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Junior School - 1956

Surprises come on birthdays and at Christmas, but we had lots in the junior School when term began in September. When we arrived the first morning, we saw men working in the playground, and someone said, "Have you seen the jumbo in our garden?" A baby roller was shunting up and down, and then we saw that the ground was being covered with asphalt. It seemed to make the playground much larger.

Inside, we found the Playroom was changed too; more windows, and much more room for our playtime on wet days. This was a nice beginning to term, as well as meeting all our little friends again. Suddenly somebody called out "Oh, Look", and at the other end of the playroom, as shall we call it our Hall, was a niche in the wall, and the statue of Baby Jesus smiling down on us.

Another lovely surprise was the new Art room upstairs, next door to Upper II. All the classes from Lower I go there for painting and how we have enjoyed doing our pictures and patterns and making our own Christmas decorations. Mother Pannell has shown us how to make them sparkle. You should come and see what a happy and busy time we have.

It was rather hard to settle down to lessons again after the long holiday but we were soon trying to win a high place in class. Upper II found that they were to be allowed to play NetbaIi and they have been eager to learn with Miss Nugent so that they will be quite useful players when they move over to the Senior School.

We have one very important thing to tell you which happened in March. To celebrate the Holy Father's 80th Birthday, we made acts and said lots of prayers for him. One of the girls in Upper II, Anastasia Power, wrote him a letter from us all and Antoinette Putnam painted a picture. They were posted to arrive at the Vatican on March 2nd.

Can you imagine our surprise when one day Reverend Mother came over to the junior School and asked for us all to come together. We knew it must be something very important as several other Nuns were with her. Reverend Mother then held up a letter addressed to "The Juniors of the Convent of the Cross, Boscombe". It came from the Vatican to thank us far our wishes. We did not understand all the long words but Reverend Mother explained them to us.

We are letting you see a copy of the letter. Secreteria Di Stato Di Sua Santita.

Dal Vaticano. 14 April 1956.

"The Secretariat of State of His Holiness, in expressing the Holy Father's sincere appreciation and thankfulness for the devoted message of good wishes and prayers addressed to him, has pleasure in communicating that the Sovereign Pontiff cordially imparts to all those associated with this gesture, as a pledge of abiding divine grace and heavenly favour, his paternal Apostolic Benediction".

On the Feast of Corpus Christi some of us had the joy of making our First Holy Communion, most of us in the Convent Chapel, but some in their Parish Churches.

Those who received Our Blessed Lard for the first time in our own Chapel were:

Peter Walsh, Damian Kamm, Richard Page, Richard Tibbey, Jacqueline Baker. Jacqueline Barlow, Gabrielle Cross, Jennifer Elvins, Susan Fendley, Felicity Kamm, Kristine Meagher, Frances Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Jacqueline Turek. Brian Smith, Stephen Harling, Edwina Low and Lynda Rhodes had the same happiness in their churches.

In October most of the girls in Form II were Confirmed by Archbishop King in Corpus Christi Church.

Perhaps you have been to see some of our Plays. We always enjoy our Elocution lessens and have been busy preparing a concert for the School at Christmas. This will be acted in our own Hall for the Nuns and senior girls, but next term we shall de a Play

and we hope that our parents and friends will come. Our entertainment in July was great fun for us and all the visitors liked it. Many Mummies and Daddies came to see the outdoor plays and also the Nuns in white veils from Springhill. We were glad they came to Boscombe just in time to see us. Upper II and Ila did a Chinese play, "The Enchanted Bird", and the costumes were very colourful. Especially well acted were the dramatised poems "The Three Bold Sailors" and "Mrs. Mouse Lost". Preparatory sang us a gay little song and did a pretty little play as well.

As the end of the term is drawing near we are all very excited as we try an our costumes for the plays and practise our carols. Our classrooms are decorated and each one has a Crib as well as the big Crib in the Playroom. We are thinking of Vivien Culley and Josephine McFadden who have been away from school and ill for such a long time, and we pray for them every day. We send our Christmas wishes to everyone and hope that you will like the poems and stories that we have written. Before saying Good bye, we think the mistresses have a few amusing stories to tell about us.

Mother Pannell has a shop to which we may go to buy sweets. The little ones are often heard saying "Let's go to, Mother Pannell's Duck Shop". Perhaps this is because Mother deals in birds (she looks after the budgies!).

A day or so ago we all went to see tableaux of the life of Our Blessed Lady done by the pig girls. That night in her bath, one of the Boarders remarked, "Mother, you know those tadpoles we had today - they were lovely".

Some of us are very particular about what we eat. Mother Keyes was serving a very nice tart when one of the children said "Please, Mother, may I not have any tart". Mother was surprised and told her that it was a pity that she did not like tart. "I do like it," was the answer. "but I heard the Dentist telling Daddy that I had too much tart on my teeth so I'm not going to eat tart any more."

One little Junior is very excited about Christmas. "I am going to have a Nurse's outfit and a real toy temperature! "

Distribution of Prizes in the Junior School 1955 - 56

Public Examinations

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Grade I: H. Kitcher. Grade II: M. Lavers.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Upper II - Catechism Prize: M. Lavers. 1st: B. Harrison. 2nd: A. Power. 3rd: M. Robinson.

Form IIa - Catechism Prize: C. Tibbey. 1st: A. Wyatt. 2nd: J. Wood.

Lower II - Catechism Prize: B. Anderson. 1st: Turnbull. 2nd: V. Danielles. 3rd: Donlevy.

Upper I - Catechism Prize: M. Robinson. 1st: A. Baker. 2nd: A. Hutchings. 3rd: B. Holt.

Lower I - Catechism Prize: R. Page. 1st: M. Grubb. 2nd: M. Selby. 3rd: J. Dicker.

Transition - Catechism Prize: D. Hausey. 1st: T. Wtern. 2nd: F. Murphy. 3rd: L. Bays.

Preparatory - 1st : H. Lewis. 2nd: P. Turnbull. 3rd: S. Coombes.

Boys - 1st: J. Ball. All the rest of the Form received a Prize for good progress.

Silver Cup for Highest Average in the Tests: Lower II.

Silver Cup for contributing most for the Orphans of the Diocese: Lower II.
Silver Cup for Gym and Games: Upper Il.
Silver Cup for the Pupil who gained 1st place most often during the Year: B. Harrison.

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