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This year the Concrozians started well with a Dinner and Dance at the Highcliffe Hotel. Many friendships were renewed and it was pleasing to see so many new faces among our members. Following this, on the Sunday, the A.G.M. was held at the Convent, where we were pleased to see some of the Nuns from Stakes as well as the Boscombe Community.

During the winter months the Concrozians played Badminton at the Convent on alternate Tuesday evenings.

In July a School Leavers' Dance was held at St. Thomas More Hall; this was run in conjunction with St. Peter's Old Boys. It was a new venture and we hope it may become an annual event.

During the summer, a tennis match was played against the Sixth Form - though very enjoyable, the score is best forgotten! Again, this season, we are playing Badminton during the winter months.

It is our aim to increase our membership so that we shall be in a position to organise more events. The subscription is 7/6d. per year, which includes three or four issues of The Concrozier free. The cost of the magazine is separate and should be sent to the Convent Editor.

We are having our annual reunion weekend on January 14th and 15th, 1967. On Saturday, 14th, there is to be a Dinner and Dance at the Chine Hotel, Boscombe. This promises to be a most enjoyable evening. On Sunday, January 15th, there is the A.G.M. at the Convent, followed by tea.

Please do try to join us and come to these events; you are bound to bump into old friends. See you there!


President: Mrs. Rita Browning.

Chairman: Susan Fendley.

Secretaries: Miss Marjorie Wood Mrs. Geraldine Nicholls (Matey).

Treasurer: Amelia Barton (Bertie).

Editor of Concrozier: Veronica Burton.


Committee: Margaret Habgood, Clare Rogers (Habgood), Linda Placidi (Pegorini), Anne McKinney (Carpenter), Pamela Rollin, Penny Heard, Mary Robinson.

The CHINE HOTEL, Boscombe Spa Road
on Saturday, 14th January, 1967
7.30 for 8 p.m. Tickets 25/-

on Sunday, 15th January, 1967
at THE CONVENT 3 p.m.

Followed by Tea


Geraldine Nicholls (Matey): "I had a visit from Ann Russell, who was home from Australia for the first time in 18 years. She was in Bournemouth only a few days as she had to fly to Paris with her husband for a Medical Conference. Her married name is McSweeney and she lives in Brisbane, Queensland."

Marie Tarrant (Browne): "How different school seems nowadays, when I think of sleeping in corridors during the air-raids, clothes coupons, etc. And as for all the various activities - well, I can't keep track of all my own children's comings and goings.

Avalon Eastman (Hutchings): "I have lost touch with most of the girls I knew but am still friendly with Jill McIlroy, who comes back from Singapore towards the end of the year. I also hear occasionally from Jane Ferguson, who came home for Christmas from Canada.

It seems I only keep up with those people I can't see very often!" Deirdre Foster (Crick) wrote for the Feast of the Cross, giving news of the children and especially of Duncan, the baby, who has made such progress despite the anxiety after his birth.

Angela Malfatti (Rickard): "Reno and I spent a wonderful holiday. We drove down to Verona via Luxembourg - Black Forest Rhine Falls - Constance and Innsbruck - a most picturesque journey. After a week in Verona we had ten delightful lazy days at Pisa.

From there we made for Rome and then back by the Adriatic - Turin - Lyon, Paris, where I was able to go to the Novitiate of Notre Dame de Sion, Grandburg, to see Marie-Antoinette Gilles, who received the habit there in June."

Jane Wood wrote to give news that she, Maureen O'Callaghan and Josephine Simmonds had all passed their final Teacher Training examinations. Jane and Maureen have been appointed to St. Edward's School, and Josephine to St. Thomas More.

Barbara Carus, who wrote after meeting a party from Boscombe at Buckfast saying how pleased she was to meet Sister Emmanuel, Sister Margaret Mary Egan and some of the younger Nuns who were accompanying the "Grammar School Holiday" girls.

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