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Those who are interested particularly in this section of the Magazine will feel a certain void this year, for our dear Reverend Mother Kelly, to whom they were so devoted, is no longer at the Convent to receive and welcome them. Yet, surely all the love and help she was able to give so many of us on earth, is but small in comparison with what she can do for us now that Our Lord has taken her to her eternal reward.

She will not forget her children of the past and we feel sure that her prayers will continue to bring many blessings upon this Convent of Boscombe which she loved so much and with which the greater part of her Religious life was associated.

May she rest in peace.
A Biography of Reverend Mother Kelly is being prepared by Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs). She would be grateful if any who have reminiscences that might be of interest would let her have them as soon as possible Notes may be sent to the Convent. It is hoped that the Biography will be shortly in print.

The year 1954 opened with a reunion held in January. After tea and a good chat with the Nuns and fellow Past Pupils, all present were happy to make a visit to the Chapel Crib, where several Christmas hymns were sung. Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs) presided at the meeting which followed. Her speech was directed in particular to an appreciation of the interest which Mother McEvoy (as Headmistress for so many years) had always taken in the Association.

Mrs. Tucker expressed the regret which all past pupils felt at the breaking of this personal contact, but at the same time their pleasure at knowing that Reverend Mother McEvoy, as Superioress at the Convent of the Cross, Stakes, would have even more opportunities of apostolic activity. The gratitude and prayers of the Association were extended to her and the President felt assured that members would keep in touch with Reverend Mother McEvoy and that she would always be happy to receive news of her former pupils at Boscombe.

Those present at the Reunion represented various "age groups" but one or two found themselves without contemporaries. Mrs. Tucker, the Misses E. and W . Cartwright, Mrs. Miller (J. Riddle), Mrs. Watson (K. Andrews), M. Dyson and Mrs. Browning (R. de Sousa) form a happy circle of which Reverend Mother Kelly was always the centre.

It was a pleasure to welcome at the reunion some members who had not been able to attend in previous years. V. Fox-Hawes had been to visit Reverend Mother Butler-Bowdon during the latter's stay at Boscombe and thus came to this meeting. We feel sure that all our members who knew Reverend Mother Butler-Bowdon will wish to extend to her their good wishes that God may prosper the work she has so courageously begun at Angmering.

Mrs. Hartley (B. Vick) and Mrs. Lewis (F. Vick) could find no other representatives of their years but we were all very pleased to welcome them. Others present included Mrs. Walsh (J. Hughes), whom we see often when she brings baby Angela to meet Michael and Peter; P. Robinson (who managed to come just before her return to school and was glad to find G. Robotham to discuss the fun of the great days in Form IV before they thought of teaching themselves!

Gillian is now on the staff at the Lansdowne School of Art. Margaret and Mary Anderson were happy to renew their contacts; Molly Kelly, now working at the same bank as Monica Hughes, came with her.

It seems that M. Hanlon and V. Isgar now work with them, so there is quite a Convent circle. Avril Tickle - still her happy self - kept us entertained as well as she used as a pupil and gave us news of some of her contemporaries. B. Fernback, now a teacher of Dancing, was with P. Vokes (Kennard). W. Johnston was preparing to settle with her parents in the London area, where she is now employed with B.O.A.C.

Another group who have kept in contact with each other were A. Gallagher, J. Thurgood, W. Kent, S. Levy, S. Manning, S. Kelleher. Maureen Parsons (Rowe) and Peggy Boezan (Shackleford) had an opportunity of a chat, as they had not seen each other for some years.

J. Winterbottom is a faithful visitor every holiday. She has now been Appointed Assistant French Mistress at Weymouth Grammar School. Joy found Mary Brooks (Browning) and Eileen Hughes, from her own contemporaries. Eileen is Vice-President of the Association. Among the more recent Past Pupils present were S. McFadden (who has now joined the Staff in our junior School), S. Winsey (now a Radiographer in Guildford), C. Weatherley, J. Turpin, H. Edmond, M. Hannigan, H. Cherrett, M. Collins, E. Callis, L. Thornback, C. Gillings, W. Humble, A. Murray, A. Keates and M. Ash.

Suggestions were made that Dramatic and Choral groups be formed. The Choral group has continued to function, largely due to the help and interest of Miss Gobell and everyone is, pleased to know that they will take part in the Carols in the Convent Chapel at Christmas. M. Ash, M. Hannigan, A. Wheatcroft, P. Rollin, A. Carpenter, A. Manning and J. Turpin are most faithful to the fortnightly practices.

C. Browning was another reliable support but she has now gone to France - but we hope to see her again at Christmas. Last but not least we must mention our secretary, Judy Bacon, who is always so willing to offer her services and whom we have to thank for acting as the Convent representative and attending the meetings for the B.C.D.F. Annual Fete. Our thanks are extended to all who sent goods or offered their services at the Convent Stall.

Either at the Reunion or through letters we have learnt of the marriage of the following Past Pupils and we pray that God may bless their married life.
J. Walker (Mrs. Cake)
M. Blakeway (Mrs. Banks)
B. Weston (Mrs. Cavanagh)
E. Godfrey (Mrs. )
P. Shackleford (Mrs. Boezan)
A. Ide( Madame Dradon
M. M. Brown (Mrs. Manning)
G. Ronco (Mrs. Gori)

It is a pleasure to announce the birth of:

Timothy to Pamela Vokes (Kennard)
Peter to Mary Brooks (Browning)
Armelle to Yvonne Delanoe (Pinder)
Christopher to Sheiagh Quinn (McCarthy)
Philip to Celia Joyce (Court)
Ian Patrick to M. E. Fetterman (Court)

We offer our sympathy and prayers to the following:

E. Callis on the death of her mother and father
R. Lee on the death of her father
B. Trotter (Clarke) on the death of her mother
H. Holinshed (Whitehouse) on the death of her husband.

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