes, Sports Badges were awarded in the junior Department. We liked this better, as we could wear the badges during the year.

On June 4th R. Scott, T. McKinney, S. Bailey, C. Cablaghan, F. Dines, M. Evening, A. Batten, D. Board, K. Holloway, P. Forte, S. Whitley, T. Ross, J. Smith and D. Sharples received their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel. Father Callaghan, S.J., said the Mass.

During the term each class arranged some activity in aid of school funds. There were cake sales, lucky dips, raffles, hot dog sales, etc. Junior II must be congratulated on their Fun Fair, which raised 22. In all, we had enough money to buy a tape-recorder for the school.

When our Tests were finished we invited our parents to see the work that we had done during the year. In the Infant Department there were paintings, sewing, models of ships, Noah's Ark and lots of other interesting things. Our sums and writing were there too. Transition's classroom also looked very attractive, as also Junior I's with their colourful paintings, needlework and craft.

Junior I and III had displayed their art, craft and needlework in the Hall and our skirts and cushions were much admired. In our classrooms our topics arid exercise books were on view. Junior II had worked hard on a model of Parkwood Road. We enjoyed making this and had learnt a lot about the dairy, the post, the telephone and road signs.

In Junior III we had a model of the English Channel showing the English and French ports. We had written to each of these towns for information and really learned how the people in France live. We had also done some experiments in electricity.

Although we enjoyed these interesting topics, our exercise books showed that we had made satisfactory progress in every subject. We would like to thank all the Staff who helped us to learn all these things.

Prize day brought the term to a close and Mother Keyes again kindly presented our prizes and certificates, and she enjoyed our piano solos and singing.


On our return after the summer holidays we found that some of the building had been re-decorated - corridors and Staff-room - and that our playground had been re-surfaced. We welcomed all the new children and settled down to work. We were very pleased to have a visit from Reverend Mother General, who had just arrived from France. We tried to speak French to her, but we found that her English was better than our French l

In October, Junior III went to the Orchestral Concert for Schools at the Winter Gardens and we enjoyed it very much and are sorry that there is only one concert during the year.

Our enthusiasm for collecting for the Holy Childhood is as great as ever, so we hope to givg a large sum to the Fund this year. Before the end of term we hope to have a Bring-and-Buy Sale in aid of children's charities.

As we go to press we are practising hard at netball, as we have entered the Interschools' Netball Tournament. Our successes for the last year are on another page.

We are also practising our carols for our Christmas Assembly at the end of term.

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