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Junior School - 1966, page one.


After the Christmas holidays we were pleased to welcome several new children to the junior School, and everybody settled down to lessons once again. On February 2nd, the Feast of the Purification of Our Lady, we were able to go to Mass at Corpus Christi, when we all received a blessed candle.

A week later we walked in procession to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Convent garden, where we sang hymns, accompanied by the Recorder Group, and prayed for all the sick people.

Junior II and III were taken to see the film `Africa' at the Winter Gardens. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and both classes did some `follow-up' work on Africa.

On St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, junior III played a Netball match against the Staff. Of course the latter won, but we are not quite sure if they obeyed all the rules!!

During the Easter holidays fifteen juniors went on the School's Pilgrimage to Lourdes. You will be able to read an account of this pilgrimage in the Senior section of the Magazine. Each one of us who went is looking forward to the time when we can re-visit this shrine of Our Lady.

The Summer Term passed very quickly as we had many activities then. Each class made an effort to raise money for School funds. Cake sales, raffles, treasure hunts, bran tubs were all supported by everyone, and with the money we were able to buy some chime bars and a transistor for the School.

During May the older children went to the Pavilion to see the Ballet `Swan Lake'. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we hope to go again when the opportunity arrives.

This year we went to London for our annual Outing. We visited Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. There were many interesting things to be seen and learnt, and we enjoyed the journey. For some of us it was the first occasion on which we had travelled by the Underground.

The sun shone brightly on Sports Day. We were allowed to use the Senior Hockey pitch. This was much larger than our own lawn and so there was plenty of room for our parents and friends.

The following week we gave a Concert on our lawn, and although it was difficult at times for our voices to be heard, we think that everyone enjoyed our effort.

On July 3rd Anne Sedgwwick, Lucinda Lord, Jane Whitley, Mary Batten, Miranda Smith, Elaine Simpson and Sheena Board made their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel, while Claire Gibbs and Marlon Wasniewski made theirs, in their own parishes.

We were pleased that Reverend Mother was able to present our prizes at the end of the term.

We were sorry to have to say `Goodbye' to junior III who would be leaving the junior School, but we were glad to learn that all but one of them would be continuing their studies at the Convent, eight of them having gained Grammar School places.

I think that all were glad to be back at School again in September after a long holiday. Some of us brought our younger sisters back with us to join the Reception Class.

We are proud to have among us so many children whose Mummies and Daddies were themselves educated at the Convent. You will see the photos of those children on the next page.

Prize distribution brought the School Year to a close and you will find the results on the next page.

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