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Junior School - 1957


At the beginning of the School Year we achieved our first victory namely the `Tortoise Trophy.' offered by the Campions for the best `Tall Stories' ! ' Let no one question the honour!

This year, the Houses have been asked to produce sweets and biscuits, which will be judged by their taste and general appearance. I was pleased to see that the Xaverians had no lack of volunteers and were very enthusiastic over this. Well done!

This year an age limit of fourteen years has been imposed on second teams, which will give our younger members a chance to show what they can do for their House. They show considerable promise and I wish them the best of luck in their future matches.

The Seniors worked well together at Rounders while Teresa Driscoll and Teresa Small gave excellent performances in the junior team. The Tennis couples also held their own against the other Houses.

Having narrowly missed the Music Cup by two per cent. we are more determined than ever to win it this year. Success depends less on a few gifted players than on the steady practice of each one throughout the Term.

Kathleen Cadagan and Maureen Costigan have contributed towards the Studies Cup by their hard work and high marks every week. Well done both of you!

Here is a special message to the new members of our House who only came in in October; work hard in your studies and games and make your House proud of you; and, if you don't succeed at first, try, try, again.

Remember Xaverians, don't aim at just one Cup. One may easily be lost. Aim at winning them all: The higher the aspirations, the greater the chance of success!

Our photo shows Elizabeth Kitchen, Games Captain 1956 - 57.

Mary Linford. (House Captain)


At the end of the year, under the capable leadership of our House Captain, Anne Spicer, ( photo below) we achieved our ambition in winning the Games Cup. There was much competition; but I think, mainly due to our Tennis couple, Ann Spicer and Elizabeth Kitchen, we carried off the coveted trophy.

Our first Netball team fought hard for its success, only losing one match to the Ignatians; and a special mention must be made of the Second team, Jeanette Colbeck and Rosemary Beveridge never seemed to miss a goal, and the team spirit was very commendable.

Sports Day brought our second success in winning the Sports Cup. This was mainly due to the efforts of the junior group who gave us a quick lead early in the programme, which the rest of the House gallantly maintained.

Unfortunately, we lost the junior House Rounders Cup, after a hard fight, in which Yvette Baugh's fielding seemed impregnable. I hope, with more practice, we shall regain the Cup this year.

Anastasia Power and Patricia Harrison contributed most marks towards the Studies Cup; but the Campions in general appear to have been lacking in concentration. We hope the Weekly Records will prove an incentive to greater efforts.

Gone are the days when our House could walk off with the Music Cup. We seem utterly devoid of music-lovers; rather a pity for a House which so long prided itself on such members as Ines Lucantoni and Cecilia Elgar.

Our Feast Day falls on a Sunday this year; but we hope to celebrate on the Friday by holding a sweet-making competition, the proceeds of which will go to the collection for the Orphans of the Diocese.

Lastly, let me extend a special welcome to our new Members I hope they will cooperate with the rest of the House in making this a successful year.

Blessed Edinund Campion, Pray for us.

Clare Habgood, (House Captain),


During the past School Year we were able to celebrate the tri-centenary of Saint Ignatius, a very proud moment for all the Ignatians. In honour of this occasion we held a Beetle Drive, which was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone; especially as we had never previously had the opportunity of celebrating our Feast Day together, as it falls in the summer holidays.

Although all our teams fought hard for the Games Cup, we were unable to catch up with the Campions' score; however, our Teams' co-operation has paved the way to great possibilities this year. Good luck Ignatians !

In the Netball Teams, Judith Antonsen and Sally Maher deserve special mention for their outstanding performance. Well done!

Both our Rounders teams played well together, and I must thank Pamela Jolliffe in particular, for her contribution to the score.

This year, an age limit of under fourteen years, has been imposed on our Second teams; thus giving our younger House-members a chance to prove themselves. So far they are showing great promise and I wish them every success in their matches.

Mention should be made of Elizabeth Westgarth-Taylor, Shelagh Luffman and Stella Moreton, who, all through the year have shown a splendid House spirit and enthusiasm for the House activities.

Carol Rees and Jane Wood have contributed towards the Studies Cup by their constant hard work and high positions in Class.

We were greatly encouraged by winning the Discipline Cup and hope to retain it this vear. In this sphere every Member of the House has an equal opportunity of contributing her quota. So, all Ignatians aim at "A" for Conduct, and no "C's" please!

I should like to welcome the new Members of our House and hone that they will live up to its traditions - "that great honour for our House be gained."

Sheila Lee (House Captain)


Soon after Christmas, 1956, we started the House Netball matches in which there was much keen competition. The second team played very well in these matches, but later, in the Rounders matches, they were exceptionally good; and won the junior Cup.

Special mention is due here to Carol Boyd, one of our youngest players, who played excellently. Well done Carol.

We are very pleased to say that we won three Cups this year; the Studies Cup and the Music Cup as well as the junior Rounders Cup. Winning the Music Cup gave us much satisfaction and we all wish to thank Maureen Hooper, our Captain, for contributing so greatly to our marks. Unfortunately, Maureen left at the end of the School year, but we hope that Edna, her younger sister, who is also a Stanislausian, will help us to regain the Cup this year!

Jean Waldron and Kathleen Kitchen must be congratulated for contributing each week towards the points for the Studies Cup. They held first place in Form almost consistently.

On our Feast Day, November 13th, we held a Netball match between our First team and a, team consisting of two or three members from each of the other Houses. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and caused much excitement as we drew our `positions' from a hat. The result was a win for the Stanislausians 13-11.

Recently, Forms I and la were put into Houses, and we have already discovered an excellent `shooter' in Suzanne Harwood, Form Ia.

We hope that all the newcomers will take as much interest in their House, and work for its good name, as have the older members during the past year. Up the Stanislausians !

Sheena McCappin. (House Captain)

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