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Junior School - 1957

Saint Joseph's our junior School, is always a very happy place, and as well as our bright, large classrooms we now have the playroom which has been made much bigger, as well as another room for singing, Band and activities. That explains why we have been able to give many entertainments during the year.

"Fat King Melon" and "Peter Rabbit" pleased everyone so much that Mother Pannell and Miss Dunsdon are helping us to get up another play `A Topsy-Turvy Christmas.' We hope that Reverend Mother and the Nuns as well as our Mummies and Daddies will came to see it. We will play our recorders for the first time for everyone to hear, and at the end we will all feel very near Christmas when the Tableau of the Crib is shown by Forms Lower I, Transition and Preparatory.

Reverend Mother General's visit in July made us all very happy. We had been learning some dances with Miss Nolan and the `Maypole' with Miss McFadden, so we asked Reverend Mother General and all the Nuns to come and see our dances on our lawn. Some classes recited things they had learned at Elocution lessons. The rain kindly kept off until everything was over.

We all enjoyed preparing for `Open Day' at the end of the Summer Term. What fun it was to show our Mummies and Daddies our classrooms and all cur work. As the Exhibition was on in the Middle and Senior Schools, we could not give a concert as there was so much to see everywhere.

Perhaps you would like to hear something about our lessons and classes this year. Upper II is divided into two cusses, Mrs. Bingham and Miss Woulfe are the Form-mistresses. These children are working very hard, as they hope to pass the examination they take this year.

Mother Pannell is Form-mistress of Lower II and they are lucky in being next door to the Art-room. In all the classrooms we have interesting nature-tables, projects, etc., and, of course, now we are beginning Cribs, decorations and Christmas handwork models.

When we returned to school in September we were very sorry not to see Miss Nolan who had been teaching Form II for some time. How glad we were to know that she had not really gone away, but is now in the Novitiate at our Convent in the Isle of Wight. We send her our lave and hope that some day she may come back to see us all in Boscombe.

On the Feast of Corpus Christi these children made their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel:
John Ball, Richard Humble, Michael Hubbard, Francis Sheath, Martin Tolhurst, Judith Anderson, Elizabeth Baker, Sheila Gilbert, Diana Hausey, Helen Lewis, Anneliese Schaumburger, Mary Pardy, Susan Otway, Angela Willoughby-Meade, Susan Pelosi, Jane West and Philippa Turnbull.

Sally Stewart-White received her first Communion at the Oratory Church, Branksome; and Hilary Hudson at Our Lady, Queen of Peace, Southbourne.

Each class is collecting for the "Black Babies' or `Holy Childhood.' This year on the first Friday of February we went to Corpus Christi Church where Father Baron received our offerings, which he told us would be sent to the Missions in Africa.

On Mission Sunday we prayed very much for all little pagan children all over the world and we save our stamps and give them to Mother Pigott, who collects them for our own Mission at Mbanga.

We must leave space for the stories and poetry we have made up; and for last year's Prize List.

A Happy Christmas to everyone and we hope that you all enjoy our part of the Magazine.

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