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Junior School - 1961.

First Communicants

On July 9th, Feast of our English Martyrs Saints John Fisher and Thomas More, 11 of us made our First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel.

They were Suzanne Bradbury, Yvonne Coope, Siobhan Cillo, Frances Gillespie, Margaret Harling, Angela Street, Diana Wybourne, Peter Bregy, Nigel Gilbert,

Jonathan Hibbs and James O'Donnell. Daniel Mehigan
, who was unable to make his First Communion then, will do so on Sunday, December 10th.

Christmas parties were over when we came back to School in January, and so we settled down to hard work. This was an important term for those of us who were to take our eleven-plus examination this year. Congratulations to those who won grammar school places!

During Lent we made many acts and saved our pennies for the orphans and collected 9. Mrs. Bingham's class was again first on the list with a total of 3 19s. 1d.

As St. Joseph is the special patron of the junior School, we played a netball match in the morning of his feast, after which we all had cakes and orangeade. In the afternoon we invited Reverend Mother and the nuns to see our folk dances and the plays that we had learnt in our elocution classes. Then Reverend Mother asked us if we thought it was too cold for ice-creams and we were all very sure that it was not, so we had one before we went home.

The Summer Term is always full of activities, but we worked hard at our lessons all the same. We were very sad to hear of Sister Helena's death and we all prayed for her. We all miss the lovely dinners that she cooked for us.

In June it was decided that Upper and Lower II should go for an outing. We visited Carisbrooke Castle and then went to our Convent at East Cowes for lunch where we were very kindly received by Reverend Mother and all the nuns. We were delighted to see Mother Pigott again. You will hear more about this outing on another page of the magazine.

Before the end of July we gave an entertainment for our parents were hoping to have it in the garden, but owing to wet weather we were obliged to go to the Assembly Hall. Everyone loves the Babies' play, "The Miller and his Cats".

Form I acted well in "The Grumpy Goblin" and we all made up our minds never to be grumpy again! Other items included Percussion Band and selections from B.B.C. "Singing Together for Schools". Everyone seemed very pleased with our concert and I think that we enjoyed it still more!

The day fixed for our annual sports was sunny, but not too hot. Everyone ran in at least one race. The obstacle race was very funny and we liked the team races. We were sorry that Reverend Mother was unable to come and watch us and we hope that she will be there next year. She came to present our prizes at the end of the term when we sang some songs. You will see the names of the prize-winners in the Examination results.

When we came back in September we found many changes. It was a big disappointment to hear that Mother Pannell and Mother Doherty were leaving us and were going to Manchester where there is going to be a new Convent of the Cross.

Mother Pannell has looked after us for a long while and we miss her, especially at this time when she helped us with our Christmas plays. Mother Doherty prepared some of us for our First Holy Communion and taught us dances and Craft. We thank them very much for all that they have done for us and promise to pray for them.

The names of our classes have been changed. They are now - Reception, Preparatory, Transition, Junior I, II and III. Some of us were very worried because we thought that we had not gone up as we were still in Transition, but we soon found out that we had gone up to a higher form after all.

We have three new mistresses this term, Miss Payne for Preparatory, Mrs. Herbert for Transition and Mrs. Kilpatrick who teaches junior I and gives us singing lessons. We hope that they will enjoy teaching us and will stay with us a long time. We were sorry that Miss Farmer had left us, but Reception are very happy with Miss Boyes.

This term a group of junior III have started Basketry and they are very proud of the teapot stands and other things that they have taken home for "Mummy's Christmas present". Now they are making larger things and feel very clever. Mrs. Bingham has started a Collectors' Club with the other group, and shells, cheese labels and lots of other things are being eagerly searched for.

Miss Faupel is teaching pottery to junior II and they have already made some very nice things. The children in the lower forms have always something new for us to see and we hope that our parents will come and see what we have done in all our lessons at our Open Day in the Summer Term.

We have started collecting reference books for our Library. The children who left us last term very kindly presented us with a book each. Thus our collection began, and since then we have had some more new books. Perhaps someone who reads this will send us a book, or book-token, so that we shall soon have a very good junior School Library.

Our netball teams are practising hard and are trying to learn the new rules so that soon we may be able to play a match against another school. After Christmas we shall have our new P.T. tunics.

This term we are collecting for the Holy Childhood Society, and many of us have already a black baby at the top of the ladder. We have chosen names for them which we are sending to the Bishop so that the babies who are baptised will be really called by those names. We have cribs in our classrooms and we will pray that you all have a very Happy Christmas.


Grade I - Andrea Fox.

Grade II - Angela Keyte, Angela Willoughby Meade, Sally Stewart-White.

Places gained in the Year's Work


Religious Knowledge: Helen Day; 1st: Susan Burgess; 2nd: Theresa Lord; 3rd: Hermione Hoare.


Religious Knowledge: Judith Parsons; 1st: Jane Murphy; 2nd: Carol Bolwell; 3rd: Susan Hibbs.


Religious Knowledge: Heather Linter; 1st Susan Brown; 2nd: Felicity Roper-Piesse; 3rd: Renza Cradduck.


Religious Knowledge: Lucilla Maude; 1st: Jillian Brown; 2nd: Julia Morgan; 3rd: Celia Tolhurst.


Religious Knowledge: James O'Donnell; 1st: Peter Bregy; 2nd: Catherine Robinson; 3rd: Nigel Gilbert.


All received a prize!

Cup awarded for Highest Average in Tests: Upper II.

Cup for Pupil most often First in Form during the year: Jane Murphy.

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