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From Our School Diary - 1961, Page One


Half-year Examinations began.

"Rob, Roy" colour film.

Fashion Demonstration by a representative of McCall's. Several of us were chosen to wear and display the attractive garments and suits. The price, amount of material, suitable occasions for wear, were explained as the various `models' walked round among the other girls so that all might have a good view.

Accessories received a good deal of attention and comment. Did evervone hear the remarks about the inappropriate use of jewellery with school uniform and how even the smartest clothes will be wasted if worn at the wrong time? And what of the art of using cosmetics? Plenty of helpful hints there! Our thanks to Mrs. Walsh for arranging this demonstration.

Family Fast Day. The idea of this day is for each one to deprive himself or herself of some luxury - to have simpler meals, etc., in order to give the equivalent amount of money to relieve the distressed. The Tuck Shop was closed and the collection taken in the School enabled us to send a creditable donation to the Oxford Famine Relief Fund.

MARCH 12th.
A number of us received the Sacrament of Confirmation in Corpus Christi Church.

MARCH 15th.
Bournemouth Schools' Netball Rally. Our teams did well and the 1st Team managed to get into the Finals, where they lost to East Howe after a tight game.

Those who were not playing netball were invited to the Dress Rehearsal of "The Merchant of Venice" by St. Peter's. We thank Rev. Brother Elwin for the enjoyable `preview' of the play.

MARCH 17th.
Match between English and Irish resulted in a win for the former team. There was no dressing-up, and consequently much better netball, this year!

MARCH 25th.
Day of Prayer for Vocations. We joined in this national effort by arranging for the Rosary to be said in the Chapel by a group of girls (and parents, if they wished) every quarter of an hour through the day. Reverend Mother's suggestion was taken up most willingly and the girls were responsible from 9 a.m.6 p.m. At each Rosary the prayer for Vocations was said, as we knelt near the statue of Our Lady which was placed at the altar steps.

MARCH 27th.
Staff v. Girls Netball Match. Congratulations to the Staff, who won 15 - 10.

APRIL 19th.
We should have returned to school, but the beginning of term was postponed until the following Monday as the lower corridor in the Convent main building had to be re-floored and the new terrazzo work was not quite completed. Double welcome to the new floor - much lighter and brighter? - AND an extra long holiday for us!

MAY 9th.
Mother Brown took a group of Forms II and IIA to visit Berkeley Castle. Everyone voted the day a great success and we look forward to other historical expeditions.

MAY 11th.
Pilgrimage to Aylesford. Two coaches were hired and, after an interesting journey, we arrived at the shrine in time for the Procession, Sermon by Father Malachy Lynch, and Benediction. The rest of the time was spent exploring the buildings and grounds, and we left Aylesford feeling privileged to have spent some time at such an ancient shrine of Our Blessed Lady. (photo above)

MAY 24th.
Sister Mary Zita celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession. Father Baron sang the Mass and the School Choir were at their best. They also formed the choir at Benediction. We congratulated Sister Mary Zita, and everyone present was most impressed by Father Baron's words about Religious Life - the qualities of Perseverence, Dedication and Love being stressed in particular.

MAY 31st.
Royal Drawing Society Examinations.

JUNE 4th.
Corpus Christi Procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

JUNE 9th.
Consecration of the House to the Sacred Heart renewed.

JUNE 14th.
Father Moore celebrated his Silver Jubilee. The School sent a token of our gratitude to Father Moore for the interest he has always shown in us and, above all, for his coming every Monday to say Mass.

JUNE 24th.
Catholic Schools' Fete at St. Peter's. What preparations this year to reach the target of 200 for the Convent Stall! Nuns and girls worked with a will and the display of goods was varied and attractive - children's woollies, dolls' clothes, toys, basketry; dresses, animals of all types and sizes, and, of course, a `holy' section to which children flocked to buy their favourite pictures. Thanks to all who helped us to reach the target set. (photo on next page)

JULY 4th.

A talk on "Nursing as a Career" was given to a group of senior pupils by Miss Gundry. The number of questions which followed revealed the interest which the lecture had evoked.

JULY 6th. Reverend Mother gave us all the leaflet and prayer for the cause of the English Martyrs. For the three days preceding the Feast we went to the Chapel at morning break and said the prayers together.

JULY 9th.
Production of scenes from Drama through the ages. The programme will give an idea of the performance to those who could not be present.


1. Scene from the First Part of Antigone (Sophocles).
2. Medieval Period. Scene from Chester Pageant as played by the Wax Chandlers of 15th Century.- The Sacrifice of Isaac.
3. Renaissance Period. Scene from Shakespeare's "Winter's Tale".
4. 18th Century. Scene from "The School for Scandal" (Sheridan).
5. 20th Century. Scene from "Fanny's First Play" (G. B. Shaw).

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