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Junior School - 1965, page one.


Spring Term

By the time that school re-opened most of the Christmas parties were over and we were glad to see one another again and to settle down to lessons.

We were very pleased to hear that the proceeds of our Christmas Pageant and Bring-an-Buy Sale amounted to 36, and that this sum had been sent to Children's Charities. We were also able to give 29 for the Black Babies when we went to the Holy Childhood Service at Corpus Christi on February 5th. We hope that we shall beat this record next year.

For several months we were fortunate enough to have a Mass for the Junior School once a fortnight, and we hope that we shall soon have this privilege again. We were very sorry when Father Delahunty came to say Goodbye to us before leaving for Oxford. He was always a very welcome visitor and took an interest in all our activities.

The 11th Examinations were held this term and 52% of the children who could sit for the examination gained Grammar School places.

Our successes in sport were also very encouraging and you will see the results of our matches on another page. We would like to thank Miss Kent for giving up her time after school to give us extra practice in games.

Summer Term

This year we kept the Queenship of Our Lady as the junior School Feast. We had a procession in the garden and Catherine Robinson was chosen to crown Our Lady.

We all sang hymns and brought our flowers to the altar. Before lunch we played a Rounders match against the Staff, and, sad to relate, they beat us!

The score was 51 - 21. In the afternoon the School gave an entertainment for Reverend Mother and the Staff.

Each Form provided an item. Junior III made up their own Plays. We thought this was very clever. We ended the day by having refreshments on the lawn.

On Sunday, June 13th,
Paddy Murphy, Markham Aldridge, John Sedgwick, Isabelle Chamberlain, Michele Charles, Sandy Cobelli, Veronica Coope, Amanda Dalley, Catherine Hather, Caroline Hughes, Jane Rickards, Barbara Rhodes, Sarah Tolhurst, Rita Wilson and Jane Wybourne
made their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel and had their Communion breakfast at the Convent.

Junior III went by coach to London to see the Vocations Exhibition and, although they did not all decide to be nuns, they were very interested in the work done by the priests and nuns, especially in foreign lands.

At the end of the term we had our annual Sports Day and this year our parents were invited. We enjoyed ourselves very much and at the end there was a race for the baby visitors as well as one for Daddies. Kim's Daddy won the grown-ups' prize.

On the last day of term Reverend Mother came to distribute the Prizes and Cups. A list of prize-winners is on another page.

There is always something sad about the end of a School Year and so many of us have to leave the school where we have spent five happy years. This time all except one of junior III have remained at the Convent, in the Senior School, and so we see them occasionally.

We were especially sorry to have to say Goodbye to Miss Faupel and Mrs. Taylor, both of whom have worked so devotedly in the school for many years.

Christmas Term

When we came back in September we were surprised to see so many new faces, especially in the Reception Class. Our numbers have increased and we were glad to see some more new boys.

We welcomed Miss Fendley, one of our own Past Pupils, who is teaching the Reception Class, and Mrs. Mauger, who is taking the Art, Craft and French in the Upper Classes.

We are pleased, too, that Sister Patricia has come to help us since St. Boniface's Convent School was closed in September, and we are sure that those of us who were once in her school are pleased to see her again.

We were delighted to find that we have a T.V. and can follow some of the lessons that are broadcast for schools. This T.V. set was a gift from one of the Bournemouth television firms and we are very grateful to them for giving it to us.

On November 19th, the feast of St. Elizabeth, we had games around the house in the morning and a film, "The Dragon of Pendragon Castle", in the afternoon. Everyone thought the dragon a super one!

We have put up the Advent wreath in the Hall and are preparing cribs in our classrooms. We are not having a Nativity Play for the public this year but are preparing carols and dramatisations for one of our Assemblies before the end of the term.

The juniors will not forget you in their prayers at the Crib and wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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