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At Christmas 1936 appeared the first School Magazine of the Convent of the Cross - an unpretentious "home" production. There were no advertisements, no pictures, no official prime; s. The contributions were duplicated on jellies which often resisted such pressure of work and refused to yield clear copies - no luxury duplicators in those days!

The covers of the first issue were of blue mounting paper, fastened by blue cord inserted through holes laboriously made by a hand "puncher". Since that time, even during the war years, the Magazine has been a Christmas feature of school life for pupils past and present.

Much of the success in presentation has been due to the business capacity and "drive" of Mrs. G. M. Pointer, mother of Richard Pointer, a boarder in the days of the Boys' Preparatory School. Mrs. Pointer has been responsible for advertisements and arrangements for printing for almost thirty years, but she now finds it necessary to retire.

We shall miss her assistance and interest and we are pleased to have this opportunity of thanking her for the taxing work which she has undertaken with such infectious enthusiasm.

1967 will remain in the minds of many as the year of the wage-freeze, of devaluation, of the Common Market struggle - not too cheerful a record!

But for us Christians, especially at this season of Christmas, there is a message of hope, for 1967 is "The Year of Faith", proclaimed on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, faith in the providence of the God, Who is revealed to us in the person of Christ.

Through the Magazine, the Community and Staff send their good wishes to parents and former pupils, trust'ng that the Peace of Christmas may pervade our homes and that we may be witnesses of that peace in the world today.

"Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;

where there is hatred, let me sow peace;

where there is injury; let me sow pardon;

where there is doubt, let me sow faith;

where there is despair, let me give hope;

where there is darkness, let me give light;

where there is sadness, let me give joy."

( St. Francis of Assisi.)

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