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From Our School Diary - 1964, page one


Cookery Classes to "Bon Viveur" Exhibition.

Talk by Major Fisher, W.R.A.C.


Mr. Hills of "The Times" spoke to Sixth Formers on the publication and aims of "The Times".


Bournemouth Schools Netball Rally.

Past v. Present Pupils Netball Match. School won but we called it a draw, 13 - 13!

Feast of St. Joseph. Clothing Ceremony of Therese Brooks, one of last year's Form VI. The Voluntary Choir was responsibly for the singing.

Sixth Form Concert at the end of term.


At the kind invitation of Reverend Brother Michael, F.S.C., some of the girls who are taking "A" Level Geography were able to join two Field Work expeditions arranged by Brother Michael for St. Peter's.

Careers Talk by Miss Bradford, Youth Employment Centre.

Visit to the school by several of Her Majesty's Inspectors.


Musical Evening. Programme included string group, recorder groups, violin and piano solos and duets, psalm singing by Form II and a musical fantasy "The Emperor and the Nightingale", by Mailer. Soloists were Emperor, H. Ambler; Empress Tu-ti-tu, V. Turtle; Prime Minister, L. Rhodes; Real Nightingale, A. Allum, Artificial Nightingale, P. Coakes.

The success of the evening must have been an encouragement to Mother Gillard, Miss Gobell and Miss Oswell.

Whit Monday. Boarders who stayed for half-term were astonished to see the Refectory occupied by the Clergy of the Diocese for their iluncheon on the occasion of the Altar Servers' Rally!

Installation of the new Mayor. A party of Sixth Formers represented the school.

History Club Annual Excursion. This time the visit was to Blenheim Castle.

Feast of the Sacred Heart. This year Rev. Father Nolan, S.J., who is responsible for the work of the Apostleship of Prayer, gave us an instruction on the importance of the Morning Offering and renewed the Consecration of the House to the Sacred Heart.

Sports Day. Jumping, discus, javelin throwing, and other athletics. Our thanks to Mrs. Dane and the Sixth Form helpers who organised the event so well.

Film and talk to parents by Mr. G. Hancock, British India Steam Company, as a preliminary to the school's taking part in the "Dunera" Cruise.


Open Days and interviews with the Staff for parents.

A second Careers Talk by Miss Bradford, followed by private interviews.

A short welcome visit by a group of pupils from the Convent of the Cross, Waterlooville. They were returning from an expedition to the New Forest and Christchurch Priory with Mother Briggs.

Youth Services Centre held a day's discussion on Moral Problems facing the School Leaver. Carol Wickham was the leader of our team, which included Mary Hancock, Marysa Baldachinno, K. Darby.

Festival Choir secured 1st Class Certificate and 2nd Place at the Bournemouth Festival. Concert by Form IV.

Rounders Match between Past and Present Pupils.

Swimming Gala at Stokewood Road Baths - a most successful and enjoyable occasion, thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of Mrs. Dane. We were all very sorry to learn that Mrs. Dane would not be returning for the next school year and we thank her for the keen interest and understanding which she always showed.

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