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GAMES NOTES 1953 - 1954

Captain: G. Bond.

Vice-Captain: M. Barker.


Netball records are concerned principally with inter-House and inter-Form matches, as most of the matches with other schools had to be cancelled owing to the unfavourable weather conditions. The only matches played were against Brockenhurst County School and Fernhill Manor.

Results of Form Netball Matches
Upper III v. IIIa. Winners: Upper III. 16 - 11.
Form IV v. Commercial. Winners: : Form IV. 10 - 4.
Upper III v. IV. Winners: Upper III. 9 - 6.
Lower V v. Upper V. Winners: Upper V. 9 - 6.
Upper V v. VI. Winners: Upper V. 13 - 10.
Upper V v. Upper III. Winners: Upper V. 12 - 10.

Netball Cup won by Upper V.

Results of House Netball Matches
(Winning team recorded first)
1st Teams
Ignatians v. Stanislausians. 14 - 2.
Ignatians v. Xaverians. 15 - 7.
Ignatians v. Campions. 14 - 8.
Campions v. Stanislausians. 10 - 2.
Campions v. Xaverians. 12 - 10.
Xaverians v. Stanislausians. 8 - 3.

2nd Teams
Xaverians v. Stanislausians. 23 - 4.
Campions v. Ignatians. 12 - 10.
Campions v. Xaverians. 19 - 9.
Stanislausians v. Ignatians. 11 - 11.
Xaverians v. Ignatians. 11 - 10.
Campions v. Stanislausians. 24 - 4.

St. Patrick's Day "International"

Irish, Team.
S.      D. Brownrigg
A.      L. Logan
C.A.   M. MacCarty
C.      B. Barton
C.D.   V. Quilty
D.      C. Anderson.
English Team
S.       E. Kitchen
A.       C. Orton
C.A.    B. Kent
C.        M. Barker
C.D.    S. Fisher
D.        A. Woodeson

The ringing of a bell proclaimed the arrival of the teams. Accompanied by supporters came the English, with their Red Roses and Banner of St. George, but behind was a sight even more striking, the Irish in their costumes of gold, green and white.

The game began and excitement grew, especially among the supporters; the teams kept relatively composed and so played a brisk, vigorous and extremely good match.

Towards the end, however, the English, after trying very hard, had to give way to the Irish, but they were pleased although a trifle disappointed - as, after all, it was St. Patrick's Day.

Results of House Matches

Senior Teams

Stanislausians v. Campions.     - .
Ignatians v. Xaverians.     3 - .
Xaverians v. Campions.     4 - 2.
Stanislausians v. Xaverians.     2 - 1.
Campions v. Ignatians.     1 - 0.
Ignatians v. Stanislausians.     10 - 4.

Junior Teams

Ignatians v. Stanislausians.     5 - I.
Campions v. Xaverians.     2 - 1.
Stanislausians v. Xaverians.     5 - 5.
Iganatians v. Campions.     4 - 3.
Xaverians v. Ignatians.     4 - 3.


It was decided this year to have a "American Tournament", thereby enabling each Form to have an equal chance of winning the Cup. After many games and much excitement the Cup was won by Form VI with a total of 39. Runners-up were Lower V with 36.

In the House Tennis Matches the Stanlausians, represented by G. Bond and M. Barker, won the Cup with 29 games. Runners-up were C. Orton and A. Spicer, playing for the Campions.

During this year, marks were given during Physical Training and Games Lessons in each Form. They were awarded for smartness, general technique, and behaviour on Courts or in the Gym. This incentive served to raise the standard, and after keen competition, Form Lower V was awarded the Cup.

During this season there was a marked improvement in the Tennis particularly, and we should like to thank Mrs. Simson for the extra coaching which she gave.

We wish to end these notes with an appeal to all to practise seriously, and above all, to remember that success at Physical Training and Games requires control, and that no one lacking this will ever be a good or a sporty player.

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