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During 1958, two Reunions of Past Pupils were held. The first on January 11th was attended by thirty-eight members. After tea, a short business meeting was held.

Eileen Hughes now being away from Bournemouth found it impossible to continue as Secretary and Linda Thornback was elected to take her place. Reverend Mother explained that the Southsea Past Pupils Association had kindy offered to produce "Nine Till Six" in the Assembly Hall here.

Those present promised to give their support and when the play was produced on April 26th it was pleasing to see a representative group of Boscombe Past Pupils. Our President, Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs) after the performance, expressed our thanks to the visitors and it was pleasant for a number of Past Pupils of both Convents to talk together.

The second Reunion on Low Sunday was riot well attended as many forgot the date. May we remind all members that the dates are given in the section of the Magazine and ask them to accept this notice as an invitation. Further notifications will not be sent, but Reverend Mother would appreciate a reply from those who hope to be present.

A faithful little group - A. Manning D. Milton, I Lucantoni, G. Jackson, N. Venthan. V. Isgar come regularly for Choral work with Miss Gobell.Together with Form VI they produced "Barbarina," an extract from Figaro, by Mozart.

Before giving a resume of visits and letters received, may we ask co-operation of all who can help, to make this part of the Magazine as interesting as possible. Contributions in prose or verse will always be welcomed and also photographs. We should have liked to include photographs of the wedding groups of the year, but the number of recent marriages made this impossible.


Congratulations and good wishes are offered to the following Past Pupils who let us know of their weddings:
C. Adams (Mrs. Heath) M. Hughes (Mrs. Hyland) S. McFadden (Mrs. Murray) M. McFadden (Mrs. Almack) D. Crick (Mrs. Foster) J. Thurgood (Mrs. O'Brien) P. Grosser (Mrs. Hill) J. Duckham (Mrs. Shorxhouse) F. Webster (Mrs. Bott) W. Johnston (Mrs. Crawforth)

We are happy to announce the births of:

Mary Charlotte to   M. Dedman (M. Orpin).
Nicola to   J. Cake (Walker).
Karin to   A. Pearce (A. Keates).
Daughter to   W. Cannon (Gilchrist)
Ruth Caryl to   B. Green (Withington).
Lawrence Joseph to   M. Brooks (Browning).
Alison to   A Swinburne (Wiatt).
Aidan to   D. Turner (Horsley).
Elizabeth to   K. Wood (Anthony)

The Brooks family (M. Browning)


We recommend to your prayers three Past Pupils of whose deaths we have heard during the year:

E. Mason, M. Fairlie, A. Richardson.

Prayers and sympathy are offered to S. Quinn (McCarty) on the death of her father.
E. and M. Collins on the death of their father.
S. and A. Manning on the death of their father.
V. Almack on the death of her father.
B. Wilson
and her brothers on the death of their mother.
The Gilbert family on the death of their sister jean.
J. Luyerink (Gilchrist) and Wendy on the death of their father.

Requiescant in Pace

Reviewing the year, our thoughts turn first of all to the faithful group of local Past Pupils who have supported the Association since it was founded. Congratulations to our President, D. Tucker (Hobbs) on the birth of her first grandson! With her at the Reunion were W. Hornbuckle (Cary) now living at Highcliffe. J. Miller (Riddle) who recently sent us. a group of her grandchidren which has been inserted in the Magazine, and her sister, Mrs. Meade, K. Watson (Burke) and S. Tory (Thompson).

E. Cartright calls regularly to see Mother Briggs and faithfully supports all functions. Her sister Winnie is not able to come on the same occasion as the great age of their father, Sir Charles, makes it necessary for one of them to be with him. Mrs. Lewis-Manning (M. Lloyd) maintains her interest in the Building Fund and kindly sent a very acceptable contribution to the cake stall at the November Sale.

M. Dyson has not been able to attend functions as often as usual during the year, but we wish her a complete recovery of health as also to J. Hackett who was seriously ill for some time. Mrs. Browning (R. de Sousa) is most thoughtful in giving us news of the family and never fails to send her wishes on the Feasts of the Cross.

Barbara (Mrs. Tanner) has not paid us a visit this year, Pauline and Anne and Veronica are in Bournemouth. Paddy is nursing in London. Mary and her family have written several times from S. Rhodesia.

V. Fox-Hawes, D. Klyne, S. Gray were at the Christmas Reunion, Dorothea and Sybil are sorry that so few of their school friends seem to be within reach of Bournemouth.

Of the letters received during the vear, those from other countries will be mentioned first since their news is less likely to have reached the contemporaries of the writers. M. Baker (Gibert) has now moved to Pleasanton and become a citizen of the U.S.A. She gave news of Anne who is studying at Stanford University and of Loise who is still at school.

Their parents were in California when Mary wrote. T. Luyerink (Gilchrist) writing in July told us of her father's death in May. Wendy and her family were well and Joan, speaking of the work on their farm, said "We have 1,300 young ducks, at present and hope to have 5,000 passing through our hands before Christmas.

Joan is flying near Windsor, New South Wales and not long before she wrote had been interviewed by the Immigration Officer, at the request of one of the Bournemouth Newspapers. A long, and most interesting letter cariie from B. Green (Withington).

Despite her busy days caring for three little daughters, Barbara has interested herself in her husband's studies as he is taking his Degree at Loyola University and she has enjoyed discussing the philosophy with him.

Barbara mentioned: "One past pupil whose whereabouts I pan tell you is Shirley Gibbons - she is in Stratford, Ontario, now and said she hoped to see me after her travel across Canada with her two friends. Marion Pool sent a letter from Kanpur, India, a few weeks ago. She has her passage booked to return to England in April.

During the year she joined the Amateur Dramatic Society and has had a part in two plays, in the second of which she had the lead. Marion keeps in touch with Anne Spicer, now Head Student at Salisbury Diocesan Training College and a regular visitor to Boscombe and also with Bridget Barton.

Marion Richardson sent a veritable epistle describing in detail her journey and early experiences in Australia. She had by that time settled in Elizabeth North, South Australia, and wrote enthusiastically: "My job is marvellous. I really love it. It is really difficult to explain what I do unless you know the Health Schemes in Australia.

There is no National Health but in each state there is at least one Medical Benefit Scheme. I work for the main one in South Australia - the Mutual Hospital Association. It is sponsored by the Government. My work is to interview new members.

There is no monotony and I have a marvellous time talking all day ! ! !" Rosa Hockey wrote from Cyprus to acknowledge the last Magazine. She was hoping to return to England in the summer 'and was wondering whether she might meet Jill Waugh before leaving Cyprus.

Audrey Newman experiencing her first Canadian winter described it thus: "The winter, so I am told, has been particularly mild this year. Nevertheless it seems cold to me and I set out for the office wearing two cardigans, 2 scarves, 2 pairs of stockings, 2 pairs of shoes and a fur coat. The weather now is very beautiful especially when the sun is shining and the sky is a clear blue. I had expected my first Christmas away from home woud be miserable, but I was mistaken.

Apart from the fact that I had nine invitations to Christmas dinner, I arranged to spend Christmas Day of a home for problem children, I so enjoyed myself that I have now agreed to work there one evening each week. "

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