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During 1959 a large number of Past Pupils have visited the Convent and many attended the School Dance, but the only meeting of the Association was held in January. One would like to see more activity from the interest which members maintain in their School. Practical suggestions, at the meeting in January, 1960, would be welcome.

Numbers have increased so much that it is becoming an almost impossible task to notify each individual about School Events. The date of the Annual Dance will be given at the end of this section and we ask members to accept this as notification. The same applies to the Past Pupils' Reunion.

We are anxious to ensure that everyone who wishes shall receive a copy of the Magazine, but all will realize that time and expense must be considered, so that one cannot continue to send copies where no acknowledgment is received.

It was decided at the January Reunion to ask members who wish: (a) to receive the Magazine; (b) to be notified of arrangements made by the Association, to fill in the leaflet enclosed and return it to Convent of the Cross, Past Pupils' Association. With the rising cost of printing it is difficult to cover the cost of production and we should appreciate the receipt of a postal order for copies sent.


Congratulations to those who let us know of their weddings. Our good wishes are extended to them.
M. Dyson (Mrs. Crompton)
I. Lucantoni (Mrs. Conrad)
D. Brownrigg (Mrs. Dixon)
J. Ferguson (Mrs. Campbell-Gillies)
A. Gilbert (Mrs. Drolet)

We are happy to announce the birth of:

Moira Jane to S. Murray (McFadden).
Mark Andrew to D. Foster(Crick) .
Catherine Elizabeth to M. Hyland (Hughes).
Paul Christopher to J. O'Brien (Thurgood).
Anne to Y. Delanoe (Pindar).
Nicholas to Margaret Manning (Brown).
David to Joan Luijerink (Gilchrist).
Veronica to Patricia Ogden (Buck).
Jacintha Louise to Mary Baker (Gilbert).
A daughter to Helen Warrington (Bond).


Our prayers and sympathy are offered to:

Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs) on the death of her husband.
W. and E. Cartwright on the death of their father, Sir C. Cartwright.
Sister Margaret Coward on the death of her mother.
C. Lucantoni (Hackett) on the death of her mother.
V. Sharp on the death of her mother.
D. Wood on the death of her father.
K. Cadogan on the death of her father.
H. and M. Humphreys on the death of their father.

Requiescant in pace.

Before mentioning the visits and letter received during the year, we shall try to respond to requests made by Past Pupils for some news of the Community and Staff, past and present.

Reverend Mother Howe's presence. and cheery welcome will be missed at the Reunions and we feel sure that all the members of the Association would wish to express their thanks and appreciation to her for the, kind reception she always gave the P.Ps. Mother d'Alancon, Mother Vicar, has been staying at Boscombe since August and this has given many of her former pupils a long desired opportunity of renewing contact with her.

We know how relieved everyone will be to hear that Mother McEvoy is recovering from her serious illness and is at present resident in Boscombe and happy to see any Past

Pupils who have called.

During the Summer holidays, Mother Briggs left Boscombe for our Convent at Stakes and the good wishes of her Art pupils, in whom she took such an interest, go with her. We are pleased to welcome Mother Sohle back to Boscombe. On the occasion of the School Dance we were happy to see Mrs. Walsh (Miss M. Walsh) who, with Jean Walsh (Hughes), assisted the Deputy Mayoress in judging the Fancy Dress. Jean has given her help most willingly on other occasions through the year.

During the summer holidays, Miss O'Donnell spent a week at Boscombe and was interested to have news of the girls she had taught. Mrs. Jessop (Miss Gallo) kindly came for a few days to play the violin in the Orchestral group which accompanied "The Sorcerer". Mademoiselle Monclin is still teaching at our Convent in Saint Quentin but she did not come to England this year.

Miss Stafford wrote early in the year saying how much she would like to pay a visit to Boscombe during term, but as her school does not have a half-term holiday it is difficult to arrange. Our Netball Teams have met Mrs. Moyes recently at a Coaching Session held for Bournemouth schools.

Mrs. Weston-Burt is no longer with us and we miss her cheery manner, willing help and general interest in all activities. It was a pleasure to see her at the Dance for which she was such an efficient M.C. for so many years.

Members of the Community who form part of the Staff in either junior or Senior Departments this school year are Mothers Gillard, Golby, Greenan, Keyes, Pannell, Pigott and Wallace, while Sister Ruth Brown, representing the Past Pupils, is now taking History in almost every Form. Of the secular Staff, Miss Gobell, Miss Cummings, Mrs. Bingham, Miss Mackenzie and Miss Woulfe are still with us. Miss Wood (Marjorie) is a live wire in class and in all activities.

With Mrs. Walsh (Jean Hughes) and Miss Holden, B.A., our French Mistress, she arranged for refreshments to be sold at all performances of "The Sorcerer" and is planning to do the same at the Christmas Entertainment in aid of the World Refugee Fund. Miss Martin, B.A., and Miss S. Thrower (P.E.) are new members of the Senior School Staff.

Noreen Ventham and Wendy Farmer, both past pupils are now members of the junior School Staff. Ann Boys has taken a post in Belgium for the year and seems to be enjoying the experience. Of Past Pupils of Boscombe among the Community, Mother Welstead is Assistant and Bursar and she has given her valuable help in the making of costumes for the School Plays.

Mother Dunnett is still at Boscombe but ill-health prevents her from taking part in the active life of the Community. Mother Frances Boulton is at Stakes as also are Mother Briggs, Sister Patricia McLoughlin and Sister Catherine Mouton.

The latter is studying for her B.Sc. Mother Loftus (Norah) is now teaching at Holy Cross, just next door. Her little pupils here miss her very much but we are sure she is going to do much good work with Mother Egan in the school which has now been modernised. Sister Margaret Coward is at Holy Cross, East Cowes. With Sister Mary Magenis and Sister Philomena Doherty, she had the happiness of making her Final Vows in April at our Convent in Saint Quentin.

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