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Junior School - 1963, page one.


"January brings the snow
Makes our feet and fingers glow."

We all know this verse by heart, but we have never experienced its truth so fully as last year. The snow was still thick when we returned to School in January, and at first we thought it great fun, but before long we had grown tired of it as we could not go out into the garden for games.

Also, we were unable to visit the `Grotto' in the Convent garden on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

On February 8th we went to the Holy Childhood service and Father Enright spoke to us about the work done on the Missions and we gave him 25 which we had collected during the Autumn term. We had chosen names for all the children who would be baptised, thanks to our pennies!

On Saint Joseph's day, our special Feast, we went to Mass in the Convent Chapel and were able to receive Holy Communion. In the morning we had a film show. Most of us liked the "Magic Marble" best, though some preferred the one about Joey the donkey, who freed the boys who were tracking some robbers.

Later in the day, junior III played a Netball Match against junior II, which ended in a draw. Before we went home we had refreshments and all agreed that we had spent a very happy day.

During Lent we offered all our Acts for the Orphans of the Diocese and collected 21 for this good cause. Before we broke up for the Easter Holidays some of us had to sit for our 11+ and 36% of those eligible passed. It was rather hard to sit down to write an Essay on the afternoon we were breaking up!

As we had had a play at Christmas, we did not give our usual Entertainment on the lawn at the end of the Summer term, but Preparatory invited their parents to see the "Sleeping Beauty" and Junior I gave a Puppet Show for theirs.

In May, one of our Nuns from Mbanga in the French Cameroons, came to show us some slides of the Missions and to talk to us about her work among the children there. We enjoyed it very much and she wore the white habit she wears in Africa. We promised her to pray every day for our black brothers and sisters.

On the feast of the Queenship of our Blessed Lady we had a procession in the garden and we all brought flowers and put on the Altar while we sang hymns. Then Heather Linter placed a crown on our Lady's Statue.

In June, Father Forrestall showed us some films of California and the Vocations Exhibitions and we asked him lots of questions. He said Mass in our Chapel and some of us were able to fit in with the Seniors.

We were very pleased that Reverend Mother General came to see us when she was in Boscombe.

She gave us some sweets and she thought we were very clever to be able to say something to her in French - It is not often that children say to her: "Fermez la porte! !"

This year junior II and III went to the Royal Tournament. The weather was not too good, but it did not rain very much. We all agreed that it is the nicest School Outing we have had so far. Preparatory and Reception wanted their Outing too, so we decided to go to Poole Park one day after lunch. We enjoyed the Zoo very much, and most of us liked the monkeys best.

We went on the train and everyone stood and watched us. Then we had some ice-creams before coming home. Our Mummies were waiting for us at the Convent and we told them all about the exciting time we had.

On June 29th, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Stephen Nicholls, John Robinson, Mary Day, Barbara Day, Nicholette Dickens, Sheila Duff, Annemarie Lunneman, Denise Sussex, Susan Toop and Shan Wilson made their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel.

In July we had our Annual Sports and Father Delahunty and Reverend Mother were both able to be present. This year, everyone ran in two races, and so more of us had a chance of winning a prize. We enjoyed the Staff Race and we were very pleased that Sister May won.

Reverend Mother promised that she would try to get some P.E. apparatus for us, so we decided to do our bit towards it. Each class ran some activity to raise money for the Fund.

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