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Junior School - 1958, Page One

This Guardian Angel is in our playground, and it was given to the juniors as a gift from Miss Thompson, who used to teach in our junior School. A few days after it arrived, Father Baron, S.J, came to bless the new statue, and Reverend Mother came with us all, to sing the Guardian Angel Hymn. We know that she loves to be with us, because we see her at dinner time every day. At playtime now, we go down and say a prayer to ask Angels to keep us safe and good.

At Christmas time we help Reverend Mother to send knitted clothes and blankets for the Orphans, and we are working hard again now, as we did last year. We want to tell you what we have done since you heard about us in the 1957 Magazine.

Our Entertainment of "A Topsy Turvy Christmas" made everyone laugh, and we all enjoyed the dress rehearsal. The recorder groups played well, and are still keen, because we hear them with Mother Pannell practising every day. At the end of the second performance for our Mummies and Daddys, Father Delahunty came round to the stage to thank us for a happy afternoon.

In January, Lower II started a classroom play of St. Bernadette because it is the Lourdes Centenary Year and invited the classes to come on February 14th to see Janet Bryant as Bernadette, and Kathryn Bell as Our Lady of Lourdes. They acted so well that some of us thought it was real. The Senior Girls came to see the play, too. They clapped hard so we suppose they liked it.

We have a Lourdes Grotto in the School, and on February 11th we listened to the Holy Father on the wireless, and went in procession to the Grotto over in the Convent garden.

When the Nuns and Seniors went to the real Lourdes at Easter, they took our petitions to put them in the Grotto there.

Holy Childhood Day was, in February and we went to Benediction in Corpus Christi Church, where Father Baron, S. J. talked to us and gave him all the money we had collected for the Black Babies - it was 15.

We keep Reverend Mother's feast on St. Patrick's Day every year. On March 17th we gave her a concert, and sang "Tap your Sabots, Bernadette," then she invited us to a film show of Bambi and nice refreshments, and then we had a half holiday.

Benediction for the feast of St. Joseph on March 19th is a special day for us, we go up and sing in the choir, where the big girls sing and then we feel that our Saint is pleased with us.

When Miss Nolan left us in the summer, we did not expect to see her again, but a letter addressed to all the juniors came to invite us to her Ceremony of Religious Clothing. On April 8th some of us went to the Convent Chapel. She had two bridesmaids, Angela Walsh and Carol Bolwell, and we talked to her after when she gave us holy pictures and a taste of the Ceremony Cake. Now she is called Sister Teresa. Several of the boarders were sorry they could not be there.

Lindsay Bays helped us to remember Mission Sunday, because she painted a poster which was hung up for all to see.

We do like music, and enjoy the percussion band lessons. Some of us learn the piano, and even go in for Examinations. On Mondays many from the Lower and Upper II listen in to the "Singing together" programme for Schools, some of the Upper I's asked to come and even gave up their playtime to listen to the songs. We all look forward to Request Week, when the Choir in the Studio sing our special favourites.

On other days the classes take turns to do the "Music and Movement" lessons, too.

At the dancing lesson this term, Miss Woodward has taught us a Skaters and Tyrolean dance, ready for the end of term concert. We are to dress up and our Mummies are helping to make the dresses for us.

The Summer term was the last one in the junior School for most of the Upper II's, who were looking forward to School this year in the big Convent, where they also have netball matches and enjoy Physical Education lessons in the Gym. Sports Day we always enjoy and although a black cloud came, and the shower sent us in for a while, we did finish the races and have our prizes given out on the lawn.

After half term, we went shopping at the School "Sale." Each Junior brought a shopping basket, and went round the stalls. There were so many things to buy and of course, the Preparatory Form liked the toys and Animals best.

We are getting our classrooms ready for Christmas with decorations, drawings and handwork models, and we have Cribs, too.

There is another Crib in the playroom where every morning we pray for people who are ill or who ask for our prayers. We are getting ready for Jesus Birthday, and say "Little Jesus, whom we love and adore, come and take birth in our hearts. Amen."

He knows and loves each one of us, and will come so we need not worry like the little girl, who, when she was told that her Cousin would spend Christmas at her house, and would share her bed, said in a very worried voice, "Will Father Christmas know which is me? " !

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