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After the publication of the Magazine every year, it is a great pleasure to read in letters from Past Pupils of the real interest which they take in this section of the Magazine, and how they always turn to it first. We rely on each one to let us have any news which comea her way, which may be printed for the benefit of others.

Our Past Pupils are so widely scattered that personal contact is difficult, and this account is the only means to many of knowing the whereabouts of their contemporaries.

May we ask that those who wish to receive the Magazine each year will kindly send a postal order to cover the cost. Production is expensive and, much as we should like to do so, we cannot make a gift-copy to all our former pupils.

Photographs are always welcomed and we shall be happy to print them if they are sent to the Convent during the year. It is not always possible for the Nuns to reply at length to all the letters received, nor to the welcome cards sent at Christmas, but we assure each and every one of you that Reverend Mother and the Community maintain their interest in their former pupils and that you have a constant intention in the prayers of the Community.

Our first duty is to record special joys and sorrows in which friends may share, and afterwards the more general news from far and near.

Our photo shows the wedding of Anna Murray and Thomas Browning.


The following have let us know of their weddings during the past year. We offer them congratulations and pray that God may bless their married life.

Noreen Ventham (Mrs. Cassidy)

Annemarie Firmin (Mrs. Sweeney)

Judy Bacon (Mrs. Spragg)

Linda Thornback (Mrs. Baker)

Lorna Logan (Mrs. Weeks)

Anita Woodeson (Senora Gonzalez-Trevilla)

Anna Murray (Mrs. Browning)

Laura Templer (Mrs. Lofting)

Valerie Almack (Mrs. Bailey)

Betty Wilson (Mrs. Mullis)


We are happy to announce the births of:
Christine Elizabeth to M. Dedman (Orpin)
Frances Teresa to M. Hyland (Hughes)
Adriana Maria to I. Conrad (Lucantoni)
Paul David to D. Foster (Crick)
Stephen Michael to S. Murray (McFadden)
Anne Mercedes to M. Almack (McFadden)
Sarah Jane to W. Crawforth (Johnston)
Allan Gordon to S. Manley (Robinson)
Susan Joy to V. Bailey (Almack).


Ida Skeates (Head), a Past Pupil.
We ask prayers for her and offer our prayers and sympathy to:

Miss I. Dunnett on the death of her sister, Mother Dunnett.

Deirdre McKinney on the death of her father, Dr. McKinney. The Convent owes more than we can say to the devoted attention and interest of Dr. McKinney. He was a loyal and valued friend whose help and advice will be sadly missed. We feel sure that he enjoying the heavenly reward of his widespread and devoted charity, and this must be a great consolation to Mrs. McKinney and the family.

Margaret (Manning) and Sister Ruth (Mary Brown) on the death of their mother.

Christine Tutte on the death of her father. Requiescant in Pace.


It is with regret that many Past Pupils, who constantly inquired about her, will read of the death of Mother Dunnett, which took place on June 21st at Boscombe.

A Past Pupil of Boscombe, Mother Dunnett entered the Novitiate, where her apostolic zeal, love of children and talent for languages marked her out as eminently suited for the teaching profession. She loved her work and possessed the art of adapting the resources of her cultured mind to that of her pupils. Her lessons, characterised by hard work on the part of all, were enlivened by her natural wit and Humour. To the last, she enjoyed a good story to share with others.

Mother Dunnett's personality made an indelible impression on her pupils, especially during the years she was Headmistress at the Convent of the Cross, Southsea. Many of the present Religious of the Cross were her pupils, including Reverend Mother Howe, who returned to Boscombe to attend the Requiem Mass celebrated in the Convent Chapel by Father Baron, S.J.

The attachment and fidelity of Mother Dunnett's former Southsea pupils showed itself by the annual visits to Boscombe which they organised as a group, in order to see her. A particularly happy gathering marked the occasion of her Golden jubilee. when, in spite of failing health, she was able to be with those for whom she ever maintained a great affection.

Mother Dunnett died in the 61st year of her Religious life, and we. feel sure that Our Lord has crowned these long years spent in His service with the reward of those who devote themselves to the Christian education of youth.

Boscombe Past Pupils are now extending their interest and hoping to visit our Convent in Waterlooville, where Reverend Mother Howe is Superior, and Mothers Boulton and Briggs, Past Pupils of Boscombe, are among the Community; and also to Springhill, East Cowes, where Mother McEvoy is now in charges of the Novices.

Mother Pigott left Boscombe to join the Springhill Community in August. Those who remember Reverend Mother ButlerBowdon as their Headmistress will be pleased to know that she is still at Angmering, Sussex, and always happy to hear of the girls whom she taught and directed.

Among letters received, those from long distances are always of special interest. Joan Luijerink (Gilchrist), living in Windsor, New South Wales, writes: "Wendy has three children now. Cheryl was born last September, and I have a little son, David.

He is fifteen months old (May 1960) and likes music. I am keeping up my music, doing practical and theoty exams, as I hope to qualify as a music teacher."

Peggy Robinson, teaching in Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia, tells us: "I am teaching in an African High School for Boys with pupils up to University Entrance level. I am in charge of the English, but am hoping to be awarded a teacher's scholarship to study for six months in the United States. I met Angela Trew, who used to be in my class, a few months ago. She is in Bulawayo doing rehabilitation work at the hospital there. Her sister Barbara is living in New Guinea, and Daphne is in Tasmania. Gillian Robotham (Mrs. Kaufman) is still living in Bulawayo, but I have not seen her."

Mary Baker(Gilbert ) sends a long letter with all the family news once a year. "Anne was married in December 1959 and Louise in February of this year. My husband and I have had a rough patch this year with illness, but we are very well now. The weather in Salt Lake City (August) has been fabulous. The heat broke all records for intensity and duration. We had 100 degrees heat and over from June 7th, through this past week."

Ronaleen Lee, having visited the Convent, unfortunately, when nearly the whole Community was away in Retreat at Stakes, wrote a twenty-page letter on her return to Los Angeles. We should like to quote the greater part of it, but must be content with a few paragraphs.

"In Trinidad we saw natives of all types - from flower ladies with their multicoloured baskets on their heads to the well-dressed negro, shopping in the beautiful and well-stocked departmental stores.

Trinidad is certainly a very prosperous place - a real tropical paradise with orange, banana, breadfruit, mango and other hot-weather plants and fruits . . . . I quite fell in love with Las Palmas in the Canary Islands - a beautiful place, less developed than Trinidad, not so prosperous but full of Spanish charmflowers everywhere, gracious people, old Spanish houses and new apartments side by side, motor launches in the bay and donkeycarts on the quay.

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