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GAMES NOTES 1955 - 1956


The general standard has improved considerably and we played matches this year against Queensmount and St. Mary's Gate, winning both. Both matches were very good. Ann Spicer and Elizabeth Kitchen both used plenty of clever tactics, excellent footwork and placing of shots.

The Form Tennis matches were keenly played and showed us that there is, talent lower down in the school. Kathleen Kitchen and Elizabeth Westgarth Taylor show much promise for the future and play very well together.

lst Couple: Ann Spicer, Elizabeth Kitchen.
2nd Couple: Freda Webster, Ann Burton.
3rd Couple: Kathleen Kitchen, Elizabeth Westgarth Taylor.

In the inter-form final we saw an exciting match between Elizabeth Kitchen and Ann Burton (Form Va). Ann Spicer and Joan Luxtan (Form VI). Form VI won after a hard fight: 6 - 2, 10 - 8. Joan Luxton played extremely and surprised us all as she hardly ever played before.

Christmas 1956-57

Owing to bad weather conditions only one netball match was played after Christmas last year. Our 2nd Team played Wentworth at home: and won 18 - 10 in a good match.

Since this September however, we have had more matches than in the whale of last year as the weather was very good - not one wet Saturday.

The season opened with a victory over the Past Pupils 13 - 20. The Past Pupils showed us that they still knew how to play netball. They gave us a most enjoyable and fast game.

The first inter-school matches against Fernhill Manor, at home, proved a double victory for us.
1st Team: Won 26 - 12.
Under 14: Won 20 - 9.

Our girls in both teams played very well and showed a good team spirit. Special praise goes to the Under 14 team who played really good netball.

Against St. Anne's (at home) we did not do so well, but nevertheless they were both fast mowing games. Both our 1st Team and 2nd teams were rather slow with the passing but quickened up in the second half of the game. Our shooters seemed to be off form. Elizabeth Taylor deserves special mention as she played a really wonderful game far the 2nd team. We look forward to our return game with St. Anne's and hope to do better.
1st Team: Last 13 - 33.
2nd Team: Lost 7 - 21.

We had a victorious day on November 24th when our 2nd Team beat St. Mary's Gate on their school grounds. The Under 14 team had a very exciting match against Bournemouth School for Girls and won by 22 - 17. The whole team showed excellent team spirit and play was very fast and intelligent. K. Kitchen rarely missed an opportunity to shoot another goal for us. V. Anderson played well on the Centre Court.

A special word of praise should go to the Under 13 Team in their first game. They played very well and were unlucky not to draw against Bournemouth School for Girls. They were beaten 10 - 11 in an exciting game. Their marking and passing was particularly good. There is not any need to worry about a future 1st Team if girls like M. Humphreys (C.A.), S. Weston (C.D.), P. Boyd (S.) and others keep up their enthusiasm.

We hope to arrange more matches for the junior teams next term as they deserve every opportunity of playing against other schools.

School Netball Teams, September 1956

Games Captain: E. Kitchen. Sec.: S. Lee.

1st Team: Shooter - A. Duffy. Attack - E. Kitchen. Centre - S. Lee. Centre Defence - R. Hall. Centre Attack - C. Trayfoot. Defence - M. Trayfoot. Goal Defence - C. Hapgood.

2nd Team: Shooter - P. Ryan. Attack - T. Laurent. Centre - E. Fisher. Centre Defence - S. Cunniffe. Centre Attack - J. Pope. Defence - E. Westgarth Taylor. Goal Defence - M. Linford.

Under 15: Shooter - K. Kitchen. Attack - R. Beveridge. Centre - V. Anderson. Centre Defence - T. Ward. Centre Attack - J. Antonsen. Defence Goal Defence - S. Mathews.

Under 14: Shooter - K. Kitchen. Attack - J. Colbeck. Centre - V. Anderson. Centre Defence - M. Jennings. Centre Attack - M. Ellis.
Defence - M. Henry. Goal Defence - M. Donohue.

Under 13: Shooter - P. Boyd. Attack - A. Skipper. Centre - Y. Drury. Centre Defence - M. Humphreys. Centre Attack - A. Stevenson. Defence J. Simmons. Goal Defence - Y. Baugh.

The Cup awarded to the Form who made best progress at Gym and Games during the year was awarded to Form III, the present Form IV. They showed good form spirit and proved most helpful in every way. The Middle School this year are very keen and the standard of Netball is very good. Keen competition is being shown in the interform matches which should prove exciting.

Posture among some of the seniors is not all that it should be! If only some girls would try to straighten up they would look so much nicer. It is only when they have left school that they will realize how important good posture is to them.

Marks for general deportment are to be of importance in assessing the winners of the P.E. Cup this year.

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