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GAMES 1965 - 66


1st XI - G.K., R. Lord; L.B., C. Monsell; R.B., G. Spencer; L.H., L. Palmer; C.H., K. Walshe (capt.); R.H., V. Cole; L.W., L. Roughley; L.1., J. Green; C.F., M. Bystrzanowski; R.I., E. Conway; R.W., M. Knibbs.


Convent v. Pinelands, won 1 - 0. v. Marydale, drew 2 - 2. v. Talbot Heath, lost 1 - 4. v. Stakes, lost 0 - 1. House hockey champions: Ignatians.


1st VIII - G.K., G. Spencer; G.D., J. Rathbone; W.D., V. Hampton; C., M. Foden; W.A., V. Cole; G.A., M. Bystrzanowski (capt.) ; G.S., A. Faulkmer.

2nd VII - G.K., C. Salnikov; G.D., E. Conway; W.D., T. Lord; C., M. Knibbs (capt.); W.A., R. Lord; G.A., R. Diez; G.S., L. Roughley.

Under 14 - G.K., M. Pope; G.D., J. Collis; W.D., C. Dandeker; C., J. Green (capt.); W.A., J. Butcher; G.A., J. Faulkner; G.S., D. Firmin.

Under 13 - G.K.. C. Tolhurst; G.D., E. Singleton; W.D., A. Walsh; C., K. Vail; W.A., S. Murphy; G.A., S. Holtom; G.S., P. Rathbone.

Under 12 - G.K., S. Doyle; G.D., C. Powell; W.D., R. Cosgrove; C., S. Wathan; W.A., P. Sussex; G.A., E. Maguire; G.S., J. Geach.

Our photo shows the Boarders Team (Rounders)

Our photo shows Andrea Fox (Champion) and Kay Walshe (Runner-up)


1st VII: - Played 5, won 4, lost 1.

2nd VII: - Played 2, won 1, lost 1.

Under 14: - Played 7, won 4, lost 2, drew 1.

Under 13: - Played 5, lost 4, drew 1.

Some enjoyable matches were played last season, and 1 st and under - 14 teams did particularly well, while the under - 12's showed promise for the future. Teams were entered for the Bournemouth Schools' Tournaments. The Senior team came seventh and the Intermediate team fifth, while the under - 12's reached the third round of their Knockout Tournament.

Congratulations to Mysia Bystrzanowski, last year's Games Captain, and to Vera Cole, this year's Captain, who, having played for the Bournemouth Schools' team for three successive seasons, were awarded their colours by the Bournemouth Schools Association.

House netball champion: - Xaverians.

Form netball champions: - Upper VI.


1st VI - 1st couple: A. Fox and K. Walshe 2nd couple, G. Bragg and A. Kaluza; 3rd couple V. Cole and G. Spencer.P. Rathbone.

2nd VI - 1st couple, M. Bystrzanowski and M. Knibbs; 2nd couple, A. Willoughby-Meade and P. Wong; 3rd couple, S. Lash and J. Rathbone/L. Roughley.

The teams had a splendid season, winning ROUNDERS every match. Also outstanding was the good team-spirit and the willing readiness to come to practices regularly.

2nd VI v. Christchurch Grammar - Won, 6 sets to 3.

1st and 2nd VI v. Wentworth - Won, 10 sets to 8.

1st and 2nd VI v. Uplands - Won, 10 sets to 8.

1st VI v. Concrozians - Won, 10 sets to 2.

1st and 2nd VI v. Convent of the Cress, Waterlooville - Won, 15 sets to 3.

During the term Singles and Doubles tournaments were held. The singles champion was the youngest member of the School team, Andrea Fox of IIIa, who beat Kay Walshe 6 - 3, 6 - 3 in the final. This was an excellent display of tennis by bath players and the Senior School who watched were wrapped in admiration throughout.

In the doubles finals Margaret Knibbs and Jill Rathbone beat Gill Bragg and Annette Kaluza in a close match. Middle School singles champion - Paula Rathbone.

In the Form Tennis Tournament IIIa were victorious, represented by Andrea Fox and Ruth Diez, who beat Va's Vera Cole and Angela Willoughby-Meade in the final.

The House Tennis was won by the Stanislausians.


Under - l5 - C. Spalding, S. Hoare, F. Kitson, R. Diez, S. Austin, D. Duff, W. Scott, J. Nievegeld. S. Vincent.

Under - l4 - J. Green, D. Firmin, C. Dandeker, F. Peate, J. Collis, E. Joyce, C. Bobbett, A. Fox, A. Ratcliffe.

Under - l3 - C. Singleton, P. Rathbone, C. Tolburst, K. Vail, S. Smith, N. Peate, J. Riley, A. Walsh.

The rounders teams had a very successful season. The Under - 14 and Under - 13 teams each lost only one of their five games played. At the end of the term the traditional rounders match, Day Girls v. Boarders, was held, the Boarders emerging triumphant after a hectic struggle. Another highlight was the Staff v. Leavers match, in which a gallant Staff finally succumbed 9 - 6 to a very proficient but generous-hearted Leavers team.

House rounders champions: Campions.


This year a number of girls have shown interest in Badminton and for the first time we had a House Championship, won by Campions. The Singles Tournament was won by Carloine M.onsell and the Doubles by Caroline and Lynn Welch.

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