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Games Notes - 1966/67, page one

Games Captain: Vera Cole.

Vice-Captains: Rosemarie Lord (secretary), Caroline Monsell (organisation)

We should like to take this opportunity to thank all the girls who have represented the school in any of the teams for the time they give up on Saturday mornings for matches and in the dinner hours for practices. For some who play regularly in all the various sports it can become an expense too, although we try to offset this where possible from the Games Fund, to which everyone is asked to contribute one shilling a term for this purpose.

Thanks, too, must go to Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Slade, who generously give of their free time to take practices and give coaching.

Our photo shows the 1st Rounders team with Sister Margaret.


The 1st XI played four matches last season, emerging victorious in all, and showing a great improvement in their standard of play. This was very apparent in the annual Staff match, in which the Staff had a hard time in using their extra experience and guile to the full to win by 2-0 in an exciting and vigorous match.

Form Champions: IVA.

House Champions: Ignatians.

House Champions 1967/68: Ignatians, for the fourth year running.
1st XI - G.K., R. Lord; R.B., C. Miller; L.B., S. O'Reilly; R.H., F. Peate; C.H., L. Roughley;L.H., E. Conway; R.W.,T. Lord; R.I., V. Cole (captain); C.F., L. Palmer; L.I., J. Green; L.W., C. Monsell Reserves: M. Atha and L. Herbert.

In March the International match at Wembley aroused much enthusiasm and 68 girls and Staff made the journey by coach. This season 80 will be going on March 9th to see England play the Netherlands.


1st VII - Played 7, won 4, lost 3.

U-14 VII - Played 7, won 4, lost 3.

U-13 VII - Played 6, won 2, lost 4.

U-12 VII - Played 4, won 1, lost 3.

Owing to a mainly dry winter, our teams were able to play most of their fixtures and some enjoyable games resulted. The First Team had quite a good season and the under-13's found their form near the end of the season, and at the Bournemouth Schools' Tournament these teams finished well placed among the eleven schools competing - Senior `A' team third, Senior `B' team fifth, Inter `A' team sixth and Inter `B' team third.

The Intermediate 'B' VII played well and only missed being runners-up on goal average, and the performance of the Senior teams was very pleasing. Netball Colours were awarded to Vera Cole, Ruth Diez and Jeannette Green.

House Champions: Ignatians.

Form Champions: Lower VI.

This season most matches have had to be cancelled owing to bad weather, but the usual fixtures with B.S.G., to which we always look forward, were played, and although we did not win a match, the games were good and enjoyed.

Congratulations to Jeannette Green, who has been selected to play for the Bournemouth Schools' 1st VII this season, and to Stella Murphy, who is a reserve for the 2nd VII.

Teams 1966/67:

1st VII - G.K., A. Randall; G.D., T. Lord; W.D., E. Conway; C., J. Green; W.A., V. Cole (capt.); G.A., R. Diez; G.S., J. Faulkner.

2nd VII - G.K., S. O'Reilly; G.D., J.Collis; W.D., F. Kitson; C., S. Ruckley; W.A., J. Butcher; G.A., D. Firmin; G.S., C. Place.

U-14 - G.K., A. Walsh; G.D., M. Conway; W.D., M. Knowles; C., E. Singleton (cast.); W.A., P. Rathbone; G.A., A. Fox; G.S., S. Smith. Reserves: S. Murphy and A. Pringle.

U-13 - G.K., S. Doyle; G.D., C. Powell; W.D., R. Cosgrove; C., S. Wathan; W.A., P. Sussex; G.A., E. Maguire (cast.); G.S., C. Griffiths. Reserves: K. O'Dwyer and M. Callaghan.

U-12 - G.K., L. Wright; G.D., J. Hassall; W.D., C. Ranft; C., N. Fletcher; W.A., E. Maude; G.A., J. Woolford (cast.); G.S., J. Geach. Reserve: S. Cheyne.


Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain many hard fixtures last season, so that it is difficult to assess the standard of our almost new and young team, which contained same 3rd and 4th years who show promise. They won four of their five matches.

The match versus the Staff, who for the first time managed to raise a team, took place on a lovely sunny afternoon and the girls did well to bring off a 6 - 3 victory, and deserved the tea which the Staff provided afterwards.

As usual, the Bournemouth Schools' Tournament took place after we broke up and it was difficult to find sufficient team members free to represent the school. Our senior couples, therefore, did not do very well.

However, the junior couple, Andrea Fox and Paula Rathbone, gave an admirable display, winning all their matches to reach the tap of their section, which earned them a place in the final with Talbot Heath.

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