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From Our School Diary - 1960, Page One


Re-opening and no time to waste as Half-Yearly Examinations loom ahead.


A group of Seniors attended the Rally concerning the Catholic Schools question in this area. The principal speaker was His Lordship Bishop Beck.

A representative of `The Times', Mr. J. Hilla, spoke to us of newspaper publication in general and of the production of `The Times' in particular.

Before Half-Term, two films, "Tudor Rose" and "Thumbelina", for the Juniors.


Slides and Lecture on the Jesuit Missions in South America, given by Father Bulbeck, S. J.

Novena of Grace in honour of St. Francis Xavier.

Lecture given by a District Commissioner on leave entitled "A Visitor's Impressions of Uganda".

Father Miller, O.S.B., a friend of Mother Sohle, gave us a talk on African Missions. The colour film which accompanied the lecture was excellent.

St. Patrick's Day. Traditional "International" netball match. Two films, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Mill by the Medway", wh=ch described the production and uses of paper.

St. Joseph's Feast. The juniors sang the Benediction and the distinct pronunciation of the words was praised by all, as well as the tone of their young voices.

Mrs. Mary Buchanan gave us an account of the Pestalozzi Village and showed pictures of the life of the children there.

FORM VI October 1960


Lecture with slides by Father Bulbeck, S.J., on "The Orkneys and Shetlands".

Entertainment given by the Elocution pupils. Scenes from "The Mill on the Floss"

"The Rivals", "Alice in Wonderland", and as choral speech "The Happy Tree" .


The Senior Choir sang at the Profession Ceremony of Sister Teresa Nolan, who was formerly a mistress in the junior School.

Film, "The Keys of the Kingdom".

His Worship the Mayor, Alderman L. V. Barney, and Mrs. Barney came to the Convent to receive our contribution to the World Refugee Fund. While thanking the School for its support of this deserving cause, he reminded us of the duty of Service throughout our life.


Feast of Corpus Christi. The Senior Choir again sang the Mass at Corpus Christi Church. On the following Sunday we took part in the outdoor Procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Feast of the Sacred Heart. Father Baron came for the renewal of the Act of Consecration and afterwards the School attended Benediction in the Chapel.

Catholic Schools' Fete. A group of Seniors was responsible for serving at the Household Stall which is allocated to us each year. Pupils were generous in bringing goods for the stall.

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