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School Diary - 1962


The new Term began and we settled down quickly to study for the coming half-year examinations.


Three Days' Retreat given by Reverend Father Thwaites, S. J. We all remember the final Holy Hour and also the enrolment of so many of us as Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament.

Miss Partridge of the War Office gave a talk to the Vth and VIth Forms on Careers in the War Office. We are pleased to know that, as a result, Linda Burroughs has now taken up an appointment there.


Ideal Homes' Exhibition. Mrs. Walsh and Sister May took a party by coach to the Exhibition, and the day was a great success.

March 17th: Saint Patrick's Day. We Welcomed the Netball Teams from our Convent at Stakes and enjoyed the matches. It was a great pleasure to see Reverend Mother Howe, who came with the girls, and we enjoyed showing our visitors round the house.

Evening of Movement: Every type of P.E. work arranged and conducted in the manner of the normal class-routine rather than in a formal display. Mrs. Dane is to be congratulated on her excellent organisation and the high standard of performance.


The Lord of Death', a Passion Play, was performed by the Senior Speech and Drama Group. The sincerity and conviction of those taking part was most im,pressive, especially the acting of the principal characters, Mary Hancock, Carol Wickham, Diana Burleigh and Glynis Robinson.


Forms IV and IVA were taken by Sister Ruth Mary to visit `the Vyne'. An account of this historical expedition will be found in the present Magazine. We are already looking forward to the next trip.


Visit to Malmesbury and Parson's Dairy by the Senior Domestic Science classes.

Feast of the Sacred Heart. The Consecration was renewed after Father Enright had spoken to us on devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Catholic Schools' Fete. We played our part by selling programmes and helping to supply and run the Convent Stall.


Musical Evening - pianoforte, violin, recorder music and the choirs who were entered for the Bournemouth Festival. A charming little operetta, `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', (photo below) was performed by the first and second years. Congratulations to all concerned, especially Miss Gobell, Mother Gillard and Miss Dunsdon.

Needlework Exhibition in a new style. Each pupil wore the garments which she made and the movement was accompanied by appropriate music. A commentary was given to explain the development of the work in each Form. Mrs. Walsh gave very much time to organising this display and the audience certainly appreciated it.

Life-Saving Examinations. Instead of a gala this year, our swimming activities were concentrated on Life-Saving, and many are now proud possessors of Certificate and Medals.

Sports and a Sale arranged by Form VI made an enjoyable afternoon a the end of term.


Clothing Ceremony. Gillian Smart, one of last year's Form VI, received the Religious Habit on August 4th. The Ceremony was performed by Very Reverend Canon Scantlebury, (photo above).


Soon after the beginning of term, we were pleased to see Reverend Mother General at Boscombe, and she has promised to come later in the School Year to visit the classes. It was interesting to know that she had just returned from M,banga, the Mission in the care of the Religious of the Cross, in the Cameroons.

Fast Day for The Council, September 21st. In response to the suggestion of the Hierarchy, we tried at least to enter into the spirit of the Fast and the School assembled in the Chapel for the Stations of the Cross.


Novena of Prayer to ask God's blessing on the Second Vatican Council.

Mass of the Holy Ghost, offered by Reverend Father Enright, S. J., at Corpus Christi Church.

Opening Day of the Council. The Rosary was said at every half-hour, each Form taking its turn. We were able to watch the opening ceremonies of the Council on Television.

Presentation of Badges (by Reverend Mother Helen), to the new Captains Head Girl: P. James; Games Captain J. Wood; Games Vice-Captains: G. Matterface and S. Millett; Campion's Captain M. Lavers; Ignatian's Captain J. Wood; Stanislausian's Captain: P. James; Xaverian's Captain: A. Allum; Prefects: M. Atkins, J. Banks, A. Baugh, V. Daniells.

School Dance. Fancy Dress Paradebigger and Letter than ever this year. His Worship the Mayor was present and we were pleased to see so many Past Pupils.

Red Cross Examinations. A number of us joined the Red Cross group run by Miss Joan Hackett and we are finding the instructions very interesting.


Diamond Jubilee of Sister Monica. Mass (shown above) on the 21st November, at which Sister renewed her Vows, was celebrated by Reverend Father Coventry, S.J., Provincial, who spoke of the value of sixty years' of consecrated service in God's vineyard.

Speech Day and Distribution of Prizes. We shall not. forget Brother Dennis 's address, although he told us he was not used to speaking to girls! We were pleased that Reverend Mother McEvoy was able to be present on this occasion.


Christmas Entertainment, Carols and the usual activities - but we cannot report as the Magazine must go to print before the end of November !

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