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Examination results - 1957 - 58

Inter - Collegiate Examination in Religious Knowledge

School Religious Certificate

Credit: * J. Antonsen, K. Cadogan, K. Kitchen, D. Wood.
Credit: T. Laurent.
Pass: *J. Cobbold, S. Cunniffe, M. Ellis, C. Garwood, T. Ward, M. White.
Pass: P. Jolliffe

* Indicates exemption from Prospective Teachers' Examination

General Certificate of Education

Advanced Level

Sheila Lee: English.
Patricia Lowe: History.
Sheena McCappin: Biology. Ordinary Level. Physics.
Cecilia Turtle: English, French, Biology.
Jean Waldron: French, Latin.
Janine Weeks: History.
Ordinary Level

Valerie Anderson: English Language, Literature, Mathematics

Judith Antonsen: English Language, Literature, Latin, Religious Knowledge, French, History, Religious Knowledge,Geography,Mathmatics, Biology.

Janet Boys: English Language, Literature, History, Geography, Art.

Janet Brewer: English Literature, Geography, Art.

Kathleen Cadogan: English Language, Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art, Mathematics.

Josephine Cobbold: English Literature, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Mathematics.

Sheila Cunniffe: English Language, Literature, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art, Mathematics.

Frances Greenstock: English Language, Literature, French, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art.

Avalon Hutchins: English Language, Geography, Art.

Pamela Jolliffe: History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art.

Kathleen Kitchen: English Language, Literature, Latin, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Music, Mathematics, Biology.

Teresa Laurent: English Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Biology.

Dawn Mallitte: English Literature, French, Religious Knowledge, Geography.

Sandra Matthews: English Language, Literature, French, History, Geography, Art, Biology.

Gillian McIlrov English Language, Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art, Biology.

Teresa Ward: English Literature, Religious Knowledge, Geography.

Jean Weston: English Language, Literature, French, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art.

Elizabeth Westgarth-Taylor: English Literature, French, History Geography, Mathematics, Biology.

Marilyn White: French, Religious Knowledge,Geography, Art.

Daune Wood: English Language, Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Mathematics, Biology.

Margaret Rogers Geography,Art.

Maureen Ellis Religious Knowledge,

Christine Garwood: Geography.

Patricia Cobb Art.

I. Wuytack Art.

Cambridge Lower Certificate in English (for Foreign students): L Costil.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Grade 1: Distinction: Sandra French, Judith Ventham. Credit: Audrey Jones, Jean Webster, Patricia Barry. Pass: Francis Cowan, Jennifer Jones, Margaret Tyndale, Anne Marie Allum, Georgina Butt.

Grade II: Distinction: Janice Leyden. Credit: Margaret Robinson. Pass: Jean Webster, Anitra Williams.

Grade IV: Pass: Janet Brewer, Josephine Harland.

Grade V: Pass: Avalon Hutchins.


Grade I: Pass: Susan Tate.
Theory of Music
(Maximum Marks 99)
Grade I: Pass: Gail Jennings 71.
Grade II: Pass: Janice Leyden 68, Margaret Robinson 91.
Grade III: Pass: Marilyn Lavers 73.
Grade V: Pass: Patricia Cobb 66.
Grade VI: Pass: Avalon Hutchins 89.

Bournemouth Musical Festival

Under 16. Edna Hooper. Certificate.

Grade 1: Merit: Diana Burleigh
Grade II: Merit: Ann Skipper.
Grade IV: Pass: Kathleen Kitchen.
Royal Drawing Society Exhibition 1958

Commended 1st Class:
H. Trussler, C. Lefevre, A. Wyatt, M. Ginty, G. Sheffield, W. Lawless, S. Rogers, S. Walker, S. Taylor, M. Donohue, W. Norrington, E. Lewis, L. Batt, J. Harland.

Highly Commended Certificates: S Millett, A. Wyatt, B. Harrison, R. Hall, J. Simmonds, M. Hancock, P. Warren, M. Rogers.

Book Prizes: M. Turnbull, P. Warren, M. White, A. Dixon.

Bronze Star: M. Ginty, A. Abbott, D. Fitzhenry.

Royal Drawing Society Examinations

Group III. Stage I HONOURS:

F. Bravery, S. French, J. Ferguson, B. Galvin, M. Greenstock, R. Garwood, M. Hancock, C. Lefevre, S. Noake, S. Sutherland, H. Trussler, A. Allum, J. Banks, P. Ball, S. Bending, M. Atkins, M Donlevy, A. Fisher, B. Fisher, S. Hubbard, J. Leyden, C. Lee, P. O'Callaghan, C. Tibbey, S. Tate, M. Turnbull, S. Kirrane, C. St. Pierre S. Millett, A. Williams, V. Knops, J. Allan, P. Birkett, S. Durant, C. Ell, D. Ford, C. Hunt, D. Francis.

Group III. Stage II. HONOURS:

M. Hancock, C. Lefevre, M. Austin, W. Espezel, S. Durant, D. Gilbert, M. Habgood, J. Ross, I Stockley, A. Morris, C. Mawson, A. Lewis, M. Wyer, H. Day, J. Wood, Jane Wood, P. James, M. Berrie, R. Allum, A. Wyatt, D. Rees, G. Browning, A. Bold, A. Power, M. Robinson, A. Putnam, A. Tomasso, M. Alison, C. Cleary, M. Lavers, A. Baugh, F. Hoyle, J. Webster, C. Hunt, M. O'Callaghan, E. Lewis, S. Moreton, C. Eveleigh?Smith, C. Boyd.

Pass: S. Male, K. Flux, E. Sampson.

The following having obtained HONOURS in Group III Stages 1, 2 and 3, have gained:


I. Beedle, L. Burroughs, M. Donohue, A. Espezel. A. Stevenson, G. Taylor, S. Luffman, C. Tanner, C. Sadler, W. Lawless, V. Read, B. Porter, C. Brosnan, Y. Baugh, S. Maher, ,J. Simmonds, G. Sheffield, A. Skipper, T. Small, P. Isleton, C. Rees, M. Allum, M. Lee, S. Weston, J. Sonnex, A. Mathias, R. Adams, P. Boyd, J. Colbeck, A. Blane, S. Watton.

Group III, Stage III HONOURS: M. Robinson, J. Keene. Pass: M. Hudson, T. Driscoll, L. Masheder.

Group IV. Stage 1. HONOURS: S. Walker, S. Watton, L. Batt, P. Cobb, S. Taylor, A. Dixon.
Pass:E. Rampley, D. Heaps, S. Hyder, S. Mawson

Group IV. Stage II. HONOURS: S. Hyder. Pass: I,. Batt, J. Boys, P. Cobb, S. Mawson, S. McCappin, A. Dixon.

HONOURS in Group IV. Stages I and II and


J. Harland, J. Brewer, M. Rogers, I. Wuvtack.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Form VI:
Prize for Science and Biology: S. McCappin.

Prize for Biology and French: C. Turtle.

Prize for Head Girl: C. Habgood.

Prize for General Helpfulness: Mary Linford.

Form Va: Doctrine: K. Cadogan. 1st K. Kitchen. 2nd D. Wood. 3rd T. Laurent.

Form IV: Doctrine: A. Blane, 1st S. Walker, 2nd V Burton.

Form IIIa: Doctrine: M. Allum, 1st C. Rees 2nd A. Mathias. 3rd G. Sheffield.

Form III: Doctrine: T. Lane. 1st L. Burroughs, 2nd D. Burleigh.

Form Ila: Doctrine: P James. 1st J. Wood, 2nd A. Power, 3rd S. Male.

Form II: Doctrine: I. Stockley. 1st K. Stovey, 2nd S. Durant.

Form Ia: Doctrine: P. O'Callaghan. 1st S. Fisher. 2nd C. Tibbey. 3rd C. Taylor.

Form I: Doctrine: S. French. 1st R Mills. 2nd M. Hancock. 3rd C. Garwood.

Prize for Music: S. Lee, J. Brewer.

Prize for Progress in English: M. Smets, C. Lefevre.

Studies Cup (Form with the highest average) Ia.

House Studies Cup: Ignatians

House Discipline Cup: Campions.

Sports Cup: Campions.

Games Cup: Ignatians.

Junior House Rounders: Ignatians. Music Cup: Stanislausians Elocution Cup: E. Westgarth-Taylor.

Netball Cup: Va. Tennis Cup: Va. Physical Education: IIIa.

Cup for Pupil most often 1st in Form: C. Rees.

Cup for steady work throughout her School Career: G. Garwood.

Pax Cup. (Greatest contribution to School Activities): C. Habgood.

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