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Junior School - 1954, Page 1

The First Communicants, Corpus Christi, 7.9.54.

Back Row: H. Siminonds, C. Ryan, J. Flynn, R. Corkray, P. Mulroy, C. Talbot, S. Elvins.

Front Row: P. Veiey, A. Daly, M. Walsh, C. Carroll, A. Bolwell, N Hill, A. Kolpy.

Prizes and Certificates awarded in the Junior School during the School Year 1953 - 1954

Public Examinations - Associated Board


Grade I - Credit: Marilyn Lavers.

Royal Drawing Society

Group III. Stage 1. Honours Jane Macdonald.

The following candidates, having gained Honours in Group III, Stages 1 and 11, have been awarded the Primary Certificate of the Royal Drawing Society:

Margaret Frost, Rosemary Green, Diana Heaps, Maureen Light, Erika Rampley, Susan Watton, Elizabeth Webster, Veronica Burton, Hazel Bather, Jean Colbeck, Janet Exton, Mary Griffin, Mary Hefferon, Marianne Harrison, Mary Jennings, Mavis Linter, Susan Mawson, Pamela Mulroy, Deirdre Pope, Moira Pearce, Mary Parsons, Angela Potter, Vivian Rickard, Teresa Small, Nina Thorne and Charlotte Tolhurst.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Upper 11 - Catechism: Moira Pearce. 1st Place: Marianne Harrison. 2nd Place: Nina Thorne.

11a - Catechism: Erika Rampley. 1st Place: Susan Watton.

Upper I - Catechism : Edwina Lewis. 1st Place: Richard Hoyle. 2nd Place: Valerie Danielles.

Transition - Catechism: Aidan Tolhurst. 1st Place: Ann Lewis. 2nd Place: Mary James.

Preparatory - Each one received a prize.

Silver Cup for Form with the Highest Average in the Tests: Upper I.

Silver Cup for Pupil who gained 1st Place most often during the year: Hazel Bather and Anastasia Power.

Silver Cup for Form Activities: Upper II.

Silver Cup awarded to Lower II for highest collection for the Orphans of the Diocese.

Attendance Prizes - Jean Colbeck, Yvonne Drury, Ann Lewis, Mary Lewis.


Last Term we gave an entertainment on the lawn for our parents. We chose a Friday afternoon, which turned out to be the warmest and sunniest day of the whole year. Garden benches were arranged on the grass for the audience, and our trees and hedges made a pretty background for the actors.

"Little Bo-Peep" came first, performed by Forms Lower I and Upper I. The clever rogue stole her sheep away, but little Bo-Peep soon found them, with the help of the Fairy Queen and her subjects.

Lower II play was called "The Elfin Pedlars". Each of the four pedlars had a chorus of flower-maidens who danced with him while he sold his wares. We wore headdresses of tuilp, rose, wild woodbine and coxcombe flowers. We looked lovely, though felt a bit prickly round the neck, as the flowers were made of paper.

Miss Gallo accompanied all the dances and songs on her violin, and when all was over, some of the Daddies took photographs, to complete a happy afternoon.


The new school year opened with great excitement and many resolutions to work very hard, especially as we bad been given one of the new class-rooms built into the junior house. We are really very lucky as it is a lovely bright room looking out into the garden. We have our own staircase, which we share with Upper II, who are next door, and we are all trying very hard not to get any dirty finger marks on the lovely cream walls.

Being in a new class we find much new and interesting work is to be done, among which is the Nativity Play, that we are acting with Upper II.

Two of the Kings and Our Lady are from our class as well as some of the smaller parts, although those who are not acting will be forming the angels' chorus singing carols for the play, so that everyone will be able to share in our Xmas offering to Our Lord.

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