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Since the bulletin is sent out regularly to enrolled members of the Association, much news which formerly remained for publication in the Magazine is now available three or four times a year. We do not wish this section to repeat information already given, so the solution to the problem is for each past pupil to become a member of the Concrozians and thus receive the `Concrozier'.

Extracts from letters received from all parts of the world reveal the interest which their writers still have in their old school, and also tell of contacts with their contemporaries which they have maintained.

Ronaleen Lee, living in Los Angeles, gives a mine of information about herself and others. We appreciate the time she took to prepare such a long and interesting budget. "This year I have begun to do quite a bit of work with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. It is very interesting and very busy.

As you may imagine, there are many official social functions for the city of Beverly Hills that must be attended and looked after, and I seem to be meeting more and more people. About two weeks ago, the city hosted a large party for 1,500 people, including America's astronauts. I was able to see Alan Shelherd, Walter Shirra, Gordon Cooper, Edward Aldrin and James McDivitt.

Then it seemed, right on top of that, we entertained a group of 45 landscape experts from Germany. They were all city officials of parks departments in various parts of Germany. I was able to try out a few halting phrases in German, but fortunately we had an interpreter for them.

"One of the greatest surprises of the year was a visit from Christine Browning. Christine has been living in Montreal for about a year and she decided to spend a couple of weeks with an aunt and uncle in Lynwood, California. I have heard this year from Josephine Olders (Lidstone). She obtained my address from Deirdre Foster - I had not heard from her for 14 years.

I hear often from Wendyanne Crawforth ( Johnston). Wendy and her family are looking forward to a long holiday in America next year, so I am hoping to see something of them. Pat Ogden (Buck) wrote from Ceylon, Margaret Clement from Malta, where she is still in the W.R.N.S., and Linda Baker (Thornback) from Chichester, where she and her family are now living."

Barbara Green (Withingtan), writing from Otterburn Heights, Quebec, sent a miniature diary. "You remember, maybe, how I managed to get our local Council to help us start a library. We began over 2 years ago in a very small room and have now over 2,000 books. We opened a children's section today and the Council has promised a solidly built library in a year or two.

This year, of course, with Expo going on in Montreal, we can see how people live in other places. Canada is just about as classless a society as you could get. The right accent doesn't matter a scrap and money matters only in as much as it determines your home and tastes. Our small community is maybe not typical precisely, because so many work in Montreal, but the milkman and the engineering executives bowl in the same team - in fact, the milkman was the captain.

I hear from Shirley Cramer (Gibbons) from time to time. They live on the campus of the University of Chicago now."

Winnie Chang returned to Hong Kong early in 1967 after a trip across the States and Canada, and "I stayed for three months in Hawaii - perfect climate and most friendly people. I didn't make a stop in Japan because I had already had such a long holiday.

I was hoping to work as a research assistant at the Social Survey Research Centre, but as there were no vacancies I have taken a past lecturing in Social Psychology and doing private social research work at the Hong Kong Baptist College, and I have applied to read for the M.A. in Sociology at the University of Hong Kong as a part-time student."

Wendyanne Crawforth sent a card from Nyali, Mombasa, where she and her family were spending their holidays. They hoped to go up country to the game parks.

Carol Horn (Boyd), Gosford, New South Wales, has a busy time with the chickens and pigs on their farm. She is enjoying the life and finds time to give news of her small daughter (with such big feet! as Carol remarks) Deborah and her son Harvey.

Madame Rouillard (Monclin) from Sherbrooke, Quebec, tells of her teaching experiences. She finds the atmosphere in the schools colder than in France or England, but enjoys her lessons in English literature and French stylistics.

Her contacts with Boscombe friends are kept up and she writes regularly to Marie Jessop, Mrs. O'Riordain (Gilheany), former members of the Staff, Genevieve Basto (Bond) and Pat Ogden.

The English postbag includes letters from a faithful group who never forget the time of the publication of the Magazine. Avalon Eastman (Hutchings) is learning more about archaeology, prompted by the road attributed to the Romans in the little Austrian village where she spent her holidays; and her other hobby is astronomy, which she finds most absorbing with her husband to help her through the mathematical data.

It is encouraging to see the number of past pupils who take up some form of study when they have settled in their own homes.

Deirdre Foster (Crick) keeps in touch with the Convent by letter and by visits when this is possible. She was able to come to Boscombe for the Golden jubilee celebrations of Mother Howe in August. There was a Mass in the Convent Chapel, concelebrated by Dom Laurence Kelly, O.S.B., one of Mother Howe's boys of the Preparatory School, Dom Gabriel Arnold, O.S.B., Rev. Father J. Moore and Rev. Father Dyer. Father J. Baron, S.J., spoke about Mother Howe's work and influence.

He came to represent Fathers J. and T. Smalley. Other priests and visitors were invited to lunch, and it gave them great pleasure to see that, in keeping with permissions now granted to Religious, Mother Howe and some of the other Nuns were able to join the guests. While mentioning Jubilees, we must congratulate Sister Monica, whose Ruby jubilee (65 years of Religious Profession) was celebrated on November 21st.

Susan Evans-Thomas has taken up her first teaching post in Birmingham, after completing her Domestic Science training. Margaret Atkins wrote during her last year at the Domestic Science College, Sheffield, mentioning that she had met Mary True, who is studying at the University, in one of the big stores in Sheffield.

It was a surprise to receive a letter from Elizabeth Liddle (Weatherley), who lives at Watton, Norfolk. Betty has kept in touch with the Convent through the Magazine and also through news sent to her by Pamela Morris (Butler).

Among the past pupils who visited the Convent were Elizabeth Dalton (Parker). It was a great pleasure to see her after a long period of silence. Elizabeth and her family reside in Cambridge, but she was staying with Josephine Danks (Downey). Josephine, Amelia Barton (Bertie), Ann McKinney (Carpenter), among others, are prominent members of the `CADS' (Catholic Amateur Dramatic Society. During the summer holidays Marguerite Thomas stayed at the Convent for a few weeks.

She was able to make her visit coincide partly with that of Miss Bauman. At much the same time, Miss N. O'Donnell came to see us and to let us know that she had taken a flat in Southbourne, and she hopes to renew contacts with her former pupils when she comes to live here permanently at the end of this school year.

Mary Morton (Hennessy) spent August here with her aunt and the four girls. Mary welcomes this opportunity of getting back to Bournemouth, where she still has many friends.

Barbara (Adamson) called to see the Nuns at the same time as she visited Mary. Annemarie Sweeney (Firmin) was unable to bring the children with her on her last visit, as they were not well.

We wish them all happiness when they settle in Malaya in December.

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