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Many look forward in particular to this section of the magazine so that they may have news of former school friends. This year there is less news than usual, so we ask each one to help to make this part of the magazine a real link between past pupils by sending us information about herself and others. We may exercise our powers of invention and imagination in some pages but all the goodwill in the world here cannot supply for definite knowledge in this sphere.

Letters and visits show how loyal you are to Alma Mater, but a more corporate expression of this spirit seems to be called for. The nuns are always very happy to welcome those who come to see them, but we feel that the Association should be re-organised and given new life under the direction of members themselves.

A circular sent round earlier in the year brought a response, showing interest and support. It is now a questio i of assembling and setting the Association on a new basis. Suggestions and ideas will be of great help. Will you kindly write them or voice them at the Annual General Meeting to be held at the Convent on Sunday, January 7th, at 3 p.m. Could not social functions, etc., be arranged so that members might meet one another regularly and associate themselves more closely with the activities of the School today?

Congratulations to the brides of the past year:-

Mademoiselle Hugette Monclin (Madame Rouillard)
C. Trayfoot (Mrs. Ward)
P. Jolliffe (Mrs. Harrison)
G. Bond (Mrs. Basto)
T. Lamb (Mrs. Mason)
S. Winsey (Mrs. Donnelly)
L. Bill (Mrs. Gregory)
E. Kitchen (Mrs. Sidley)
A. Spicer (Mrs. Shotlander)
A. Gallaher (Mrs. Mulley)
May God bless their married life and give them real happiness.

We are happy to announce the birth of:- A son to Annemarie Sweeney (Firmin)
A son to Anne Pearce (Keates)
A son to Lorna Weeks (Logan)
A third son to Deirdre Foster (Crick)
A son to Anna Browning (Murray)
A daughter to Caroline Heath (Adams)

Extracts from letters received are quoted where there is some general interest, as space does not permit us to mention every one.

Peggy Robinson writes from the State University, New Brunswick: "I am in U.S.A. on a six-month course for teachers on "American Civilisation". The course started with an interesting fortnight's orientation programme in Washington, attended by 300 teachers from 64 countries . . . . Visits to schools are very valuable and I am able to sit and observe lessons.

After our University period, the 18 of us teachers from ten different countries, are hoping to go on an educational tour, visiting Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Colorada Canyon, New Orleans and Tennessee . . . . I expect to return to England in March."

Sister M. J. Bernadette (Celia Turtle) has now made Profession and is at Loreto College, Manchester. She recalls her school days and remarks: "Do tell Mother Pannell she was right about the usefulness of script writing! I do not know how I could have managed without it - I have done spiritual bouquets and posters and all sorts of things.

I remember Mother Wallace once saying to me when we were looking at a doll that Annemarie Dixon had made, "I hope you are taking all this in, it will come in useful". I did forget the instructions, much to my regret".

A. Mulley (Gallaher), announcing her wedding at Cobham Parish Church, adds:

"We were delighted that Sally and Anne Manning made the journey from Bournemouth to attend the wedding . . . . Did you know that Suzanne Barnett (Levy) has a son, Keith - We hope to visit her soon". Anne expressed the hope that there was still keen competition for the Art and Crafts Cup which she presented to the School.

Gwyneth Fox (Lane), living in Tadley, overlooking the Berkshire Downs, says "We are very much `in the country' with unmade roads, no street lighting and an inadequate bus service, but on the other hand there are lovely walks all around us and the song of the birds is not drowned by the road of traffic". Gwyneth keeps in touch with Margaret Drewitt (Green).

Sybil Gray tells us that, after reading the Magazine, she sends it to her cousin, Joan Clarke in Canada. Mary Bavey gave news of Chrysogan who was then in her final year at Leeds University.

Mary is studying to be a Laboratory Technician and outside lectures was in charge of the whole of the aquarium at work.

Several Past Pupils wrote for the Feast of the Cross - Molly Dedman (Orpin), who still manages to meet Anne White (Adams) occasionally in London; Angela Rickard, Maureen and Edna Hooper, Deirdre Foster (Crick), Patricia Ryan.

Maureen Cassidy (Ventham) corresponds with Mother Loftus and is very interested in Sodality Work in Leeds. Veronica Burton, Pat Cobb and some of their contemporaries keep in touch with Mother Briggs, who spent a few days in Boscombe recently. Mother Boulton also paid a short visit from Stakes earlier in the year.

Sister Catherine Morton spent a fortnight here in the summer, helping with the `Grammar Schools' Holiday Pupils girls who are unable to attend Catholic Schools and who by the scheme inaugurated by Rev. Brother Denis Robert, F.S.C., came to the Convent for Instructions combined with a holiday.

Mother Welstead had three very special visitors this term - May and Queenie Cooney, on holiday from South Africa, returning after more than 40 years to their old school, with Maria Bertini who is a regular visitor. Another `exile' coming back to Boscombe was Ronaleen Lee. Ronaleen has been living in California, and during her stay in Bournemouth she invited the Convent several times and renewed contacts with many friends of schooldays, especially Linda Baker (Thornback).

Ronaleen finally decided to return to the States and is to spend Christmas in Pennsylvania. Angela Beach (King) gave the nuns a great surprise when she called with Jeremy, Jonathan, Joanna. Her visit coincided with the days of the re-flooring of the corridor - parlours were inaccessible, so we `entertained' in the small shoe-room near the Refectory.

Celia Elgar called with her father the same day. A few days after Deidre Foster (Crick) and her husband brought Mark and Paul to see us as they were spending a short holiday in Bournemouth.

Deirdre had seen a good deal of Anne Spicer, who was then teaching at Luton but sailed to New Zealand in October. We have since heard of Anne's marriage there, and also that Marion Pool was married recently. Margaret Worth (Hannlgan) has called with Teresa, her small daughter, and Lois Bill, now Mrs. Gregory.

Jennifer Coombes is a faithful visitor when she is in the vicinity and this year very thoughtfully offered to come in and help with the unpacking, etc., on the first day of term. Elizabeth Kitchen (Mrs. Sidley) sent photos of her wedding for the Community to see.

We were very pleased to find Eva Cartwright looking much better when she came to the the Convent a few weeks ago. Dorothy Tucker (Hobbs) was present at the School Dance and helped to judge the Fancy Dress. The dance offers Past Pupils an opportunity of meeting each other and their former mistresses.

It is impossible to mention everyone who visits or writes, so please forgive any omissions. They do not signify any lack of interest, but one has to select when space must necessarily be limited by the rising costs of paper and printing!

Special congratulations to Gabrielle Bond who was awarded the O.B.E. after the Queen's visit to Ghana. It is interesting to note that Gay's brother, David, was with her in London to receive the same award from Her Majesty.

Yvonne Delanoe spent some time in Mudeford earlier in the year, when her father was seriously ill. We offer her sympathy on the loss of her father. R.I.P.

Sister Helena, R.I.P.

Those who have kept in touch with the Convent, both mistresses and pupils, will regret to hear of the death on April 27th of Sister Helena. For many years Sister had watched over the needs of the Staff and more recently had cooked for the junior Canteen. She loved the. children and they certainly enjoyed her scrumptious meals.

To the priests, both local and visitors, Sister Helena was one of the best known of the Community, as it was her duty to look after them. Their presence at her funeral bore witness to their appreciation of her kindness and warm?heartedness. She liked everyone to feel at home and had always a cheery word.

After a short illness, Sister died in hospital, but was buried in Boscombe. We feel sure that she is enjoying the reward of 50 years of devoted Religious Life. Her death occurred a short time before she would have celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Profession. It pleased God that she should keep that feast in Heaven, rather than among us.


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