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Junior School Diary - 1962

Another year, full of activities and surprises, is over, and we are sure you would like to hear about the interesting things that have happened, and to read our stories and poems.

We think that the New Year Resolution for most of us must have been to work hard, since we all settled down so well after the Christmas holidays and we tried, not only with our lessons, but in all activities.

Holy Childhood Day was on February 2nd. We went to Benediction in Corpus Christi Church and Father Delahunty talked to us about the black babies and we gave him our Offering of 17. 10s. Od. which we had collected during the term.

On March 19th, St. Joseph's Day, we were able to go to Mass and Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel and Helen Sharpe made her First Holy Communion. In the morning Junior III had an Inter-Form netball match which we all enjoyed watching. One small Boarder, when writing about it in her letter home, said, "The `coal-keeper' played very well".

After lunch we went to a Film Show in the Senior Hall. We saw `The Great Magician', 'Rollo the Squirrel', and `Who Robbed the Robins?' We liked the last one best as it was in colour. Wben the films were ended we had cakes and lemonade.

Before the end of the term our First and Second Teams played matches against Holy Cross School and, although we did not win, we put up a good fight and enjoyed the games very much. We hope to have more matches this year and we have more opportunity to practise now as Miss Faupel and Miss Kent have marked out a pitch in our own playground.

In Passion Week we saw some film-strips of the Holy Week Ceremonies and these helped us to understand better the Holy Week Liturgy.

When we came back for the Summer Term we found that the School had a `new look'. There was a. new gate and wall in front of the house and a flower bed had been set out in front of the classrooms.

The term passed very quickly. The nightmare of the 11 + examination was over and we could work enthusiastically for our Open Day, which was on Sunday, July 8th. We were pleased that so many of our parents came to see all the work that we had done during the year. Our exercise books, needlework projects and craft were on show in our classrooms.

Junior III had some very interesting books that they had written and illustrated on various topics. Their basketry, as well as the pottery made by Junior II, was exhibited in the Craft Room and was admired by everyone. The puppets made by junior I made their room look very inviting and we hope that we shall have a puppet-show this year.

The younger children had many delightful drawings in their rooms. Preparatory had furnished their dolls' house, and if we had given a prize for neat books, we all agree that Transition would have won it. All our parents were very pleased with our efforts and we would like to thank our class-mistresses for their devotedness and kindness to us during the year.

As the Feast of the Queenship of Our Lady was on a holiday, we had our procession on May 30th. As it was a sunny day we made an altar in the garden and sang hymns as we walked in procession to put our flowers at the foot of the statue. Krvsia was chosen to crown Our Lady as her own mother had just gone to Heaven.

In June we went for our outing. This year we decided to go to Arundel to visit the Castle, stopping on the way to see Bramber Museum. We went by train as far as Worthing and had to change two or three times, but that added to the fun. We arrived home at about 9 o'clock, tired, but having thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Eighteen of us, nine boys and nine girls, made our First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel on July 1st, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood.

They were:
Stephen Baker, Richard Bassett, Christopher Batten, Peter and Paul Clarke, Edward Coope, Christian Hudson, Desmond Pardy, Gervase Wood, Katherine and Frances Bogan, Angela Broderick, Karina DiBattista, Jennifer Hibbs, Jacqueline McCormack, Elizabeth Parker, Judith Simmonds and Sarah Wass.

We had a warm afternoon for our Sports. Everyone entered for at least one race. The babies were very keen competitors and each one thought she had won the race! The older children enjoyed the obstacle races and team relays. Reverend Mother presented the prizes.

Unfortunately, Father Delahunty was delayed and only arrived while we were having our iced lollies. He often comes to see us in our classrooms or in the Dining-room and we are always very pleased to see him.

On July 11th we gave an entertainment for our parents and friends on the lawn. There were songs, folk dances and choral speaking. The dramatisation of the story of the Three Bears by Preparatory amused everyone and we heard all the words.

The Maypole Dance was liked by all if we can judge by the amount of applause. The Ballet Class entertained us by a Circusthere were clowns, acrobats, ponies, seals and a tight-rope walker.

We were very sorry to say `Goodbye' to Mrs. Bingham at the end of the term as she was moving to Brighton. She has taught in the junior School for many years and junior III were always kept happy with the interesting activities she arranged.

First Communicants with Mother Wallace.

We also had to say `Goodbye' to Miss Boys, but in quite a different manner, for she came back to us in September as Mrs. Taylor. Her wedding was in August and some of us went to see her married.

We broke up on July 19th and Reverend Mother came to present our prizes. You will find a list of the prize-winners on another page.

The Junior School seems to have become a land of surprises! When we came back to school in September we found that a lovely library had been made in the room adjoining junior 11. Bright wallpaper, newly painted doors and windows, and shelves all round the room. We would like to say a big `Thank you' to Reverend Mother for so kindly having this done for us and she will be glad to know that we use the Library very often.

Mrs. Bingham has given us a very nice table for the room. Owing to the generosity of some parents we were able to have some more reference books, but the shelves are still rather empty and we would be grateful to anyone who would donate a book or book-token for the library.

We welcome Miss Kent, who has joined the Staff and who is teaching junior II. There is no chance, or wish, to fall asleep during her lessons! Miss Faupel is now teaching junior III, so that those who were in her Form last year still benefit from her thorough training.

On December 9th we are having a Christmas Play which many parents will have enjoyed before the Magazine is read. We are also having a Bring-and-Buy Sale, where we shall be able to buy some of our Christmas presents. The proceeds are in aid of the Famine Relief Fund.

We were very pleased to see Mother Pannell and Sister Philomena Doherty this term. They still remember some of us and we do not forget to pray for the Nursery School in Manchester.

We are putting up our cribs in our classrooms and in the Playroom there is an Advent wreath. All this reminds us to prepare for the coming of the Child Jesus and we ask Him to bless your Christmas too.

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