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GAMES - 1963
September 1962


Most of the matches that were arranged had to be cancelled owing to the snow and ice, which lasted until the end of March.

However we were able to play the following:-

Autumn Term 1962

Convent v. Bournemouth School for Girls

Under 14 Team ... Lost 4 - 11.
Under - 13 Team ... Lost 8 - 17.

Convent v. St. Mary's Gate

lst Team ... ... Won 22 - 3.
2nd Team ... ... Won 12 - 6.

Convent v. Queensmount

1st Team ... ... Won 18 - 10.
2nd Team ... ... Won 13 - 3.

Spring Term 1963

Convent v. Bournemouth School for Girls:

1st Team ... ...
Won 18 - 6.

Under - 14 Team ...
Lost 6 - 10.

Under - 13 Team ...
Lost 1 - 16.


All hockey fixtures were cancelled owing to the Arctic conditions!

Since we have our own hockey pitch enthusiasm for this game has increased.

For the first time we had a Staff v. Girls' 1st XI match, which resulted in a draw.


Convent v. Bournemouth School for Girls

1st Team ... ......... Drew 4 - 4.
Under - 14 Team .. Lost 4 - 20 dec.
Under - 13 Team ... Lost 5&1/2 - 11&1/2.

Convent v. Marydale

Under - 14 Team ..Won 6&1/2 - 4

Under - 13 Team .. Won 9 - 7


During the Summer Term it is difficult to arrange tennis matches, as there is such a short time before the examinations begin.

However no enthusiasm was lost, and everyone played exceptionally well, especially Susan Welch and Mary Clarke, our first couple.

Convent v. Fernhill Manor

1st VI ...Won - 36 - 29 games.

2nd VI ...Won 28 - 23 games.
TENNIS (cont)

Convent v. St. Mary's Gate

1st VI ... Won 62 - 19 games.
2nd VI ... Won 46 - 35 games.

Convent 1st VI v. Bournemouth School for Girls 2nd VI

Lost 40 - 41 games.

Convent 2nd VI v. Bournemouth School for Girls 3rd VI :

Won 43 - 38 games.


Each year we have Inter-House Matches in all our sports.
The competition this year was very keen. Results were as follows:


Winners - Ignatians.


Winners - Campions, represented by A. Baugh and A. Hutchings.


Winners - Stanislausians.



Winners - VA (captain: N. McNaught).


Winners - VI
(A. Baugh and M. Baldacchino).


(Middle School Forms only) ROUNDERS

Winners. - IIIA (captain: P. Coakes). Won 9 - 7, Won 62 - 4.


Tennis was played for the Individual Tennis Cup, which was won by M. Clarke, with A. Lewis as runner-up.

Games Captain,
G. Matterface

Games Secretary,
S. Millett.


During the Summer Term our swimming lessons began again at the Pier Approach Baths. This year a number of girls took the Schools' Amateur Swimming Association Advanced and Medallist Awards. Results as follows

Advanced - G. Matterface.

Medallist - H. Trussler: F. Hopkins: A. Woods: T. Hamblin: P. Hennessy: S. Vincent: D. Fitzgerald: M. Cousins: S. Andrews: M. Mason: D. Hancock: J. Hennessy: R. Darley: S. Kozwbska: M. Foden: A. Delaney: J. Grant:

This year we had our Second Swimming Gala at the Stokewood Road Swimming Baths on July 15th. It was very successful. At the end of the Gala a special team formation of girls gave a display oaf swimming.

The highest junior scare was shared try : M. Foden and S. Kozuiba Kozubska.

The highest Intermediate score L. Roughley.

The highest Senior score D. Fitzgerald.

The House with, the most points Stanislausians.

In September three pupils were chosen to swim for Bournemouth in a Swimming Gala. The girls were: H. Trussler, M. Faden and G. Matterface.

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