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From Our School Diary - 1966, page one


The day we returned to school, we heard of the death of Mr. Vincent Arnold, our former gardener, who was always so ready to help the girls in marking pitches, preparing the courts, finding and setting up scenery for plays and remaining faithfully "on duty" at all school functions.

A Requiem Mass was celebrated in the Convent Chapel and all senior pupils attended. R.I.P.

17th - Talk on "Look - Listen" groups by Rev. Michael Foley, S.J. With humour blended with matter to inspire thought, Father Foley explained the purpose of these groups - to foster more responsible and critical use of radio and television.

Forms V and VI decided to become members and send up their reports on the programmes to St. Gabriel's Radio and Television Centre.


9th - Talk with slides by Major Rayner, QARANC. Many of us who are interested in a nursing career in the Forces remained to chat with the speaker.

Half-year examinations created an atmosphere of silence and study.

21st - Interviews arranged by the Staff with parents of the Sixth Forms.

22nd - Today we were told of the death of Sister Cornelia. R.I.P. Few of us knew Sister in the days when she was in charge of the Laundry and slept in the Lower Dormitory, getting up so quietly at such an early hour.

We do remember her, however, in the last years when blindness prevented her from continuing an active life, always so thankful and gracious to anyone who offered to guide her. She was a soul of prayer and we feel sure that she is continuing to pray for us all now that she has passed to her eternal reward.


11th - Accompanied by Miss Gobell and Sister Angela Gillard, a party attended the Orchestral Concerts for Schools at the Winter Gardens.

15th - Staff interviews with parents of 2nd, years.

22nd - Group attended the performance of "Richard III" at the Municipal College.

23rd - Teams entered Bournemouth Schools' Netball Tournament.

25th - Profession Ceremony of Sister Therese Brooks. The Voluntary Choir was responsible for the singing.

30th - Climax of several weeks' excitement. Final speeches for our school Mock Election.

31st - Mock Election with all due ceremonial. The Conservative candidate was returned.


4th - Members of the Debating Society held a joint debate with St. Peter's School. The motion was "That patriotism is antisocial".

21st - Some of the 1st and 2nd Forms were fortunate enough to join the juniors on a Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Our photo shows 'Silver Jubilarians 1966'

Sister Thecla (Moore) - left, Sister Angela (Gillard) and Sister Patricia (McLoughlin)

On the morning of the Feast of the Cross, we were shocked to hear of the sudden death of Father Phillipson, S.J. He had been talking to some of us only the day before. We shall not forget his zeal and enthusiasm.

We realised often that he felt that the faith in these Southern areas was not sufficiently wholehearted and wanted to rouse us to a keener sense of our responsibilities as young Catholics. A Choir composed of Nuns and Senior boarders sang the Requiem Mass.

l5th - Performances of "The Boy with a Cart" by Christopher Fry in the School Hall. Scenery, costumes, staging was left in the hands of the Speech and Drama pupils and they acquitted themselves well. We must congratulate Mrs. James on the successful production of a difficult play.

Every pupil of her classes took part. Special mention must be made of the excellent interpretation of Caroline Sherwood and Dorothy Hancock; their acting revealed insight and feeling for the message of the play.

22nd - History Club excursion to Bath to visit the Roman Baths and the American Museum.

27th - Inauguration of the new Mayor. A party attended the ceremony at the Town Hall.


School Sports. We were very pleased to see Mother Helen among us again on this occasion and we thank Father Callaghan for presenting the prizes.


2nd - Corpus Christi Fete. The Convent was asked to be responsible for the Cake Stall, so the Cookery classes with Mrs. Walsh had a busy time on the preceding days.

The same day a happy coach-load of Boscombe pupils went to Waterlooville to play the Stakes teams at rounders and tennis. They spent a very happy day and appreciated the welcome they received from Reverend Mother and the Oaklands Community and pupils.

4th - Careers Talk to Fourth and Sixth Forms by Miss Bradford, Youth Employment Officer. W.V.S. "Five in One" talk to the top Forms.

5th - Interviews for Parents of First and Second Forms.

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