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Junior School - 1955

Have you seen the lovely statue of Our Lady which stands above the new block of classrooms in the junior School? It was brought all the way from Italy for us, and we think it is nice to have a picture of it at the beginning of the junior School Notes.

Forms Upper II and IIa are lucky to be in the bright new classrooms upstairs, but we all think our own classroom best. It is much more fun for all juniors to be together in St. Joseph's, and we are sure that you would like to know some of the interesting things we dd there.

The Christmas Plays last year were acted on our small stage in the new classrooms. With the partition opened we managed to fit in nearly 100 chairs for our Mummies, and Daddies to come and watch us.

The Play was a great success and everyone liked "The Tailor of Gloucester", especially the Mice.

At the end of the Nativity Play we squeezed into the tableau all the children who had not acted in any of the plays. What a lot of angels there were! We hope that it won't be so squashy in Heaven!

In the Summer Term we worked hard getting ready for the Open Day. Our needlework and exercise books were going to be shown, and also our drawings and paintings.

As the weather was so hot and fine we spent many happy lessons at elocution practising for the entertainment to be given on the lawn for our parents.

Form IIb did a play called "The Green Cap". How well Gay Browning played her part as the Forgetful Elf, and all the others too. Forms Ila and Upper II acted "Proserpine". It was sad when Proserpine (Sally Maher) was pulled into the underworld by King Pluto. Frances Hoyle made a very good King and Susan Hulme, as the sad mother, did her part very well. You will be able to see us in our costumes on the photograph.

As well as watching the entertainment, our parents went from class to class, and they were able to see what we had done during the year and whether we were getting on well with our work in school.

The results of the Examinations were not known until the last day of the term, when Reverend Mother presented the prizes. Of course, not everyone received a prize then, except in the Preparatory Form, where they all had so many stars that everyone was given a story book as a reward. (Nearly everyone had a prize on Sports Day, when we enjoyed all the races and also the ice-creams and sweets!)

On Monday mornings we all go to the Playroom and our marks are read. We hope to be near the top, and to wear the Medal for First in Form, or the Good Conduct Badge, at least once. It is a great thrill to be first, but our Mistresses tell us that as long as we try, they and our Mummies and Daddies will be pleased.

At the end of such a happy Term, we wondered which was the happiest day. There were some little boys and girls who could answer straight away, "My First Communion Day, of course". These children, who had been prepared for that great day by Mother Pigott, made their First Holy Communion on the Feast of Corpus Christi, in the Convent Chapel:

J. Murphy, R. Pope, A. Talbot, R. Wilson, B. Anderson, M. Collins, V. Culley, A. Ellis, R. Fowler, J. Martin, D. Silcock, and P. Singleton.

At present we are working hard to make our coming Christmas Concert better even than last year's. The big girls are lending us the New Hall, and how we enjoy acting on the real stage!

Would you like to know more about the programme? Mother Pannell and Miss Dunsdon are teaching us the plays, while Forms Ib and la are practising very well at Band lessons with Mother Gillard. All our Mistresses help us with many other things as well as our lessons.

The pretty dances we did at the School Dance had been taught us by our Class Mistresses of Upper II and Ila, Mother Pannell and Miss McFadden; IIb and Ia, Miss Nolan and Mrs. Bingham; Ib, Transition and Preparatory, Mother Loftus.

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