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Reverend Mother and the Community look forward to seeing many of you in January. They thank all those who so faithfully send Christmas wishes and in particular those whose donations helped to pay for the new Tabernacle which was first used at Midnight Mass last Christmas.

Before proceeding to the general news, we should like to ask the prayers of all members for Miss Eva Cartwright, who died in October. Miss Cartwrightwas one of the oldest and most loyal members of the Past Pupils and put many of the younger ones to shame by her enthusiasm and ideas. It was she who suggested arrangements for the outings which were planned a few years ago and in the last couple of years, when her health had begun to fail, she still kept in contact with her Convent.

Mother Briggs, her life-long friend, came from Stakes to be present at the Requiem Mass. May God grant her eternal rest and may we offer our sympathy to her sisters and brother, and in particular to Winnie, who will miss her company so much, as they had always lived together.

The following have let us know of their weddings during the past year and we wish them every blessing and happiness:

K. Cadogan (Mrs. Maidment)
L. Shadwell (Mrs. Ascott)
A. Hutchins
A. Boys (Mrs. Taylor) shown here.
Kathleen Kitchen (Mrs. Wigan)
Rosemary Beveridge) (Mrs. McQuade)
Vivienne Pelosi (Mrs. Stasi)

We are pleased to announce the births of:

Sarah Jane to Angela Browning (Knotty)
Hilary to Margaret Manning (Brown)
John Paul to Annemarie Sweeney ( Firmin )
Andrew Richard to Pamela Harrison (Jolliffe)
John Patrick Simon to Susan Donnelly( Winsey)
William James to Teresa Mason (Lamb)

A daughter to Anne Shotlander (Spicer)
A daughter to Lois Gregory (Bill)
A daughter to Monica Hyland (Hughes)
Clare to Noreen Cassidy (Ventham)
Alistair to Betty Mullis (Wilson)
Simon John to Catherine Ward (Trayfoot)
Gerard Dominic to Anna Browning (Murray)
Andrew Paul Jeremy to Marion Parkinson (Pool)
Philippa to Mary Edwards (MacCarty)

During this year several Past Pupils have visited the Convent after having been abroad or away from Bournemouth for a long time. Gladys O'Shea (Shorman) and Margaret (Roberts) have both been home or, leave and have left their daughters as Boarders. Beatrice is also back in England and her husband has been seriously ill since their return.

Stella Manley (Robinson) called with Peggy while she was on holiday from U.S.A. and Peggy from Rhodesia. Both have now returned to their respective continents. Josephine Staddon called when she came back from Canada and renewed contacts with her former friends.

Another most welcome visitor - although not from abroad - was Sister Mary Barbara (Lily Bertini), who came during the summer holidays and was happy to make her way through the old haunts with Mother Welstead and Mother Sohle as guides. Sister Mary Barbara has now gone to Italy. Her sister Maria comes to see us whenever she is in Bournemouth.

Mrs. Tucker (Dorothy Hobbs) keeps in contact with the Convent and we offer her our sympathy on the death of her sister, Mrs. Breakes. R.I.P.

Doris Poole has spent several days here to attend the meetings of the Board of Governors as she was asked to represent the Past Pupils on this body. Deirdre McKinney is also a Governor.

Mother Boulton came to Boscombe for a few days and was able to see her sister, Mrs. Darby, who has not been well. She was able to meet Miss Dunnett, who still remains very active and interested m al the School events.

Mary Morton (Hennessy) brought the girls to Boscombe for their holidays and it was a pleasure for her and for us that Nuella was able to he the little attendant at the Clothing Ceremony of Sister Gillian.

Sister Catherine Morton having made her Final Vows in May, is now teaching at our Convent in Stakes. Sister Patricia McLoughlin is also there and came to Boscombe with the Netball teams in March.

Celia Joyce (Court) brought her three children to see us when they were on holiday from Singapore. She gave news of Marguerite, who is still in U.S.A. and who last Christmas so kindly had a Mass offered for the Boscombe Community.

Jane Campbell-Gillies (Ferguson) has settled in England again and brought Jimmie and Gordon to see her old school. She was hoping to meet Avalon (Hutchins) and Jill and June McIlroy, who called at the Convent together, soon after Avalon's wedding. Louise Falter was another unexpected visitor during the year. Jane O'Brien (Thurgood) also called one day with her three small sons, Paul, Mark and John. Marigold Barker never forgets a visit when she is in Bournemouth.

Moira Almack (McFadden) brought Anna to see Sister Catherine while Sheila has been on several occasions. We congratulate Mrs. Murray on the successful running of the Corpus Christi Youth Club. Patricia Ryan called before her parents moved to Eastbourne and she writes most faithfully for the Feast of the Cross. Patricia is working in London and is still an active member of the Sodality of Our Lady.

Annemary Dixon likewise is a prominent member of the Sacred Heart Cell. Clare Habgood is still teaching at our Convent at Stakes. It seemed strange to see her as umpire for the team playing against Boscombe and to hear her addressed as `Miss Habgood'. Jennifer Coombes is now living at Guildford, but we were pleased to see her when she was staying with her sister on holiday.

Kitty (Sister Mary Godric) continues her work for the Missions. Travel from place to place is necessary, and the last time we heard of her, she was preparing to pass her driving test.

Mother Sohle keeps in touch with one group of Past Pupils. Betty Trotter (Clarke) has been to see her several times and also Lorna Ascott (Shadwell) and Hilda Dadley (Stevenson). Joan Barney (Schoolbred) always remembers Reverend Mother's Feast. Whatever School Activity is arranged, one can he sure of the support of Mrs. Browning (Rita De Sousa), who gives us news of all the family. Eileen Hughes is teaching at Southampton again after her year abroad. Josephine Daly visited us with her mother and we were most interested to hear of the welfare work she is doing. Joan Briggs let us know of the sudden death of her brother Glyn in the States. Margaret is still in Canada.

Quite a group of Past Pupils are now to be seen in the vicinity of the junior School waiting for their children who are now pupils there - Geraldine Nichols (Mahy), Josephine Aldridge (Pugh), Mary McCabe (Nesbitt), Rita Walker (Browning), Dorothea Turner (Morsley).

Jean Wyatt paid a surprise visit on her birthday and gave news of Ann (Swinburne) and her three children. Ita Hancock came to say `Au Revoir' before emigrating after gaining her S.R.N. Marguerite Thomas stayed at Boscombe for a week during the summer and the Nuns enjoyed the stories of her escapades in the early Boscombe days.

We began to think that today's Boarders are not so very naughty. She was able to give us news of our French Houses which she had visited recently, especially of Reverend Mother Serusier. Edna and Maureen Hooper were welcome visitors and they never fail to send greetings on the Feast of the Cross. Benita Kent paid a flying visit a few weeks ago. She is happy to be back at teaching after the year's Art and Craft Course which she followed. Anita Gonzalez-Trevilla (Woodeson) brought her husband and baby daughter during the summer but unfortunately most of the Nuns were away making their Retreat.

One cannot hope to give a personal mention to everyone. The younger Past Pupils will understand if their names are not mentioned, but it is a great pleasure to see many of them come in quite often and the group of last year's Form V and VI were particularly welcome at Speech Day. The Dance is also a special Rendezvous where members may meet one another and the Nuns.

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