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Congratulations to those who have let us know of their marriage. May God bless their married life

M. Green (Mrs. Drewitt)
Y. Cobb (Mrs. Warren)
M. Brewer (Mrs. Gill)
A. Caldon (Mrs. Stockdale).


We are happy to announce the births of:

Catherine to
Benoit to
Alistair George to
Dominic Ignatius to
Angela to
Richard Michael to
Mary Catherine to
Stephen Michael to
Mary Therese to
Timothy Mark Andrew to
A son to
Nicholas to
A son to
Mark Andrew to
Ann Swinburne (Wyatt).
Yvonne Delanoe (Pindar).
Betty Liddle (Weatherley).
Betty Mahoney (Hunt).
Nancy Place (Brewer).
Helen Warrington (Bond).
Barbara Green (Withington).
Rosemary Ziolowski (Rose).
Mary Baker (Gilbert).
Betty Simpson (Mason).
Patricia Sankey (Fernihough).
Kathleen Wood (Anthony).
Christine Adams (Alker).
Mrs. Moyes.


Many Past Pupils especially those who were boarders will regret the death of Sister Alicia on October 17th. Sister Alicia had spent the whole of her Religious Life in Boscombe and what a memory she had for persons and things!

Always kindly, eager to render a service, she was a familiar figure, busy about the house until about a year ago when her health began to decline. It was a well-known fact that one might ask Sister Alicia for anything - and be certain that she would produce it. She was quite willing to have the trouble of storing in order to be helpful to others.

Until the end she interested herself in collecting and sorting stamps for the Missions. May Our Lord reward her years of work in His service and grant eternal rest to her soul.

Prayers and sympathy are extended to the family of May Weld-Blundell, who died recently. She was one of the oldest of the oldest members, and will be sadly missed, particularly in the district of her home Ince-Blundell Hall, a centre of Catholic activity.

To Pat and Tony Everett on the death of their mother.

To Dom. Gregory, O.S.B. (Pat) and Molly Kelly on the death of their father.

Requiescant in Pace

Letters have been received during the year from members at home and in many distant parts of the world. Flora Cavalcanti Borges, writing to Reverend Mother from Pernambuco, Brazil, mentions how much she appreciated the booklet on Reverend Mother Kelly. She continues, "I am very feeble. Please pray for us and ask Mother Butler-Bowden to pray. I love her very much and all my mistresses at Boscombe."

Ronaleen Lee, living in Los Angeles, gives an interesting account of her life in California, and recalls souvenirs of her contemporaries. Ronaleen adds, "One clings with ever-growing fervour to one's Faith, especially cut here in the heart of the motion picture industry.

Once a year, a "Motion picture" Mass is said at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, for Catholics in the industry. It is always crowded."

Ronaleen was hoping to get in touch with Mary Baker (Gilbert), but we have not heard whether they managed to meet. Teresa Lamb, also writing from California says, "At Joseph Magnin's where I work, I have been made Assistant Manager of the Children's Department.

I really love the work; it's most interesting and never monotonous . . . At the moment I am making plans for a trip home in January, 1958. I am longing to see everyone again after two and a half years; but California is a wonderful place and I never regret coming. I hope to show you some of the colour slides taken on my holiday in Yosemite, one of California's National parks. the scenery is exquisite far too beautiful for me to describe."

From Ottowa Teachers' College, Ontario, Jennifer Panther sent greetings to all at Boscombe and asked to be remembered in their prayers. Joan Luyerink (Gilchrist) sent a letter from Windsor, New South Wales, acknowledging receipt of the magazine. She mentioned that her father had been seriously ill and also gave news of Wendy and her son Stephen.

Joan described the farm which she and her husband are building up. "Our ten acres are fertile, surrounded by a wattle and gum-lined creek which ensures plenty of water. We have a windmill which supplies our house and garden. The next thing on the list is irrigation. Sometimes the summers are very hot and windy and dry the ground out completely.

Every summer we have to be careful of bush fires. Last summer we could see, continually the glow of burning bush on the mountains. When it rains heavily, we have severe floods which cover the whole of our land and part of the house, but of course, they are not an everyday occurrence." A card from Jill Waugh sent greetings from Cyprus. Jill is in the W.R.A.C. and we have not heard whether she has yet returned to England.

Barbara Green (Withington) writing from Montreal, adds "Your Past Pupils' Section sounds like a roll-call at the U.N. ! Barbara would have liked to exchange views on Montreal with Margaret Briggs, who wrote in our last issue. Unfortunately, Margaret had left by that time. Barbara says that after two years she finds herself able to assess the good and bad more objectively, as the initial bias wears away.

She sends her good wishes to the Xaverians, adding "It is strange how one's patron saint at school remains one's devotion. I still turn to St. Francis Xavier in my prayers, although St. Anthony gets much attention at the moment, as my daughter has got to the "helpful" stage of removing everything within her reach, and as I can ask Francis where she put them, looking for things is often a search-the-house affair.

Pamela Vokes (Kennard), sent Easter wishes from Bulawayo. Although happily settled she looks forward to the time when Ian, Timothy and herself will be able to return for a holiday in England.

At the time of writing, they were expecting the arrival of another Boscombe family, Eustace and Mary Brooks (Browning). Mary wrote for September 14tn Feast or the Cross, sending wishes from them both and from Peter, Vincent and Gregory. The heat at the time was rather trying but Mary added "We are very happy in this house and have a large garden which we are planting with vegetables.

There are orange, lemon, tangerine, guana, peach and lime trees; but unfortunately, they have been neglected and few will bear fruit this year. As we have our own well, there is plenty of water for the garden, otherwise it is an expensive luxury."

Back once again to Ottawa, this time it is Audrey Newman writing after her first few months in Canada. "Recently, following my Police clearance from England, I have been moved into the office of the Private Secretary to the Secretary to the Cabinet (that sounds very Governmental, I know) and I find the work most interesting.

I also met Mr. St. Laurent, and shook hands with him when he visited each office prior to his resignation of Premiership. Everyone has been so kind to me and I have been fortunate in securing such an exciting post . . . A few weeks ago I visited Toronto - 280 miles from here. One would not dream of driving up to Scotland for a week-end and yet people think nothing of it here.

It was wonderful to see the places that one has only read about - Niagara Falls, Heights of Abraham and the St. Lawrence River. Please remember me to all the Nuns, I often think of the School song "Hail, Boscombe, Hail; lead on and we will follow."

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