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Distribution of Certificates, November 17th, 1961
(Oxford Certificates were not available)

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Grade I - Pass: V. Moody, F. Adam-Smith.

Grade II - Pass: S. Willows.

Grade III - Pass: J. Ventham, D. Hebbelthwaite, M. Knibbs; Merit: M. Lowell.

Grade IV - Pass: J. Leyden, J. Webster, G. Matterface.


Grade I - Distinction : M. Lowell.

Grade III - Pass: S. Tate, T. Brooks.

THEORY OF MUSIC (Maximum marks 99)

Grade III - A. Williams, 97; J. Ventham, 92; M, Lowell, 99.

Grade IV - J. Leyden, 82.

Grade V - Y. Baugh, 85; G,. Matterface, 89; C. Eveleigh-Smith, 93.

Royal Drawing Society

Full Certificate:

M. Harris, S. Russell, M. Clarke, H. Milton, J . Mathews, L. Edwards, S. Welch, M. Lowell, A. Ellis, S. Newman, G. Claxton, P. Heard, Y. Bear, M. James, A. Hutchings, V. Turtle, M. A. Lewis, M. Robinson, A. Moody, H. Ambler, B. James, M. Edlin, P. Barry.

Full Higher Certificate:

A. Noake, C. Eveleigh-Smith, M. Robin, C. Cleary, R. Allum J. MacCarty M. Alison, J. Webster, H. Banks, M. Hancock.


Form Prizes

Upper VI - 1st, H. Beveridge; 2nd, E, Hooper; 3rd, M. P. Lee.

Lower VI - Religious Knowledge: P. Iselton; 1st, C. Rees; 2nd H. Hudson; 3rd, A. Mathias

Va - R.K.: R. Hunslow; 1st, A. Power; 2nd, S. Male; 3rd, A. Allum

V - 1st, H. Banks; 2nd, V. Reading; 3rd; S. Moreton.

IVa - R.K.: J. Banks; lst, C. Lee; 2nd, A. Fisher; 3rd, J. Wilkinson.

IV - R.K.: T. Brooks; 1st, T. Brooks; 2nd, S. Brown; 3rd, P. James.

IIIa - R.K.: S. Newman; 1st, H. True; 2nd, G. Robinson; 3rd, H. Ambler.

III - R.K.: F. Kamm; 1st, S. Welch; 2nd, J. Jones; 3rd, P. Stevenson.

IIa - R.K.: H. Selby; 1st, P. Connors; 2nd, R. Darley; 3rd, V. Peet.

II - R.K.: C. Reynolds; 1st, A. Arragon; 2nd, S. Pack; 3rd, L. Pyke.

Ia - R.K.: H. Brazier; 1st, C. Wajdeczko; 2nd, D. Magee; 3rd, G. Bradley.

I - R.K.: A. Kaluza; 1st, C. Moore; 2nd, A. Kaluza; 3rd, C. Witt.

Music: M. Lowell, G. Matterface.

German: M. T. Lee.

Deportment Badges: J. Banks, S. Welch, M. Habgood.


Swimming Championship: - F. Bravery.
Domestic, Science: - M. Habgood.
Application,: - J. Webster.
Courtesy: - S. Harwood.
Speech/Drama Cup: - D. Burleigh.
Needlework, Art: - E. Braga-Turini.
Achievement in Studies: - C. Rees.
Pax Cup (Greatest Contribution to School Activities): - R. Beveridge.

House Games Cup: - Campions.
House Swimming Cup: - Campions.
House Discipline Cup: - Xaverians.
Form Netball: - IVA.
Form Rounders: - III.
Form Tennis: - VI.
P.E. Cup: - III.
Music Cup: - IIIa.

(May we thank Upper VI, Y. Bough and A. Putnam who kindly presented Cups at the end of the School Year.

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