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Successes gained during the School Year, 1961 - 1962

Higher School Religious Certificate

Credit: P. Iselton, M. Lee, G. Smart;
Pass: M. Allum, R. Allum, D. Burleigh, L. Burroughs, W. Chang, S. Fendley, M. Hudson, P. James, T. Lane, M. Lavers, M. O'Callaghan, C. Rees, J. Simmonds, J. Wood.

School Religious Certificate

Credit: A. Baugh, S. M. Brown, A. Fisher, C. Tibbey, C. Wickham;
Pass: A. Allum, M. Atkins, M. Baldacchino, J. Banks, S. Bending, J.Bialobrzeska, M. Bradbury, T. Brooks, V. Daniells, K. Darby, M. Donlzvy, B. Fisher, D. Fitzgerald, J. Goodchild, M. Habgood, P. Haddon, M. Hancock, B. Hayes, S. Kirrane, C. Lee, J. Leyden, P. O'Callaghan, C. Taylor, S. Wynell-Sutherland.


Advanced Level

C. Rees - Scholarship English and History. Advanced French, Awarded University Scholarship.

M. Allum - English, History. Awarded Borough Scholarship.

D. Burleigh - English, History. Awarded External Art Scholarship at new College of Speech and Drama.

L. Burroughs - English. History.

P. Butler - English, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Biology.

W. Chang - History, Geography, Pure and Applied Mathematics.

M. Day - English, Pure and Applied Mathematics.

M. Hudson - English, History, Geography.

P. Iselton - English, History. Awarded University Scholarship.

T. Lane - English, History.

M. Lee - English, History. Awarded University Scholarship.

A. Mathias - French, History, Geography.

M. O'Callaghan - History.

J. Simmonds - History, Geography.

Ordinary Level

Pass in 9 subjects: P. O'Callaghan.

Pass in 8 subjects: J. Banks, S. Bending, C. Lee, M. Hancock, C. Taylor.

Pass in 7 subjects: A. Fisher, B. James, J. Wilkinson.

Pass in 6 subjects: A. Allum, E. Braga-Turini, S. M. Brown, S. Evans-Thomas, D. Fitzgerald, M. Greenstock, J. Leyden, S. Millet, C. Tibbey.

Pass in 5 subjects: T. Brooks, K. Darby, B. Hayes, B. Hayward, D. Hebbelthwaite, J. Iles, J. Matthews, C. Wickham.

Pass in 4 subjects: J. Goodchild, S. Kirrane, C. Matterface, G. Vince, S. Wynell-Sutherland.

Pass in 3 subjects: M. Atkins, A. Baugh, S. P. Browne, V. Daniells, B. Fisher, V. Knops, S. Tate, J. Tipson.

Pass in 2 subjects: M. Bradbury, M. Donlevy, J. MacCarty, C. st. Pierre, S. Haffey.

Completing Certificate: J. Bialobrzeska, M. Habgood, P. Haddon, P. James, M. Lavers, J. Wood, R. Allum, H. Banks, K. Flux, J. Webster. Cookery: M. Heard.

Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music


Grade II - Pass: F. Adam-Smith, A. Ashton, P. d'Ardenne, G. Smart.

Grade III - Distinction: S. Stewart-White, Merit: M. Connors; Pass: A. Willoughby-Meade.

Grade IV - Pass: P. Coakes, D. F. Hebbel-thwaite.

Grade V - Pass: C. Eveleigh-Smith.


Grade IV - D. Hebbelthwaite, M. Parker.
Grade V M. Parker.


Grade II - Pass: M. Lowell.


Grade I - Merit: M. Grubb, S. Lash, S. McCartney, M. Robinson; Pass: H. Hebbelthwaite, J.Lloyd.
Grade II - Merit: G. Robinson; Pass: A. Allum, D. Fitzgerald, J. Tigson.
Grade III - Merit: S. Wynell-Sutherland; Pass: M. Hancock.
Grade IV - Merit: C. Wickham.
Grade V - Merit: D. Burleigh.


Form VI - Religious Knowledge: P. Iselton; English, History, French: C. Rees; Biology, Mathematics: P. Butler; Geography, Mathematics: VV. Chang; English, History: M. Hudson; French Geography: A. Mathias.

VA - Religious Knowledge: M. Hancock; 1st, P. O'Callaghan; 2nd, C. Taylor; 3rd, C. Lee.

V - Religious Knowledge: T. Brooks; 1st, S. Brown; 2nd, B. James; Application J. Ilex.

IVA - Religious Knowledge: J. Darby; 1st, G. Robinson; 2nd, M. True; 3rd, M. Geraets.

IV - Religious Knowledge: J. Jones; 1st, J. Jones; 2nd, S. Welch; 3rd, P. Stevenson.

IIIA - Religious Knowledge: A. Gryce; 1st, P. Connors; 2nd, V. Peet; 3rd F. Robinson.

III - Religious Knowledge: B. Hawkins; 1st, L. Powell, 2nd, S. Geal, 3rd, P. Eyre.

IIA - Religious Knowledge: J. Lindsay 1st, M. Connors; 2nd, P. d'Ardenne; 3rd, D. Magee.

II - Religious Knowledge: A. Kaluza; 1st, A. Kaluza; 2nd, P. Nicholls; 3rd, J. Mathias.

IA - Religious Knowledge: L. Kelly; 1st, A. Faulkner; 2nd, M. Keaney; 3rd, L. Pope.

I - Religious Knowledge: P. Bleeck; 1st, C. Salnikaw; 2nd, J. Canter; 3rd, G. Sincack.

Music. D. Hebblethwaite, D. Desmond.

Service: K. Sharpies.

Studies: IIIA.
Netball: IVA.
Tennis: VI.
Music: IVA.
Rounders: IVA.
P.E.: IVA.
Swimming: VA.
House Discipline: Ignatians.
House Games: Xaverians.
Cookery: T. Brooks.
Courtesy: M. Atkins.
Needlework: S. Evans-Thomas.
Studies: C. Rees.
Pax Cup: W. Chang.

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