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From Our School Diary - 1959, Page One


Christmas holidays, like all good things, passed very quickly. On our return to school we were interested to read letters acknowledging the gifts which had been sent to various children's charities at the close of the Christmas term. The Diocesan Welfare Society was particularly appreciative of the number of useful garments sent for the babies, as well as for the financial help raised by the collection taken at our Carols.


Most important event of the month was the Retreat given by Rev. D. Mills, S. J. We should like to thank Father Mills for the helpful instructions and especially for the additional time he devoted to discussing and answering our questions.

Even those of us who had watched the Coronation of Pope John XXIII on Television were pleased to see the Coronation film at school and also an instructive film, "The Life of Cardinal Newman."


Lecture and film in connection with the "Save the Children Fund." Having seen the dreadful conditions in Korea, we were eager to respond to the appeal and a subscription, together with six sacks of clothing, was sent to help the refugees.

St. Patrick's Day - with all its traditional excitement - was as successful as ever. Patricia Ryan, Head Girl, read the Feat Day address to Reverend Mother, who invited us to films to celebrate the occasion. Even the Seniors enjoyed every moment of "William at the Circus," which was shown to the whole school, and in the afternoon a very different tvpe of picture, "The Lady with the Lamp."

And what of the International Netball Match? This year, play was better than usual, as the teams were less encumbered by elaborate dresses. The English stalwarts, mostly the School First Team, proved too strong for the enthusiastic Irish - but players and audience alike enjoyed a really good game,


School re-opened in time for us to celebrate St. George's Day - this time by the wonderful film, "The Living Desert."


A party conducted by Mother Potter and Miss Gobell went to London to see a performance of "The Sorcerer" - in preparation for our own production.

There had been much activity in the Art Rooms since Easter as some of the girls have been working with Mother Briggs and Mother Pannell, painting and making models for the Vocations Exhibition to be held in Manchester at Whitsun. The stall showing the work or the Religious of the Cross was in the charge of Mother d'Alancon, who very kindly brought all the exhibits to Boscombe, when the Exhibition was over, and set up the stall in the School Hall so that we might see everything.

To give an idea of the general plan, we quote from the commentaries written by some of the girls. "As I walked into the Assembly Hall porch, my first impression was of the originality of approach. Attention was immediately attracted to the painted model of a Nun seated in a boat in much the same way as St. Peter must have been and casting her net into the sea, drawing human souls to God. `Launch out into the deep' explains itself.

The model of the net was very realistic and the little sponge fish were skillfully made and used. To the left of this model was a beautifully made cross on which hung a life-like image of Our Lord; this recalled Christ's own words, `And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all things to myself.'

"As schoolgirls we were naturally interested in the work done by our fellow pupils. `As our children see us' was a series of paintings done by the girls of the Nuns in everyday life - on the beach, in the garden, in the kitchen, in class and in the chapel. One amusing section showed the developments of the last century. The first picture was of Nuns driving out to the country in a closed carriage with shutters. Some of the older Nuns actually remember riding in this carriage.

Then came a picture of the time of the last war, showing a Nun riding a bicycle. Next 1958 - still further progress - a Nun driving a car. Lastly came a picture of a Nun in a helicopter; this one was labelled 1961 with a question-mark."

Another remarks: "One interesting section showed the stages of becoming a Nun - a young girl, thinking and making her decision; life as a Postulant; they the reception of the Habit and the Novitiate. Finally, the pronouncing of the Vows and dedication of one's life to the service of God with the other Nuns of the Community." . . . "

The model of the village of Mbanga in the French Cameroons, where our Nuns have a Mission, attracted our notice and the photographs of the little black children with the Nuns were very sweet. My whole general impression of the Exhibition was that a vast amount of care and work had been put into it."


'The Sorcerer'

Our photo shows ( going from left to right.)

A.Skipper, M. Castan, S. Banks, C. Rees, S. Watton, S. Taylor, K. Cadogan, M. Hayes, J. Weeks, B. Searle, G. Sheffireld, H. Day, S. Fendley, J. Simmonds, A. Colbourne, S. Cunnoffe, S. Maher, A. Dixon, F. Quinton, P. Isleton, M. Day, M. Linter, J. Sonnex, P. Butler, P. Lowe, J. Antonsen, C. Boyd, K. Kitches, S. Hyder, P. Ryan, Y. Baugh, M. Hudson, M. Allum, G. Smart, S. Weston, F. Hoyle, Y. Stedmon, L. Masheder, N. Daly, M. Henry, J. Vine, T. Lane, M. Ellis, V. Pelosi, N. Blakeman, M. Jennings, E. Hooper, R. Beveridge.

The Feast of Corpus Christi was once more the First Communion Day for a happy group of Juniors. The Senior Choir sang the Mass at Corpus Christi Church. On the Feast of the Sacred Heart the Consecration was re-newed and the whole school came to Benediction in the Convent Chapel.

Having mentioned the spiritual Feast days, we come to the highlight of the year's entertainments, the production of Gilbert and Sullivan's opera, "The Sorcerer." Everything - singing, acting, costumes and the splendid new lights - contributed to the success of the performances. Patricia Ryan distinguished herself in the title role, while all the main characters were well chosen and played their parts with verve and enthusiasm.

Amidst the congratulation, we all recognised that the essential factor in the success was the hard, patient work of Miss Gobell in perfecting the singing and Mother Potter's cooperation in all that concerned the acting.


Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre. . (an Elderly Baronet) . . . . T. Lane.
Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards, his son) . . . . . . . . K. Kitchen
Dr. Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh) . . J. Weeks
Notary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S. Hyder
John Wellington Wells (of J. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers) . . .. P. Ryan
Lady Sangazure (a Lady o f Ancient Lineage) . . . . . . . . . . . .F. Hoyle
Aline (her daughter - betrothed to Alexis) . . . . . . . . . . . . S. Cunniffe
Mrs. Partlet (a Pew Opener) . . . . N. Daly
Constance (her daughter) . . . . . J. Sonnex
Chorus of Villagers.

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