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Junior School - 1959

St. Patrick came to greet Reverend Mother on her Feastday, and to give her our wishes. Two small `heavenly altar boys' came too, and although we all knew the secret, the Nuns had such a lovely surprise, and so did Reverend Mother herself!

We all tried to make her feastday as happy as we could. Some of the classes sang songs and played their recorders, others acted and Upper I danced two Irish dances, "The Two-hand Reel" and the "Fairy Reel", which made us clap and clap. When all was over, Reverend Mother asked for an encore, and St. Patrick sat beside her to watch his favourite dances!

Now that we have had to say goodbye, we want her to know how much she is missed in the Canteen, and everywhere, and hope that St. Patrick will pray hard for her in Heaven, while we promise to remember Reverend Mother in our prayers too.

Upper II were so pleased to find a new and larger classroom waiting for them in September, and Lower I that theirs had been repainted with such a sunny colour. Mrs. Dandeker is their new teacher, and we all lose her lessons. "Where is Mother Loftus?" was heard everywhere on the first day, and more than one little voice said, "I want Mother Loftus."

She is not very far away, only over the road in Holy Cross School. We even see her sometimes when she comes to feed the canaries, and the boarders have a walk with her at the week-ends.

We welcomed Miss Farmer to taach the Preparatory Form, and what a nice surprise to have Mrs. Murray again to help us to learn the American Square Dance and the Dashing White Sergeant for the School Dance.

Like the grown-ups, we think that time goes too quickly, but we like to remember our happy times of last year and want to share them with you all.

For many weeks the Holy Communion Class had their extra lessons in preparation for Corpus Christi when Carmen Petre, Erika Hartley, Charmaine Spalding, Judith Parsons, Celeste Dandeker, Sandra Berrie, Heather Linter, Celia Hutchings, Maria Kierkulc, Juliette Bergot, Madeleine Broderick, Patricia Hill, Robin Cillo, Angela Walsh, Catriona Ross, James Hausey and Simon Hoyle made their first Holy Communion.

The Altar was beautiful with lots of white flowers which the Mummies and Daddies gave for that special day. Do you like our photograph?

Our picture shows: St. Patrick (S. Hoyle) accompanied by two angels: Peter Marsh-Hunt, and Nicholas Hoare, bring Feast Day wishes to Reverened Mother.

Miss Dunsdon always helps us with our Christmas plays, and last year Lower and Upper II did "The Prince who met a Dragon" and Upper I "Mrs. Tabitha Twitchett" by Beatrix Potter, with kittens and rats amusing everybody.

The dancing class gave us a surprise in their pretty dresses when they did their Tyrolean dance so well. This term we are being allowed to share the stage in the big Hall with the Seniors for the Christmas concert in aid of the World Refugees' Fund.

Our Nativity Play is "Angels' Christmas" by Father Scriven, and if you know and like his Wopsy stories, as we do, you will not be surprised to know that even Pong and Conk are going to appear.

Again, this term, like last year, we are busy with our knitting for the Orphans. In the classes we are collecting for our Mission in Mbanga and, most important of all, trying to paint our best pictures to send in for the Beales Rowney Competition in which our school came second last year, only two marks below the winning school!

Many of our paintings were hung in the Exhibition and Jane Neville and Margaret Selby and Margaret Bell, who entered for the Royal Drawing Society's Children's Royal Academy, had their pictures hung in the London Guildhall for a fortnight, and for the rest of this year in different art galleries in England.

The R.D.S. was so pleased with G. Geake's pictures of anemones that they have asked to keep it.

Sports Day was very warm and we all enjoyed the races on the junior School lawn, and there were some lovely prizes. We had a Pet's Day, too, with all sorts of amusements, and iced drinks to cool us.

We have been twice to the big church for the Mission Service for the Holy Childhood to give Father Baron the pennies we had collected, and this term for the Mass of the Holy Ghost, when we all filled the Church.

Goodbye and a very Happy Christmas.


Upper II: Catechism, B. Allum; 1st, K. Bell; 2nd, M. Selby; 3rd, J. Ames.

Lower II: Catechism, D. Hausey; 1st, L. Bays; 2nd, J. Anderson; 3rd, C. O' Donnell.

Upper I: Catechism, H. Hudson; 1st, H. Day; 2nd, P. Turnbull; 3rd, C. Watts.

Lower I: Catechism, J. Parsons; 1st, S. Hibbs; 2nd, C. Hutchings; 3rd, Murphy.

Transition: Catechism, H. Linter; 1st, L. Forster; 2nd, B. Smith; 3rd, S. Hoyle.

Preparatory: Each received a prize.

Cup for the Form with highest marks for Studies ... ... Lower II.

Cup for the Form doing best at School Activities ... ... Upper II.

Cup for P.E. and Dancing ... ... Upper I.

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