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Junior School - 1960.

THE ANGELS' CHRISTMAS - Junior School - Final Tableau, Nativity Play

Painters, painters everywhere . . . !

Since September we have been, watching them working outside our School, and sometimes suddenly appearing at the classroom windows, even during lessons! All the woodwork is now painted cream, and we are proud of our School. The front door is cherry red - we all like red best, and use it in all our paintings at Art.

Last year was World Refugee Year, and a Concert was prepared to help us to collect money. So instead of having our Christmas entertainment in our own Hall, we went on the big stage. "The Angel's Christmas" was our Play, written by Rev. Fr. Scriven, a White Father who wrote the Wopsy stories that we all love. Even his little devils, Pong and Conk, had their special act; they danced and schemed, but the angels knew how to frighten them away.

At the end, the three leading devils came down to the audience and collected the money for the Refugees. One of them let Father Murtagh pull his tail and got ten shillings for it!

Our new Reverend Mother helped to arrange our tableau, but we think it was better than the photograph in the front of the Magazine. Rosemary Bell is Our Lady, and doesn't her doll look like a real Baby Jesus?

During some of the gym lessons this year we have been learning Irish and English dances, with Mother Doherty and Miss Woulfe. On St. Joseph's Feast, we spent a happy afternoon doing these dances, and then went to Benediction, which Upper and Lower II had prepared with Mother Pannell, and were proud to sing the `Per Signum' which Miss Gobell had composed specially for the juniors

FUN FAIR - Junior School July 1960

On February 11th, all the classes went down to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the garden on pilgrimage, and we sang our favourite hymn, "Ave! Ave!" At Easter we were sorry to say goodbye to Miss Ventham.

Lower 11 are working very hard with Miss Faupel. The classroom looks gay with their handwork models, charts and paintings.

This year it was on the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul that the following made their first Holy Communion: Elizabeth Singleton, Celia Tolhurst, Sharon Smith, Catherine Matania, Candide Spalding, Kevin Windebank, David Lord; Anita Clark and Peter Marsh-Hunn at Our Lady Queen of Peace on Corpus Christi, and Marie Conway made hers on November 21st.

The Summer Entertainment on the lawn had to be postponed because of the rain, but we were happy on July 14th to see many Mummies and Daddies watching our "Fun Fair" and the dances. Two kind Daddies lent their record-players for the music.

We all missed Mother Pigott when we returned from the summer holidays. She has gone to Springhill Holy Cross School, and we hope she won't forget us!

Mother Wallace comes on Monday mornings to tell us our weekly marks, and on other days we like to have our tables and spellings well learned in case she should come round to hear them. Upper II, with Mrs. Bingham as Form Mistress, must work very hard to be ready for the Scholarship next year.

We went to the big church again this year for the Mass of the Holy Ghost and for the Holy Childhood Service. All during the year, in our School Hall before the statue of the Holy Child Jesus, we pray for the Missions and for any special intentions.

Soon we shall have the Crib, and there we shall remember all Mummies and Daddies, and the children Our Lord loves so much. We shall enjoy singing our Carols to the Nuns and bigger girls before we break up.

A Happy Christmas to everyone from all the Juniors!

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